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K-Meleon 76 (Gecko 38 ESR)


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K-Meleon 76 beta 2
+ update

  • Gecko 38.3
  • Fixed login manager
  • Fixed histor
  • Fixed addon installation
  • Fixed injectJS return value
  • Fixed about:preferences
  • Reduce cpu usage when minimized
  • Fixed -webapp and -profilesDir
  • Fixed sessions undo not restoring scroll position
  • Fixed kmeleon ask to save password even when set not to
  • Fixed gecko eating event (accel and other things not working randomly), may have side effect
  • Fixed save as page complete can fail with bad link in a page.
  • Fixed xpi installation
  • Fixed crash when restoring a session with a badly formatted url
  • Fixed open macro function not supporting unicode hostname
  • Fixed can't scroll when selecting text with gestures enabled
  • Fixed memory leak when downloading favicon
  • Added: save as text (For translator, string 62271 added in kmeleon.dll)
  • Added: Close empty tab after download
  • Fixed: session may not load
  • Fixed: possible memory corruption when reading $URL
  • Added features from gestures2: draw gesture and command navSearch/ID_NAV_SEARCH (search selected text)


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