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  1. If you playing with multibooting on new or retro machines need lots of partitioning and backuping and restoring. I know that there are some Wiki tables, there from time to time some review and comparisons, but i didnt find anything so complex as i need. So i refreshed my old tables for it and moved it to shared only sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UwjQlp-XqYtbLk670S6DCo5LsgwyVDSu-m7xW4ZHCIQ/edit?usp=sharing // // There are two main sheets I could help you, its probable that someone has bigger experience with some particular tool and fix some discrepancies in my sheet (comments are enabled), if is someone really in this stuff or want to invest time into i dont have problem to add him editing rights. Some of there thing need some license and my trials are expired and im lazy to install them to some virtual machine or are hard to test - for example i dont have any raid in my primary machine to test dynamic disk support. There things seem to be simply, but there is lots of if.. bugs and feature, licensing hooks etc, so its not such simple, or not at least for me. Any help is welcome.
  2. Its named gdisk, probably because of fdisk.. etc.. so it has to be use of same name or some predecessor, im not curious about it, but you can try it in virtual machine.
  3. It is there beside Partition Magic 8 for Dos and others.
  4. Bootice - nice catch, that table looks very similar to Hasleo tool.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vbc2mbg4co2s3u7/EFIlist.png?dl=0
  5. Because i now reinstallating, i now its Windows 10 first boot i process.. I can confirm that Paragon has Parition GUID - through partiion and propeties. Minitool tool - has it under - Partition, Propeties - Partition info. So i dont have to use Gdisk which if im not wrong its only cmd based.. im using it only as part of Windows 98 drivers back disks.
  6. But still have some upgrade problem, its installed in Czech, even i had original OS in English, probably because of my location, if it fail again, its there way to change it?
  7. I posted it to my partition thread: But i did it by MS way and recreated EFI partition from booted OS and it seems to worked, but thing that my installation process would already fail in this phase (now im sure, but it doesnt means that it will not fail again on other error, keep fingers (Christ) crossed:)), so its something special / stupid and canonical and for sure not necessary at all.. Its funny web / gui developer move some element bad way, make stupid workflow everyone see the error and its fixed usually quickly.. but these close source OS developers how almost nobody really understand it are doing lots of bad and very strange things.. and its only complicating very users life.
  8. Its from Minitool partition wizzard, it has free version, but i can make Paragon HDD suite screenshot, if it would be better, i have EaseUS Partition Master too.
  9. I created EFI parition by this way: After that i was able to copy EFI files by standard Windows 8 tutorial. Only problem is that would be nice to specify where is that EFI partition created, for me its created one at the end of disk even at the start was empty space.. So i had to copy it by some partition tool, so now its booting by "MS proper" way.. I hoped that i will fix that upgrade problem, such partition probably has some MS magic.. i can see it in parition utilities as OEM, not standart FAT32 and its hidden.
  10. Here is my partitions info its max Windows friendly as possible: https://www.dropbox.com/s/csqqce2vhgn0ay1/Partitions.png?dl=0 So Windows probably somewhere need to keep some own "better than GPT" partitions info..
  11. In C:\Windows\Panther\NewOs\Panther\setuperr.. is see some EFI stuff: 2019-08-16 14:34:22, Error MOUPG CSetupHost::Execute(375): Result = 0x800705BB 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX ConX::Compatibility::CSystemAbstraction::HostIsUEFIDiskLayout: Failed to retrieve system partition NT path. 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX CHostIsUEFICompliantChecker failed. [Failed to check whether host has UEFI disk layout.] HRESULT = 0x80070003 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX ConX::Compatibility::CSystemAbstraction::GetSystemVolumeNtPath: Failed to retrieve system partition NT path. 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX CFreeSystemPartitionDiskSpaceChecker failed. [Failed to retrieve system volume NT path.] HRESULT = 0x80070003 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityHost::SetScanResult: Compat scan from provider wsc:setup: failed. HRESULT = 0x80070003 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX Windows::Compat::Appraiser::Utilities::VerifySignatureRecursive (3336): Failed to verify trust on file certificate, did not match 0: [-2146762749].[gle=0x800b0003] 2019-08-16 14:34:24, Error CONX Windows::Compat::Appraiser::Utilities::DownloadAndExtractCab (3879): Failed verify cab signature: [0x800b0003].[gle=0x800b0003] Its stupid that such thing is not checker at the start of install.. Regardless did my boot possible with HasLeo UEFI, because i failed after clover and grub removal, but something is not good enough for MS, what i have to do? As everytime that error code is very general, i could try to fix dism and windows update etc.. hinted stuff in tutorials for aeons..
