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Skype for Windows 98/ME

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> Thank you very much for the contribution.

You don't actually say that you've tried it - and it works...

I don't need to try it, it works for her. I don't use Skype, Cloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MySpace etc... 

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For what it's worth, skype version appears to be the most popular download at oldversion.com, with over 1.2 million downloads. Other top downloads are Yahoo Messenger, Bearshare Lite, MSN Messenger, Winamp, LimeWire and IE 6.

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SP3.x is not needed to run skype nor is kex. Here is proof the sound is working in skype, I did this just for you Nomen :w00t: You're welcome!!!!!

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> SP3.x is not needed to run skype

Then explain WHAT version is needed to be compatible with skype's current user database server. Because the version I was previously using ( is not.

(never mind - I just realized that "SP3.x" is not Skype 3.x).

> Here is proof the sound is working in skype, I did this just for you Nomen:

> You're welcome!!!!!

Of what use to me is your proof?

Have we not exchanged PM's - where I showed you that there is evidence that the sound chip on my motherboard (C-Media CMI-8738) is or might be incompatible with this particular version ( of skype?

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You don't actually say that you've tried it - and it works...

I was trying to help you but............... since skype isn't working for you, maybe you should try an alternative.

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I've tried this skype on two different win-98 systems. They both are running on the same type of motherboard - based on Intel 845 chipset with C-Media 8738 audio chip. Skype installs fine, is able to log in, is able to search for, find, and connect to other users, is able to have live text chats with other users. But Skype is unable to see or use the audio hardware on both systems.

A google search using 8738 and skype turn up many instances of people reporting audio problems with skype. Some of these are in english forums where the problem mostly seems to involve various forums of linux / ubunto, while others are in russian or polish forums where the OS used is not clear. In some cases this specific version of skype is mentioned.

Let me ask you this: Are you able to change the default Skype user picture to a custom image? As I've described above, I'm not able to do that, and I can't see how that could be related to my audio problem.

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I said earlier that I tried this version on two different PC's (but each having the same make/model motherboard) and got the same results for both of them (skype complaining about having no audio device).

Turns out the two systems (while they look identical) are slight varients of each other - one has AGP slot, the other had no AGP slot (but it has on-board video). Both based on same 845 chipset. However - the one with AGP has C-Media 8738 audio chip, whereas the other system has (in exactly the same place, same chip package) a Realtek ALC655 chip. I can select that as an audio device in Skype (Realtek AC97 Audio) but still get the same result (PROBLEM WITH PLAYBACK DEVICE) when trying to make a call. And with both systems, when skype starts and logs in, the traditional skype startup sound is not played (or - I don't hear it).

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Digging in my dll dump, it seems there are two versions of ctl3d32.dll, one is for 9x and the other is for NT. Try using the right one.


9x version has size of  26,624 bytes.

NT version has size of 27,136 bytes.

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Searching a few drives I have handy at the moment for CTL3D32.dll versions:

(1) 2.31.000 26,624 bytes Jan 26/1998

(2) 2.26.000 26,112 bytes Nov 6/1997

(3) 2.31.000 45,056 bytes April 23/1999

(4) 2.31.000 27,136 bytes July 13/1995

(5) 2.31.000 45,056 bytes June 8/2000

(1) is what my win-98 system is currently using

(2) located in a Coreldraw 9 program directory

(3) located in an archived copy of a win-98 installation from another computer

(4) located in a \temp\_istmp0.dir directory of another archived copy of a win-98 installation

(5) located in a folder containing unpacked files from Win-ME cd

(3) and (5) are same size, but not binary identical.

A directory containing an unpacked win-98 CD is not handy at the moment, so I don't know what version of CTL3D32.dll is there. Based on file date, this computer seems to be using a version from win-98 FE?

Nothing has changed as far as being able to use skype on this system (see my earlier posts in this thread). It doesn't see or recognize audio components, and I can't change my skype user image or icon picture (see post #11 in this thread). Would CTL3D32.DLL play a role in BOTH of these problems?

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