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I've made a whole bunch of signatures over the years. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes not. Each time I try to do something special. I've not only made signatures for myself, but for others on request from time to time.

I don't have them all uploaded or organized well, but most are sitting up in my photobucket.

Here is my latest one for use right here.


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WOW, Trip, that's fantastic!

IMO, that's your best one yet.

Are the letters behind your name just random characters?

I see some Greek letters there, as well as English.

The image is very mysterious and evocative.

It would be great if you showed the individual layers from top to bottom,

along with a little discussion, if you wanted to, of course.

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Ah you know, I didn't save the layered version, so I can go off memory I guess.

That image was only 4 layers.


Layer 1: 371x100 image with the 2 drummers, the man in the middle, and the sun rays. Technically also the dark portion at the bottom is trees/grass and the lighter portion is the sky.


Layer 2: this is 371x100 image with the light blue scripted elements. I am not certain if this one, or the other image is "on top" as both layers have lowered transparency. So the fact that you can see the script on the dummers does not indicate it is on the top layer. Additionally, both layers have been colorized.


Layer 3: This is the greek text you see. It is "random" and does not particularly mean anything. It is there only for background decoration as I typically like to put some sort of "design" behind text. It is not random, as in that it is whatever TRIPREDACUS is turned into when using that font. The font used was Symbol, Open Type. I believe I used one of the default gray options and not using the color wheel. Its transparency is down a bit as well, and has a soft glow added to it.


Layer 4: This is my name here, and after a bunch of fiddling I decided to just use the standard Xenotron font. It has a glow on it as well. I did just a bit of tinkering with this and the other text layer to make sure it stood out enough and didn't have too much "black on black" going on.


This project had a bit more R&D time put into it. Firstly, I had a base image I liked (the drummers) however its proportions were not as workable to fit into the permitted signature size here. Simply put, the base image was too tall. That is why the guy in the middle has no head. He also wears some mask with horns or ears on the top like the other two guys, and it easily makes the image twice as tall. The shot was only shown in this close fashion, with not enough real estate on either side to make it fit. This is fine, as it doesn't look horrible. I thought about removing the guy from the center, but I didn't want to deal with the sun rays because I wanted that pattern in there.


The use of the text background using the Symbol font was not my first choice. Originally, I wanted to use Akkadian and to have an actual cuneiform word of phrase there. It was too late in the day and it was already become too time consuming to determine a correct translation to use. The internet is still a little too "mixed up" when it comes to Akkadian, as most sources seem to mix it with Sumerian and other Assyrian languages.


Source for the first two layers from this:

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Thanks for taking time to respond, Trip. I watched the video. Thanks for that link. I've noticed in the past that you've gotten images from videos. That's a good approach, because you can come up with more exactly what you want, instead of relying on a Google image search, which is what I do too much of the time. I'll keep the video-stills approach more in mind now. Thanks.
I like the fact that the guy in the middle has no head. To me, it focuses more on his hands behind the "Tripredacus", which compositionally connects with the two drummers to form a unified whole for the signature. Great layout.
On my monitor, the sky background is a purplish gray and the scripted elements are a light lime green color. I like that warm/cool color combination. You did a great job colorizing. I see the scripted elements in the video around 0:37 (and also before and after that time). Was it difficult to remove the background around these elements? What was your approach in removing the background?
The glows on the Symbol and Xenotron fonts really work well to make each clearly visible against the background, with more emphasis on the Xenotron, of course.
Thanks for sharing.


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