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  1. 1) Yes, I'm using XP on several PCs and have numerous friends asking me even to make fresh install of XP instead Vista or 7. 2) Still ot sure about what you name 'hacks' - it seems that you are talking about malware intrusion not about tweaks for making XP updated or smth like that. So I hadn't such probs for years and still haven't now. My setup makes my Win life safe and unobtrusive. 3) No I don't use IE8 (except some times when several apps do open web exclusively in IE). You've asked about safe browser? I use K-Meleon and it's my first defense line due to its rarity, native portabi
  2. New thread for next version of K-Meleon
  3. K-Meleon 76 beta 2 + update Gecko 38.3Fixed login managerFixed historFixed addon installationFixed injectJS return valueFixed about:preferencesReduce cpu usage when minimizedFixed -webapp and -profilesDir Fixed sessions undo not restoring scroll positionFixed kmeleon ask to save password even when set not toFixed gecko eating event (accel and other things not working randomly), may have side effectFixed save as page complete can fail with bad link in a page.Fixed xpi installationFixed crash when restoring a session with a badly formatted urlFixed open macro function not supporting unicode hos
  4. ​​K-Meleon 75.1 final installer K-Meleon 75.1 final portable K-Meleon 76 alpha may not load on some older systems. Please, test it and report if doesn't to find the reason.
  5. K-Meleon 75.1 Pro - my custom portable build with some additions, fixes and make-up ;-) Users say that it's more convenient in use than official KM. Try it. Use it. Enjoy it!
  6. K-Meleon 75.1 RC installer K-Meleon 75.1 RC portable Update 1 Last update allows override OS-inherited menu for URLbar with customizable KM menu. That gives us long awaited possibility to add 'Paste And Go' command here, for example. You need to edit your menus.cfg file (use profile one to save your settings over all new updates) adding there this code: URLBar{!Edit&Paste And Go=macros(Go_Paste)} ...or feel free to change command list in 'URLBar' block for your needs. This is K-Meleon - the most customizable browser ever! P.S. More changes in this version: favicons store type changed -
  7. K-Meleon 75.1 beta Update and one more update for it (unpack in KM75.1b folder replacing old files)
  8. Old themes let you have different sizes. New ones could be tuned through config files but it all need some resource preparing (icons themselves at least)
  9. K-Meleon 75 final: installer and portable.
  10. jaclaz seems to be most realistic person here. There isn't any 'security model' good by default. There isn't some attack surface constantly being decreased by new defending techs and tools. All the balance is dynamic - and it would be greatest mistake to think that some solution is final. Look: Chrome is supposed to be the safest browser - by design. But the latest Facebook malware epidemies were spread only by users with Chrome as the technic was to install malicious extension designed for this browser (and most of its clones). Next point. Everyone say: "Update, update and one more time
  11. Hi, all! I'm the 'last maintainer' of K-Meleon :-) Yes, tomasz86, you're right. Partly. K-meleon not was but IS the very light browser among 'big' ones. And even now it handles properly (sometime with extra tricks needed) about 90% of web sites. The main purpose of K-Meleon Twin (as part of all project resurrection) is to reattract attention to its existence in order to get new coders involved - and thus to solve the problem of integration new Geckos into old K-Meleon corpse ;-) How to make people use it? I've combined all the power solutions from KM community and created Twin, which can han
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