  12. Bootice i tried it few times, but i never fixed anything with it.. dont fully understand to it.. so i unless some good tutorial its not alternative for me. Now i have bootable system, but it my main task is crippled by some UEFI stuff, if seems that Windows 10 upgrade still failing because UEFI is not good enough from Microsoft view, is there any difference how to fix it for already booting system? What Boyans Dual-boot Repair tool, its EFI Friendly? My upgrade thread is here:
  13. Im with 8.1, i forgot to point out difference.. I should have all last updates. Where are some logs to check for errors?
  14. Hello, i want to upgrade existing installation of Win 8 64bit to Win 10 with upgrade assistant i always get error 0x8007003, shortly after start of step check you computer if is ready to run Windows 10. I found zillion of contradicting destriptions of this error and lots of paid sure it will help utilities. Its possible somehow this check skip or has someone knowledge that this error really means, i hoped that is connected with my Linux etc partitions, so i deleted them for next run, but its still the same error.. Best thing is that, you have to next try redownload again and installation files, that is flawed by the design and its only time steal..
  15. I fixed it with HasLeo UEFI utility run from Win10ToGo-EFI USB flashdisk. There really has to be some table.. i dunno if on EFI partition or in Bios - i guess that probably in BIOS.. where is list of possible EFI entrie.. HasLeo just read it and can edit it.. I saw here my Androidx86, Ubuntu, MacOS(Clover), USB and LAN1 boot entries, but not any Windows entry.. So i clicked on Plus button to add item.. Windows Boot manager entry wasnt available, but even i select in combobox Other /Linux entries i can point to EFI\Microssoft\boot files.. (selected windows efi files.. i dunno why there are 2 of them expect memtest.efi .. for me is working that with mgrF in name, but i did not have reason test second one )add entry.. shift in on first place in table.. rebooted and its working.. I fill add picture later. This GUI way its much cleaner and everything make sense instead of these commands with sometimes awkward errors and.. any info about that table which matters. But yeah you have to Pay for it.. except one time fix in trial and there would be classic licencing hell - licence per machine / licence expiration - new would need to buy new licence etc.. So shame to MS do dont such utility for free and shame to Community to develop something like that for free, its quite essential.
  16. Run Windows PAE patch for enough memory - run Virtual virtual with OS which is supporting Skype within or Unity window mode (Vmware only) its behaves as normal Window.
  17. My advice is install it standard way by using cheap PCI-E Sata controller wich has IDE bios its less than < 10$ from eBay. After that you can play whole day with Fernando drivers to make it working with second, after it would work for second hdd, you can use it also for primary HDD. Its much more user friendly than fiddle with CD image.
  18. Im no more by that machine for few days. Thanks, as i wrote, i was able after second try run this: bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s k: /f ALL But \EFI\Microsoft\Boot exist, but there is also EFI\Boot there were 2 efi files, when i deleted i no more get grub error, so i suppose they were from Grub... now im getting insert bootable media error, i tried to copy EFI\Microsoft\ or EFI\Microsoft\Boot im not sure into EFI\Boot but no change.. My layout: EFI is first partition, i have there paritions - EFI, System restore or something like that small Windows 8 recovery partition and main WIn8 system partition. So EFI\Boot has higher priority or is somewhere linked to start.. There has to be some linking because with normal desktop MB i can select by HasLeo which EFI entry should boot as primary. I now have Win10 to go USB in EFI mode so i would try HasLeo, i find old free version, no its paid think. I really dont now any other SW which so able to do same thing.. Its like MBR 4 slots.. only few applications where handle that table, but it was needed for some OS to boot. There is lots of unknow about it.. or its quite complex.. that why im searching some tool. If would knew that Easy recovery for WIndows 8 is able to fix it and would buy it..
