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98se trouble with memory and audio


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Hello all, nice to be here, looks like there are a lot of people with enough knowledge to help me.I've got a problem releated to memory and audio in 98se. I've installed 98se thanks to the workaround maxphyspage, which was set to 512mb. it would be working fine if I didnt use dos software ,but that's why I'm running 98se. I can't open any msdos mode windows, because it says that there is no sufficent memory. I've tried editing system.ini by adding vcache to 128mb,256 mb, 512mb, but no luck. I've installed unofficial sp 2.1b polish, but I don't know if it was installed properly,cause after reboot any dos program during configuration didn't start.


Another problem is releated to my sound card. I've installed a4.06 drivers from realtek,but there was an error with ntkern and mmdevldr not loaded properly. however, when I've uninstalled it and installed an old nforce 4.27 driver, the audio is working but only partially .MIDI doesn't work and during directsound tests, I can't hear any sound on some. looks like system sounds work. directx was updated to dec2006 package.


My knowledge is not good , but I would like to overcome the problems.I'm looking for your help.


my specification of pc:

Athlon 64 3000+ 2.1ghz

512Mb ram + 1024mb ram

radeon 9550 128mb

maxtor 120gb

nforce 3 250gb chipset with integrated ac97 card


thanks in advance, feel free to ask, if I skipped something important.

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Welcome to MSFN.

I would start by removing the extra 1GB stick from your system, and resetting those system.ini values to default.

As for the audio drivers, I recommend you get the latest available nForce driver for Windows 98. I also had issues with getting sound to work well in my Windows 98 VM, but more updated drivers fixed the problem.

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I would rather like to avoid removing the 1gb stick because I'm running xp side by side and I'm using technical high end software(video, audio editing, cad, mechanical, diagnostics), I do need memory,at least in xp.


I'm sure I'm using newest drivers from nvidia audio, the version is 4.42

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You should be able to add the 1 GB stick back in eventually, but until you get everything else working in your Win98 install, it might be easier to troubleshoot without the 1 GB stick.  You will need to do some special things in order to get Win98 to work with that much memory.  You can always put it back in when you need to boot XP.  It will be a pain to have to do that for awhile, but I'll think you will have better and quicker success this way.


Cheers and Regards

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I assume you've read this Topic (Stickie List)?


For the RAM, in particular this?


Above is pointed to in  Post #4 of this (found in first link above).





Addendum - I don't know what may be included in your particular Unofficial SP. I will assume it's an older version of the original project in your language.

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Perhaps it can be useful with regard to the sound issue: in the discussion http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/157438-win98-via-ac97/ maximus-decim at post#7 said ''Last version Realtek WDM driver worked with Windows 98SE - 4.04
On a site of Realtek the file version is stored - 4.06 - this driver with windows 98se does NOT work!''


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thanks I41Mar for the information. Latest driver for nforce was from 2004 year and looks like only hardware buffering is working.


Ok, during the break in work I've removed 1gb stick and looks like everything goes well. I'm able to open as much dos prompts as I wish,I did it more than 30 times for sure. However,,I haven't try any dos programs or games yet running parallel to windows programs. But for sure 512mb ram works good.


the mentioned sp was made by Alper Coksun and prepared for polish win98se. In addition to the original some soft and xp theme was added. more information is available here ,but only in polish:



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Actually, we have no clue what Sound Driver you need.



integrated ac97 card

Here's your nVidia Chipset information (WikiPedia of all places) -


It specifically says it did *not* include their Integrated Sound into that chipset, so it *must* be a Separate Chip.


feel free to ask, if I skipped something important

Actually, yes. What's the Motherboard ID? Vendor/Model? Just telling us the connected hardware/chipset doesn't help.

Epox? DFI? Gigabyte? Who makes it and what Model? It should be written on the Main Board somewhere.


I also note that you completely disregarded my links to how to use all of that RAM, up to 1GB accessible, the other 512mb ignored. Please do go back and read those links. I personally have 98SE running with 2GB RAM on an Intel-CPU Dual Core MoBo. I no longer have the Gigabyte (AMD Sempron).


