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Thanks.  My friend I prefer doing it official way . Latest mesa will unlock me up to ogl to vulkan.  That's fine . Adding dx support is hell in earth. 

Direct3D is initially started through theDrvGetDirectDrawInfo in which the GDI driver will cask to enable DirectX or direct3D. 

Direct Draw support is done in the GDI driver of the gfx driver done through theDrvEnableDirectDraw function.  Theuser mode dll and some of the kernel mode sys for the DirectX graphics pipeline is implemented by some components of windows.  The API will return api calls to process specific job in hardware. 

I hope I am not saying wrong I read this in some driver developement books. Any expert may confirm my words ? Though I written in my own words not on textual way .

I am playing with some ddk stuffs with mesa3D. 

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3 hours ago, Dibya said:



One more fork seems to be from intel guy


Please can you compile this driver for xp if possible on intel . I donot know whether it work on intel where actually unofficial driver needed. 

I would be genuinely surprised if this could be made to work

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On 10/9/2016 at 1:00 PM, TuMaGoNx said:

Ah so this is what I need: https://code.google.com/archive/p/ollytlscatch/downloads?page=3 with full source code as well sweet!.

With this and dll redirection manifest maybe possible to make dll shims without tampering system files and target executable..

Can you explain how to use hook subsystem with my wrappers.( I will write in nasm)  Is their such tool exists for kernel mode?

Edit:: I think it just fix not a valid win32 Application .anyway to implement api? You have told me about redirection manifest .. Can i get some more explanation ?

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4 hours ago, TuMaGoNx said:

redirection manifest works best for pre XP (pre DEP), I thought you already know about it ("known dlls" issue)

Do you have link ? I cannot find it. I know some easy fix for it.

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The big drawback of this project is that the Xompie modules do not include all the export functions of the NT6 versions that they are meant to complement.   If you examine kernelxp.def, for instance , you will see 292 out of 1416 export functions in the NT6 version of kernel32.dll have not been included.  Invariably, anyone who wants to backport a Vista+ application to XP will find that Xompie does not provide all the missing imports that they require.  For instance, if you want to backport Python 3.7 GetFinalPathNameByHandleW is provided by Xompie, but InitializeProcThreadAttributeList, UpdateProcThreadAttribute, and DeleteProcThreadAttributeList are not.  This requires the user to copy and paste code from the Wine project into the kernelxp source, and compile it.  If they are not programmers it is inevitable that they will fail.  I am not a programmer, so when I tried compiling the unaltered kernelxp.c using mingw-w64 as an experiment, I received baffling error messages which I have posted as an issue at the Xompie github repository.  I should point out that the kernelxp source does provide a very useful suggestion for the gcc command with options that must have worked for TuMaGoNx.

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Hi, I know this is an old thread and Xompie was probably abandoned but I found it quite recently and finally had time to play with it because I see some advantages in patching individual apps instead messing whole system.

So I installed Xompie (the last version from Github) on my up to date XP SP3 + Posready updates with fresh install of MSVC++ 2013 & 2015 redist. Problem is that any program I patched didn't work then (those supposed to work like Adobe DNG converter that was mentioned by author). LDD finds all dependent DLLs after patching in my windows\system32 but the patched program just terminate with message window: application was terminated due to press CTRL+C. I tried install back all xompie alpha versions from 0.6 to 0.2 (on windows from backup without previous xompie) that I found in the thread. I read it all througly but nobody reported such problem here. Any idea what can go wrong?

I even tried to patch a small w32 console Hello World program compiled by mingw that normally runs on XP but after patching it didn't work too (again CTRL+C message), strange...  Could be problem that I use localized (CZ) Windows?

I also tried Dibya Extended Kernel digged somewhere in outer space, I was able to run Adobe DNG converter 9.6 but it caused crashing of all my browsers - Seamonkey, Palemoon, IceAPE.

Then I finally found One-Core-API - I wonder it's not discused much more here, I just found one 2-page thread where someone asks how to install. It seems this is far more recent and largest kernel extension project. I installed it and happily found that it really can run some newer apps but I have the same problem with crashing browsers. The bad thing is that the API extension is enable by default for all apps or I don't know how to disable it by defult. There's not much docs. I like that in W98 I can set KernelEx disabled by default and I enable it only for indiviadual apps. Then I discovered that the problem is caused by WineD3D component. If I uninstall it then browsers run fine. Probably they are trying utilize DX10/11 that they detects but it's not well implemented yet. When I just rename d3d11.dll to something elese, Palemoon will start and run but Seamonkey start with blank window content that doesn't redraw. The various compatability setting of the exe that I tried had any effect on it, again this is so bad to have such features enabled by default.

I have to say that I'm running One-Core-API-Binaries-1.1 release that was the only I found compiled and it's from 2018 but sources on github seems to be more recent - anybody rebuild it or have a link on newer binaries?

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Ehehe we can't link the binaries here otherwise we'll all get banned (that's why you don't find much about it on MSFN).

However a little bird told me that you can find Samuel, Dibya, Peter, Henry and many other developers like a certain guy called "FranceBB" (along with MSFN users) working on One Core API, Chromium (no we're not there yet), Intel HD Audio Drivers and other XP projects in this Skype Group: https://join.skype.com/kkCmZhCwjegP


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