  19. Hmm, i completed tutorial i tried it once more (i between only run chkdsk and checked content of C, created bcd directory in Win 8 root). But im still getting grub code at the start. all bootrec options executed, include fixmbx all successful.. error no such partition Entenring rescue mode. grub rescue> So there still some grub code which is started, or entry which need to be rewriten, wasnt rewriten.. Now its low level, i dont really understand where is defined what EFI is starting and how to change it..
  20. Ok, tried it hard way.. and as expected, im lost in the woods of command. I copied EFI partition from original disc with all Clover, Grub, MS stuff, im able to find partition, assign it to letter etc. From this tutorial: http://woshub.com/how-to-repair-uefi-bootloader-in-windows-8/ Everything si fine until this one: bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s k: /f ALL Here im getting: Failure of copy data.. // no error code, just this message Question is there are some specific EFI version of Windows 8 install disc? Toshiba dosent not provide some spefic Windows 8 install CD, so i just used some generic Windows 8 Pro CD Its ok that i used Rufus for creation of Windows 8 USB boot flashdrive?
  21. Thanks. I hoped that its quite often problem so exist some start and run boot cd to fix it, like Boot repair cd for Linux, i dont really want to knowledge, my business is elsewhere, im not admin or something as probably you, i just want to make it working. If create whole partition is problem, there is not simple 1 command / tool for it, is not better to way just copy something from EFI partition\Microsoft folder to other folder? What about Live Windows 10 to go USB and Hasleo EasyUEFI? Im using it when i need to change which EFI file should start, but im not sure if it will run from live USB. I trying to avoid partitioning etc from MS boot cds, because there are lots for my strange rules, when i cant do operations which are otherwise valid and also interface - Windows terminal as output sucks. For example i refuse to anything with bcdedit, because on some machines its simply not starting or working.. what for example why im using Paragon or Boot repair cds, which are able to deal with it. In reverse thinking, if is something so easy for user, why someone just write to script to fix it for everyone, this is not something too specific with zillions parameters, just check windows partition for target Windows version and ask its right one and copy EFI files to right place and it is needed something more like edit some config write few lines there. Im here simply to ask experts if there is simple way, if not well i can stay with Win8 or wait until someone will create something what i want, or at least i will know that is not thing which i could do quickly.
  22. Thanks, but its too general and lowlevel. Its BCDboot working from Windows 8 boot USB? Is line bellow what i need? bcdboot C:\Windows /s S: How to discover what partition is system S partititon to replace letter in code? Does it create partition, or it has to exist?
  23. Hello, i had problem with upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10 on my Toshiba Z20 convertable, because i had installed some Linux and MacOS on it and Microsoft is sniffing around and error code is generic i now upgraded internal storage to something bigger (i copied only Windows 8 partition for try), i just need to create Windows 8 EFI boot partition or somehow change to start Windows EFi instead of Grub which is targeted on now present partition. I now that desktop MBs have such prosssibility to select which EFI file would be started in EFI, but Toshiba has no such option, with lastest bios so some default EFI path is started, when i looked at EFI partition, there are lots of folder and i dunno which is default and which Microsoft files i should copy here. With Paragon USB booting Tool i can move files here, i same i guess with some Live USB Linux. I though that there would be some easy Windows 8 cd EFI partion repair options, but its not. I tried Paragon Windows boot repair, but its not erase that Grub code and other MBR codes repairs utilities are not for GPT EFI discs. So im looking for other way. Tutorial are usually about just restore accidentally erased EFI partition.
  24. Hello, i installed drivers pack "distro" is nice, but i have problem that dvd rw is in device manager 8 times.. i dunno how to remove it, when i remove it its redetected its Super Socket 7 MB with ALI Aladdin V chipset. Picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7icbe408tgxvd29/2019-06-30 16.20.11-Win98-8TimeDVD-ROM.jpg?dl=0
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