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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. It's good to see there are people that do support this much hated operating system and the 9x line in general
  2. Apple's iPhone and Mac App Store restrictions are just as absurd as the Windows 10 Store's. Though Apple don't try to force the App Store as much as Windows 10 forces things on users or tries to.
  3. Um... I doubt the OP has the resources to work on more than one service pack style thing actively. It is a good idea though!
  4. It's fine, you didn't come across as rude much ^^ Anyway this can be closed.
  5. Walled garden = heavily restricted if that's what you're asking. (And I like MacOS/iOS too if that's also what you're implying)
  6. Hm, what are the reasons for not having one? ^^
  7. would like MSFN to have some sort of irc channel

  8. Does MSFN have an IRC channel? I'd like to easily talk about things, but there doesn't seem to be such a thing present as IRC or such. If you're looking for an IRC network to host on, I'd recommend Rizon since my server is impractical for serious stuff (it uses a free domain and self-signed cert for example). Thanks for any response!
  9. It's a shame the browser hasn't shown much development as of late, I heard about the HDD crash.
  10. What is your favourite Linux DE? Mine has to be Budgie. It's elegant and looks amazing, and functions well on my low end hardware with an Intel HD Graphics 6000 board. Solus is one good Linux distro tbh.
  11. My opinion too. Vista SP2 ran slightly better than 7 on my Dell XPS M1530 laptop which I owned until it broke down in December due to faulty GPU. Your third point can be applied to Windows 7 vs. Vista too and everyone loved that OS it seems, 7 didn't introduce too much different from Vista and I remember thinking when I first tried 7 "is this just Vista with a fat taskbar" back when I was 9 years old.
  12. 16:04 <~amy> cant believe AIM is dead 16:04 <@SonicHack> ^^^ 16:04 <~amy> or will be in 2 months 16:04 <~amy> 16:04 <~amy> a piece of internet history gone forever... 16:04 <@SonicHack> private server will happen eventually i guarantee u 16:04 <~amy> lol yea 16:04 <~amy> like MSN 16:04 <@SonicHack> yeah 16:04 <~amy> heh 16:05 <@SonicHack> for my messenging needs msn works rly 16:05 <@SonicHack> escargot on msn 7 and sometimes on 1 for when im bored 16:05 <~amy> i want to go on the msn private server to relive the nostalgic messaging experience 16:05 <~amy> lol 16:05 <@SonicHack> msn 1 is a pain to setup 16:05 <~amy> lol 16:05 <~amy> msn 7.0 is meant to be easiest? 16:06 <@SonicHack> pretty much 16:06 <~amy> OOH 16:06 <~amy> 7.5 IS PREPATHCED 16:06 <@SonicHack> i meant 7.5 16:06 <~amy> THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE VERSION 16:06 <~amy> I USED THE s*** OUT OF THAT BACK IN 2007 16:06 <@SonicHack> add me if u want 16:06 <@SonicHack> sonichack@hotmail.[REMOVED] 16:06 <~amy> will do when I get it setup 16:06 <@SonicHack> because im a loser 16:06 <~amy> lol [REMOVED] 16:06 <@SonicHack> yes 16:06 <~amy> u weeb 16:06 <@SonicHack> xdd 16:06 <~amy> xdddddd 16:06 <~amy> i have this xp vm 16:06 <~amy> i could use that 16:06 <~amy> lol 16:07 <@SonicHack> it works fine on crappy win dows 10 16:07 <~amy> XD 16:07 <~amy> but i use 7 16:07 <@SonicHack> it sh ould work fine 16:07 <~amy> yea but i want to fully relive the experience 16:07 <~amy> so xp vm is needed 16:07 <~amy> if i could find sp1 then it would be even better 16:08 <~amy> someone should patch the windows messenger installed in xp 16:08 <~amy> would be a pain tho 16:09 <@SonicHack> tru 16:09 <@SonicHack> wait what version is it 16:09 <~amy> idk 16:09 <~amy> you know, the one that comes with xp Some IRC logs from my own channel, we were just discussing this thing and then went on to discuss about MSN's alt server.
  13. Stuck on Installing Devices, 27 minutes remaining. Been hanging on that for about 10 minutes or so now. I've set the BIOS date to 14/12/2000 or something, ACPI is off and am using VMWare 12 PRO. Why this is happening? :/
  14. I've tried ME in a virtual machine and while I know that isn't the true experience as compared to running it on real hardware, is there a reason why so many people reported issues with it (like Vista) - was it buggy drivers or such thing like with Vista? As well as the fact it was superseded in under 500 days by XP's release, what made ME so bad, and why are there people out there that do praise it if it was considered to be unstable? I've noticed it running fine with 512 MB of RAM on a single-core CPU emulation in VMWare with the tools installed... What I can tell from it is that it is more or less like 98 SE with a few new features and MS-DOS real mode being hidden.
  15. Microsoft will probably release a new version some time, maybe they are doing a rebranding much like with what they do to their web services or are moving to a more cloud-based OS in the future like ChromeOS has, more than likely the latter given Windows 10 itself.

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