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The fastest windows 10 on earth


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Moderators. Im going to tell you right now, you banned my alternate account and refused to reply despite the fact I did nothing wrong, one or possibly all of you are too lazy to get back with me. This is NOT A CRACKED or illegal copy of windows PERIOD. Allow me to BE CLEAR, this is a legal image, which requires the user to OWN WINDOWS 10 to use properly, meaning with full features. DO NOT remove my hard work and literally ignore my emails as that is extremely DISRESPECTFUL not only to me but the community. I made a 2 hour long video on how to do basically most of all these changes, but people are extremely lazy and would be more likely to take advantage of my hours? -- no, MONTHS of work, if it was nearly plug in play. All I ask is two things from the userbase. One, visit the actual youtube video so the view count increases and like my content and also in the description lies the information you need to make it work, and two, post benchmarks before and after. I can understand if you will not do the latter, time....... 

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i see you op and raise you a w10 debloating guide @ https://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/72801-Windows-10-Post-Install-gt-Uninstall-Debloating-WIP

been working on slimming down w10 for several months and have recently started sharing info on what to disable and remove.

it is all done once windows is installed and i don't use a custom iso, shoulf in theory make the os really snappy even on modern machines.

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15 hours ago, Lucifer1945 said:

Moderators. Im going to tell you right now, you banned my alternate account and refused to reply despite the fact I did nothing wrong

The forum rules state that you are not allowed to have multiple accounts. But this wouldn't have been the reason (immediately) why your new account (from last week) was banned. Whatever was posted before, it was seen as being a spam post.

Regarding the legality of what is offered... You are not allowed to redistribute any Windows OS image. It is software piracy and the OS is then warez. It does not matter that a person needs a license to use the thing, the software is not yours to give away.

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Not like that. But if you create an .ISO image and post it publicly so that anyone can download it, that constitutes unauthorized redistribution. Whether doing that is actually illegal depends on where you are. For sure, it'd be against MSFN's Rules to attach it here (or give a direct link to it, viz. Rule # 1.b).

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"You are not allowed to redistribute any Windows OS image. It is software piracy and the OS is then warez." Logic. You can download a windows 10 ISO and install it, activated or not. My method allows you to use a legitimate means to activate. Im not selling it, so whats the problem? As for the forum rules, im still wondering what happened with my alternate accounts termination, and why I never received a return email declaration on the why. As to having multiple accounts, may I have one for each personality? What if a qualified professional said its ok? Seriously, I busted my *** to make this work for other people, and.... I was also on a remote session with microsoft, and had to do their job for them in figuring it out how to do it, because the standard method their genius servers dont work, you have to use command prompt. Its just the way the servers are set up, lazy programming. Its microsoft, why does this surprise any of you? I take pride in my work, it appears they dont. Im not sure where exactly you find this as I brought it up multiple times as in to multiple people at windows help desk. The entire point of this is to provide the community with a streamlined solution that isnt a two hour long video on just how to do it. Many people dont have time for that, so ive done them a favor. Im going to go ahead and provide the password to the archive holding the image, since this place by its very nature filters out degenerates. 

[redacted], enjoy. Im waiting for the FBI vans now for something microsoft basically readily provides on their own website. The only difference is I turned off a lot of services, ect.. almost no one uses, and when they do, they are not to be touched in the first place because they are office property. Edit: If you want the password contact me on facebook, administration removed it. 

Way I see it, is I can contact microsoft help desk a thousand million times and get numerous different people, and the result is the same, they arent very knowledgeable save one exception. I was willing to even pay them to make changes to the OS for me, but the way that cookie crumbles is, im not a corporate entity, and getting even a meaningful email reply back for simple problems can and is like pulling teeth. They dont care, unless it costs them money. Thats the bottom line, always is with them. The only people that do are the people who have yet to email me back for removal of what I see, no matter how you vernacular your way into explanation a slimmed down version, people ultimately have to have paid for one way or another to use..... again, that is no different from what microsoft offers. Think of it this way, "we are proud to....." release, bla bla bla, download the latest preview build. Anyone can sign up, its free. Now, open edge, drag the mouse cursor around quickly and watch what happens...... next go to the c drive, and try to turn off indexing. Im literally putting more effort into it than their their software engineers who are PAID. Its embarrassing and disgusting, they didnt even spend 5 seconds testing their work and yet they re "proud"? If I were you administration, id look the other way, like you did when I emailed you wanting to know whats up with my former admission. If you dont like it, remove it, guess what, it literally reduces the quality of your forum.... Find anything better online anywhere. You wont. Period. Im still waiting for the highly respected software engineer on this forum to drop his magic thoughts on my efforts when he gets the time. I know hes a powershell wizard, and speaks of encrypted hidden tasks, but ive maxed out what is possible with the standard UI. I assure you as long as im not costing microsoft a dime, they dont care, so relax. Want to know who cares? Use that frontal lobule cortices set you got there, CPU's have been fast enough for the average user for a long time. Windows 10 was almost literally forced via automation, with all that overhead.... what industry sells what, and why does this matter? Intel? AMD? Its not obvious. Dont hurt yourself. 

Software companies typically require registration at the time of software purchase in an attempt to clamp down on the problem."

"The software industry loses billions of dollars each year to piracy..."

Again, what problem? I didnt get permission of microsoft..... ok. Thats realistically not going to happen, and you know what absolutely will not happen ever? Them showing  even .1% concern over an UNACTIVATED image. This is no crack, its fully intended for users who already own a key. Get real. Piracy is an absurd notion. I have stolen nothing, and the implication I have is beneath me. I dont need to steal anything. Now then, do what you must, if its your policy. But lets be clear, my work should be a sticky, if it wasnt for a technicality. Its demonstrably meritorious, anyone, and I encourage it, can post before and afters with any benchmark stressing the CPU and see for themselves. 

Edited by Lucifer1945
archive password removed
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14 hours ago, Lucifer1945 said:

"You are not allowed to redistribute any Windows OS image. It is software piracy and the OS is then warez." Logic. You can download a windows 10 ISO and install it, activated or not. My method allows you to use a legitimate means to activate. Im not selling it, so whats the problem?

The software publisher determines how things are allowed to be redistributed through licensing. MS currently only allows their partners to provide downloads of an OS. It is not a general "MS Partner" who can do it, each channel has their own rules. The internet is a big place and yes you can surely find anything on it, but that doesn't mean that lawyers aren't sending out letters to domain owners about the content they find. You can be sure that any website that is strict on warez, redistribution or talk thereof has received letters like this in the past. When it comes down to it, if you really like what you are doing, you have to follow the rules.

So really, we may only caution you on what you are doing, but when we are posting like this, it isn't to protect you. It is to protect us. We do not police the internet.

Archive password has been removed from your post. Do not re-add it.

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In the days of windows xp i used nlite to get the os bootup fast. I wonder how much faster this would be on a ssd.

Edited by joshee
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Linus, famous hardware reviewer from canada literally just today posted about a release his team did on a custom windows 10 for performance. Not surprisingly mine is going to be better. They simply didnt put as much heart into it. The point is I really wouldnt worry about it. 

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