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  1. yes, i know you can hide them and show them...that's not what im asking/requesting...i want to be able to use the icons in windows .dll files or any custom icon of my choosing...not the modern ones contained in your program.
  2. yes...for all things in the right pane.
  3. any chance on the ability to use windows shell32.dll or imageres.dll icons or any icons for that matter... other than the modern white ones?

    Beta channel

    how do i enable the colorful modern icons...all mine are still white.
  5. Thank you Tripredacus, wasn't sure if it was strictly a 64 or 32 bit problem. or both?? I did manage to get it to work by switching the sata cables on ports 2 and 3 on the motherboard (Hard Drives D: and E: in Windows). I double checked my motherboard user guide (P5QC) and there listed as: 1-2 3-4 5-6 So in order for Windows to see them in order, 2 and 3 have to be switched in bios, making them out of order there. Weird? Anyways, thanks for the help all, problem solved...close if you like.
  6. I installed a new sata hard drive recently and in the motherboard bios the drives are listed in the correct order. But in Windows XP64, under Disk Management, 2 of my drives show in the wrong order. sata1 C: in bios------>disk0 C: in disk management ========== Correct sata2 D: in bios------>disk1 E: in disk management ==========\ These 2 are in the wrong order... sata3 E: in bios------>disk2 D: in disk management ==========/ How do I get the to be reconized like they are in the bios? sata4 F: in bios------>disk3 F: in disk management ========== Correct I tried connecting all my drives one at a time. At first drive D: shows up as disk1, but as soon as I connect drive E: and reboot there switched again??? This is absolutely maddening. I suppose I'd have to completely reinstall windows to get them to show correctly?
  7. Came for more info on nlite. Liked everything I saw, so I decided to make an account and so...here I am. Great site, hope to learn a lot from my stay .
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