Complete list of Hotfixes (also listed in the links I gave) -





Edit - Attach your "SYSTEM.INI" file and we'll take a look at your Settings (re - RAM).

Also, FYI -


Scroll down to "4-25-2012 Update" and you'll ee that's an old SP so doesn't work around your problems.

There's also some complete (English) DriverPacks for 98SE.

Scroll down on this -


Soporific's website is gone so just do a search on this


and you'll find a "mirror" with all the latest known, although what's listed above (I41Mar) may be newer/better, although they're talking about a VIA chipset (not nVidia).

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To sum it all up, the audio problem is fixed. with 4.04 driver from realtek everything works flawlessly.


submix8c, firstly, I've got msi k8n neo motherboard with nforce 3 ultra chipset designed for athlon 64.


secondly, I've read the sticky threads, but I didn't found any working recipe. Even when I tried others vcache settings similar to my configuration (1,5gb ram). Someone writes about editing system.ini, someone about replacing a file, someone says that a paid patch is needed. it's a little bit complicated ,because everyone says that he has system working. but a novice like me doesn't know how he got it.


third, the only driver which causes problem now it's edimax ew-7318usg usb wifi. after the installation the system started to hang after login, so I removed the drivers on safe mode. now, sometimes, when the card is plugged, the system hangs after login and I'm forced to plug out it.


fourth, yeah, maybe it's old service pack, but I couldn't find any newer in my language. I don't want to mess up, even after some driver installation system started to boot up slower. however, if the language isn't a problem I can try.


fifth, here is my system.ini:

[boot]oemfonts.fon=vgaoem.fonshell=Explorer.exesystem.drv=system.drvdrivers=mmsystem.dll power.drvuser.exe=user.exegdi.exe=gdi.exesound.drv=mmsound.drvdibeng.drv=dibeng.dllcomm.drv=comm.drvmouse.drv=mouse.drvkeyboard.drv=keyboard.drv*DisplayFallback=0fonts.fon=vgasys.fonfixedfon.fon=vgafix.fon386Grabber=vgafull.3grdisplay.drv=pnpdrvr.drvSCRNSAVE.EXE=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RUROCI~1.SCR[keyboard]keyboard.dll=oemansi.bin=xlat852.binsubtype=type=4[boot.description]system.drv=Standardowy komputer PCmouse.drv=Mysz standardowakeyboard.typ=Klawiatura standardowa (101/102 klawisze) lub Microsoft Natural Keyboardaspect=100,96,96display.drv=HIGHTECH EXCALIBUR RADEON 9550SE Series[386Enh]ebios=*ebioswoafont=dosapp.fonmouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxddevice=*dynapagedevice=*vcddevice=*vpddevice=*int13device=*enablekeyboard=*vkddisplay=*vdd,*vflatdMinSPs=16DMABufferSize=64[NonWindowsApp]TTInitialSizes=4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 22[power.drv][drivers]wavemapper=*.drvMSACM.imaadpcm=*.acmMSACM.msadpcm=*.acmwave=mmsystem.dllmidi=mmsystem.dll[iccvid.drv][mciseq.drv][mci]cdaudio=mcicda.drvsequencer=mciseq.drvwaveaudio=mciwave.drvavivideo=mciavi.drvvideodisc=mcipionr.drvvcr=mcivisca.drvMPEGVideo=mciqtz.drv[vcache][MSNP32][Password Lists]JAY-JAY=C:\WINDOWS\JAY-JAY.PWL[drivers32]msacm.lhacm=lhacm.acmVIDC.VDOM=vdowave.drvMSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acmMSACM.msadpcm=msadp32.acmMSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acmmsacm.msg711=msg711.acmMSACM.trspch=tssoft32.acmvidc.CVID=iccvid.dllVIDC.IV31=ir32_32.dllVIDC.IV32=ir32_32.dllvidc.MSVC=msvidc32.dllVIDC.MRLE=msrle32.dllmsacm.msg723=msg723.acmvidc.M263=msh263.drvvidc.M261=msh261.drvVIDC.IV50=ir50_32.dllmsacm.iac2=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IAC25_32.AXVIDC.UYVY=msyuv.dllVIDC.YUY2=msyuv.dllVIDC.YVYU=msyuv.dll[TTFontDimenCache]0 4=2 40 5=3 50 6=4 60 7=4 70 8=5 80 9=5 90 10=6 100 11=7 110 12=7 120 13=8 130 14=8 140 15=9 150 16=10 160 18=11 180 20=12 200 22=13 22
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Forget the USB WiFi. AFAICR, it won't happen. USB support is limited, even with patches/unofficial.


