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  1. Just found a link in the search engine that i will look at too https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc742083(v=ws.10).aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 I saved your tips and will visit the site. It looks like i can automate the system image by using wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget:E: -include:C:,D:,S: -allCritical -quiet Found this on https://www.howtogeek.com/167984/how-to-create-and-restore-system-image-backups-on-windows-8.1/ Thank you for the help :-)
  2. I installed a new usb3 disk just for the windowimagebackup files and will unmount/mount the drive but that would mean manual management while I liked the automated function of backing up the c and d drive every Sunday. I have an older laptop w win7 and see if I can get a ransomware virus off the net. I like testing anyway.
  3. I would have to check This for w10. At the moment i am on w8.1 using the windows7 Back-up function.
  4. Thank you HarryTri, That is the best and easy enough via the device manager. I just would need a solution for FileHistory then. It is using the disk all the time and that is why i am asking here...If the permission settings are good enough then i can sleep fine and dream well. I do not own a ransomware virus to test it but i will if i find one.
  5. Thank you Tripredacus and interesting too. I will check/save this tip. I am also hoping to find out if a ransomware virus can encrypt the content of these backup files. Hope not because as a non admin user i am not even allowed to look inside. Just trying to solve a problem before it comes up.
  6. I would have to see if that is still there. Is that related to my initial question in anyway?
  7. interesting post. I just mentioned nlite [vlite] in a post. i used it on my windows xp pc and i might give the .iso another try on a solid state disk. Nlite reduced the size on this .iso to a 200MB windows installation and i still could use the windows update service.
  8. In the days of windows xp i used nlite to get the os bootup fast. I wonder how much faster this would be on a ssd.
  9. If you can't fixit, don't...

  10. On my external disk i have a 'WindowsImageBackup' and 'FileHistory' folder and as a user i am not allowed to look in these folders. I even can not see what permissions are given. Is it still possible, for a ransomware virus, to encrypt the backup files? or should i 'unmount' the disk and 'mount' again to make the next backup? And what system accounts are allowed to use these folders? If i force my way in then something [account] is added and i do not get a warning message.

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