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Seaching for Intel 210-219 LAN XP / 2003 32 / 64 bit driver

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  • 1 year later...

Any news or progress with this, its annoying have to fill some precious pci-e slot with just NIC..

Otherwise i found similar thread - no success:


On Blackwing site seems to be some modified driver, but i not able to identify any download link with Google translated version of page:


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they say win 2k drivers but they might work on xp PRO1000-v2 folder



Anyways from what I understand it is hit and miss, and it's not going to work on all motherboards and it maybe more chipset related for it to be working than the NIC.


What i mean is it maybe not work how it is implemented on one chipset like a x99 or somthing else but work fine on a z370 also might depend if a bios has legacy support vs one that doesn't

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Have you considered using a USB LAN adapter?
I don't know what the speed restrictions might be, but presumably you have a free USB port, and the adapters are fairly cheap.
Might be worth considering if you can't get a driver to work.

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Not really, i always thought that there is some software CPU overhead for USB devices with high traffic, and that ping etc would be worse. Maybe im wrong. Driver could be problem too, but something with Realtek would be probably work from XP to Win10, in Mac OS and Linux. I even have one such adapter, but annoying is that is reported also as some USB CD drive, or something like that in the bios.. probably because these some storage with driver or something like that. Its annoying.

  There also USB limits, USB is 48 MB/s i need Gigabit so only USB3 and XP USB3 drivers are problematic.. I didnt tested it, but i doubt that cheap VIA USB3 controller, with USB LAN can make 90-100 MB/s network copying speed.. i can be wrong. Maybe, maybe ASM or Fresco chipsets. 

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Thanks, did you test it? I already tested some drivers, but their were not working.

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26 minutes ago, Dave-H said:

Great to see you here again, you gave me a driver for an Nvidia graphics card some years ago which I had all but given up on getting to work with Windows 98!

+1. Nice to have you around!

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