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Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions


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Resistance is truly futile (though the struggle can be fun).


Why do we know this?


1.  Microsoft is making it harder to continue using older Windows versions.  The savvy amongst us are already doing things like limiting or stopping entirely the updates, but everyone is going to get tired (as we saw above).


2.  If enough of the world adopts Windows 10 (and we may already be there), new things will start to be developed that will only work on Windows 10.  Even desktop applications.  There will probably ultimately even be must-have Apps, so not only will you have to consider Win 10, but also confront being a full card-carrying member of "the cloud".


3.  Old computers will start to fail.  While TODAY you can still get a few new systems with Windows 7, and with some effort you can get Windows 7 installed on new hardware, one day that won't be possible.  Either licenses will dry up, or the hardware will just not provide what older Windows versions need.


4.  Old systems will become too weak to run modern software.  As powerful as the best computers may be today, it'll be 3 or 4 years and there will be systems that are twice as fast and have twice the capacity for the same price.


5.  Microsoft WILL ultimately push business into adopting Windows As A Service.  While business wields purchasing power, they are also subject to things like laws that define security requirements, and Microsoft DOES tell them what they can do and what they cannot do legally with licenses.  Business can't just "go it on their own".  What business does, users will ultimately have to follow.


6.  Some of the dust will settle.  Privacy issues will become better known.  Technical issues will be worked out.  New laws and things, like national digital IDs, will be created to offset the problems - which are not specific to Windows.


I hate to sound defeatist - and I'm not speaking to any one individual here - but you need to get used to the fact that within a couple of years you're seriously going to have to consider upgrading.  Not just Windows is changing but so is the world.  Plan for it and keep up with what's going on so you can make intelligent decisions (I like virtualization for this).


I'm planning to stay on Win 8.1 with my main development workstation setup and Win 7 on my small business server setup for as long as it takes for Windows 10 to get better than what I'm already running - which means to deliver more value.  I have good hardware - with spare components - and have backups that can be recovered in order to return my systems to a working state as needed.  I don't anticipate being forced into anything any time soon, but on the other hand I don't hold a fantasy that I'll be able to run Windows 8.1 for too many years more either.



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Augh never mind, my display drive is not supported on Windows 10 (ATI Radeon HD 4200) It's to old to run Windows 10, It was working and it crashed to my second monitor telling me to find a driver on Windows Update which I never could find and there is no newer driver at AMD's website either, last supported with Windows 8.0.

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