If you'd have noticed most (mine in particular) in that thread, I only patched the IO.SYS ("xRayeR's patch for Safe Mode"). The remainder is standard, except that I have an LBA48-aware system and have a 320gbHDD connected. You don't have that problem.


Forget [vcache] section. Use "HIMEMX.EXE" (see "xRayeR's patch for Safe Mode") replacement and use/try entries given for [386Enh] as others have stated. Here's my section.

[386Enh]MaxPhysPage=48000ebios=*ebioswoafont=dosapp.fonmouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxddevice=*dynapagedevice=*vcddevice=*vpddevice=*int13keyboard=*vkdEMMExclude=C000-CFFF,C000-CFFFdisplay=*vdd,*vflatdDMABufferSize=64MinSPs=16

If you take a look at the very first "1.5 Gib" entry, you'll notice a couple of simple entries (along with Xeno86 pacth) that cured Bristol's computer.


FYI - that "Safe Mode" patch will require a "new" (or modified) SYSTEM.CB file (alongside the SYSTEM.INI). Mine -


EXTREMELY basic entries. You'll undoubtedly have to change entries in the [intl] section (mine's English).


The "RAM Limitation Patch" simply circumvents those entries and does it for you by patching a System File. (Yes, it's a "paid for" item).


HTH and as soon as you get it going, notify Dencorso to have yours added to the list.


Side note - after patches/replacements of SYS/VXD files, experiment with smaller SYSTEM.xxx values until you boot, then "bump" them little by little.


Hmmm - maybe this will help -


Word of warning - Back up any files that you may wind up altering so they can be restored in case something "goes wrong".


Bing/Google this to help you out in your endeavor.

"maxphyspage" site:msfn.org


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The "RAM Limitation Patch" simply circumvents those entries and does it for you by patching a System File. (Yes, it's a "paid for" item).

It does more than simply circumventing the SYSTEM.INI entries. It gives Windows 9x full access to all of the RAM. Those entries make Windows 9x think there is only 1GiB of RAM.
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The "RAM Limitation Patch" simply circumvents those entries and does it for you by patching a System File. (Yes, it's a "paid for" item).


It does more than simply circumventing the SYSTEM.INI entries. It gives Windows 9x full access to all of the RAM. Those entries make Windows 9x think there is only 1GiB of RAM.


And it makes the system more stable overall, by fixing various bugs left over by MS on the VMM module, so that win 9x/ME actually becomes stabler after applying the "RAM Limitation Patch", even with RAM amounts that do not, in principle, require patching (that is, 1152 MiB or less).

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:blushing: Agreed. I guess I should have stipulated further.


It's up to the OP to decide which way to go - the "limited" way or the "full-blown" way. Currently, the OP can't even get past 512MB. :(


Nonetheless, I'm unsure of why the OP is having so much trouble. Pick a method and try it. :yes: As I said (and as soon as I can, I'll get your fix) I have 2GiB on my machine using "limited" method.

