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StartIsBack++ 2.9


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I'll renew an old request for your consideration, perhaps as a Xmas present: option to keep Recent Programs list sorted.

It will make programs much easier to find, especially in a small-icons lengthy list. It also looks much more organized. Thanks.

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Just noticed that Taskbar icon margins does not work on a vertical taskbar. Nothing happens, margins remain the same. Works normally on a horizontal taskbar.

SiB++ 2.8.9, W10 Pro 1903 18362.418

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When minimize and maximize program from taskbar SiB restart itself.

SiB++ 2.8.9,  W10 Pro 1903 19025.1052

SiB++ 2.9 beta working fine

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11 hours ago, DEFIANTx said:

any chance on the ability to use windows shell32.dll or imageres.dll icons or any icons for that matter... other than the modern white ones?

What do you mean, in right pane?

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yes, i know you can hide them and show them...that's not what im asking/requesting...i want to be able to use the icons in windows .dll files or any custom icon of my choosing...not the modern ones contained in your program.

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Pin to start doesn't work when done from within Total Commander. I think I reported this long time ago but nothing happened. I have no idea where the underlaying problem is, but I know it did work at some point in past. Long time ago, I don't know.


edit: It seems like the SIB++'s own pin to start isn't recognized by TC.

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A big thanks to startisback creator your number 1 dude!!!

I love the way the clock registry got restored in the context menu could we get the windows 7 registry to work again for context-menus? https://www.askvg.com/windows-10-tip-restore-classic-context-menu-in-explorer-and-desktop/ (Microsoft disabled it on newer versions)


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StartIsBack++ 2.9.1


- Implemented live start menu resizing

- Added ID-ID translation

- Pinned start menu metro apps are unpinned on uninstall 

- JumpListBorder registry value to override jumplist border

- Removed DeviantArt link

- Fixed all programs rich tooltip looking off 

- Fixed Sleep not working on Connected Standby devices

- Fixed long shutdown button tooltip cut

- Fixed Chromium MS Edge deduplication on x64

- Fixed buggy skinned taskbar thumbnails borders on high DPI

- Fixed newly installed apps not highlighted

- Fixed some High Contrast issues

- Fixed Windows key not handled early

- Fixed taskbar not skinned early

- Fixed some parts of taskbar unskinned

- Fixed start menu not repositioned after live display resolution change

- Improved start menu loading and display performance

- Improved all programs expanding performance


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