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ok guys, quick update. ;-)


I've added to my config.sys himemx.exe now my file looks like:

DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEMX.EXEdevice=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\display.sys con=(ega,,1)Country=048,852,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\country.sys


next I've added MaxPhysPage=40000 to system.ini and after reboot I was able to open 16 dos prompts at once. Earlier I could run them more(I had never got an error about memory). later I've changed 40000 to 48000 and nothing changed, added emmexclude=c000-cffff as I've seen that it helps if you've got an agp video card, but also nothing changed. I've opened four or five dos games at programs at once and no error. no doubt that it's a huge stepover considering earlier faults with that amount of ram. I wonder if it could run like on 512mb but it's not bad.


update on usb wifi. yes it worked partially on driver from 2006 year, but I had problems with internet config, both auto and manual. gonna test newer drivers.


as for sound in dos. I remember that earlier I was running sound on dos games by doing some workarounds,something like a soundblaster emulation. or maybe some sort of manual config,because the there isn't a dos driver for alc850 sound chip. have you already encountered it?


once again what is the best way of making win98se most up to date? I've installed the drivers first,later the winspatcher(a polish unofficial cumulative update pack), later the sp2.1b(also a polish version) and more recently, the office 97. I'm wondering if it could make some junk and mess in the system, because,for example, when I'm changing the network configuration it wants to insert win98 cd to overwrite files,because some of them are newer(probably updated files). strangely, after an install of sp my name of cpu has been disappeared from system properties.

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strangely, after an install of sp my name of cpu has been disappeared from system properties.

I'd say part of your problem is mix/match two Packs. The same happens with the English ones.

Rule of thumb - do *not* mix/match.

The "WinsPatcher" here -


specifically states the Fixes include.


High-priority updates
* Q245729
* Q238453
* Q256015
* Q323172
* Q323255
* Q823559
* Q811630
* Q273991
* Internet Explorer 6 SP1
* Windows Media Player 9
* DirectX 9.0C
* KB885492
* KB837009
* Q891781
* Q891711
* Q313829
* Microsoft VM
* Q329414
* Agent 2.0
* Microsoft Agent Resource Pack for Language 0x0415
* Shutdown Supplement Win98 SE

* Q260067
* Updated certyfikatw gwnych (translation="Root Certificates"?)
* The Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache
* Notification of important updates to Windows 4.0

Update 2:
* Q329115
* Q840315
* Q870669
* Q888113
* Q890175
* KB833989
* KB890923
* JScript 5.6


The SP21b (polish) is the same as the English of the same version.


Here's the original SP21a, listing the Fixes -


Seems the only difference is a "USBFIX".

They are "mirrored" here -


Here is -the latest- English one.



BTW, the *intent* of leading you to the Complete List Of Hotfixes was to allow you to find you *own* and install them.


Edit -

It seems that the WinsPatcher is just a Packaged set that works like this -

1 - SETUP.EXE runs and reads SETUP.INF. I'm assuming that it allows Selective Installs of the First Set. :unsure:

2 - The Second Set is selected (?) via the first SETUP.EXE (filename=UPD2SUP.EXE) which woks the same way as  the previous one.


The Unofficial SP21b one appears to work similarly but the Fist Selection gives absulutely *no choice* as to which specific updates are installed. Look inside the "SPUPDATE.INF" file to see the specific fixes applied. (Juts add KB or Q to the number, eg KBnnnnnn, and search the WWW for it).


It appears that one of the fixes from the SP overlayed one from the WinsPatcher. Compare the KB numbers and do *not* install any already in the SP. In other words, install the SP *first* and be *very* selective with the WinsPatcher one.


As far as any -other- fixes beyond that, I suggest you find the Polish version of any *not* inside either package compared to the "Complete List" (linked above, English) and/or the *latest* (English) USSP3 (linked above) Fix List. It *appears* to work *exactly* like the (older) SP2.x files.


Please note that the SP's are *not* independent Fixes (lumped into a large CAB file), as opposed to the WinsPatcher, which *is* separate files.


Final note - I *could* give you a list of Fixes (all independent) inside (English) Autopatcher but they're most undoubtedly already listed in the "Complete List".




And bear in mind, this is an English Forum. This assistance is a courtesy, since several of our members were involved with the non-English ones (as a courtesy).



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