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  1. To mess with the WIM images of Longhorn alphas, you have to find early versions of XImage - 4007 and 4050.
  2. Disc burning or mounting software: DAEMON Tools Pro v7.0 ($$$, CS) - last Vista/XP supported version UltraISO ($$$, CS) - still supported Multimedia: PowerDVD 15 ($$$, CS) - last supported version DVD/BD rippers: AnyDVD HD ($$$, CS) - still supported DVDFab ($$$, CS) - still supported
  3. KB4019204 -> KB4022887 correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm checkin' the M$ Catalog page and found only one supersedence. Installing all of them will be so painful.
  4. You have to download and install manually the compatibility pack SP3 updates for Excel and Word: KB3191897 and KB3203438 (valid as of July).
  5. Actually, it's not true. You have to install only four updates (five, if you have got IE9), to speed up the process: KB3205638; KB4012583; KB4015195; KB4015380; KB4014661 (IE9) If you have the Office 2007 or 2010 you have to install another four updates: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-update/why-has-vista-stopped-automatic-updates/42c98c78-157b-44b7-858a-3ba92933cb90?msgId=9366cc04-59d6-4b37-bee9-dffcdc7c602a
  6. No, it's impossible in that way. The licensing system on NT6+ is token-based not the registry. You can only swap the tokens.dat with Server 2008 one, but you will end with entirely Server 2008 system (for example no MCE). Anyway, it would be too much hassle to swap it just for updating. Generally speaking, by switching the tokens.dat you can go from and to every system edition, at least theoretically (the branding will stay the same as the base edition). That's how the early "activators" worked (preactivated tokens.dat from Ultimate edition copied to any SKU).
  7. Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Nothing more to ask. Looks like I've got newest version from WU, since I was April-then up to date. So it should be 4.6. Regarding the superseding thingy, probably the kernel update superseded earlier one. I have to study it myself or with some guy from M$ forum. It's important if it comes to proper working of WU (you know, to reduce the checking for updates amount time). I'm curious if the Server 2008 kernel updates affects the WU also, when it comes to update after reinstalling system.
  8. Digital audio workstations: Avid Pro Tools 10 ($$$, CS, UNS) - despite dropping support of XP/Vista from 9 onwards, both 9 and 10 versions can be installed - 9 as far as I remember without problems, but PT10 requires editing MSI file in Orca. Just find the Avid Pro Tools.msi in the installation folder (it's hidden maybe, I don't remember) and fire it up in Orca. Search the LaunchCondition section and delete something like "VersionNT >601...". You can also delete the RAM limitation memory check, it starts something like "PhysicalMemory>=1024" or 2048. Pro Tools notifies itself about less than 2GB of RAM at launch, but that trick allow you to install it on lower amount of memory. Probably newer versions doesn't work, since they have an audio engine rewritten and 64-bit only. I've got Vista 32 so I'm not able to check. WARNING! Avid Virtual Instruments 10 doesn't work on Vista and lower. Probably it's due to the newer version of Windows Installer. Removing entries from LaunchCondition changes nothing. Audio editing software: Sony Sound Forge 11.0.272 ($$$, CS, UNS) - it's the last version of the Sound Forge working on Vista officially. However, I haven't tried newer builds, maybe there is a way to install it. Multimedia: Winamp (FREE, CS, UNS) - it hasn't been updated since few years, but there is a unofficially patched latest official version fixing some bugs. You can obtain it from the Winamp forums: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=374929 Most likely the last one. ;( More software will be added later.
  9. Does the 4.5 rollup update contain the updates for 2.0? Or they have to be installed separately? And is much difference between .NET 4.6 vs 4.5? Does it make greater compatibility of software of what? It's good to have these updates working on Vista, as it should be expected. Now we have to maintain which updates are superseding earlier ones, next month.
  10. Oh man, I've tried only one update, someone from the newest 4xxxxx range. Why should I try everyone cause EVERYONE are so far not edition dependant? Especially for you: Security Update for Windows Vista (KB4012598) windows6.0-kb4012598-x86_13e9b3d77ba5599764c296075a796c16a85c745c.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4012598) windows6.0-kb4012598-x86_13e9b3d77ba5599764c296075a796c16a85c745c.msu Security Update for Windows Vista (KB958623) windows6.0-kb958623-x86_e1a442325f78b4b2f61367af47848f189ac64210.msu Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB958623) windows6.0-kb958623-x86_e1a442325f78b4b2f61367af47848f189ac64210.msu The first one is one of the newest, and the second one is one of the oldest. Notice that some kind of checksum at the end of filename? It's bit to bit IDENTICAL. Why should I try every update released since all of them are the same? Do you think that M$ would do any changes just to screw few people installing Server 2008 updates on Vista? I'm not (look Server 2012/8 case). Once again, I mean only security updates. You now, we're all guessing now. We should just wait. Powershell 3.0 is not so important thing, I even don't know what is it for. Everything goes about security updates.
  11. The Powershell 3.0 is screwed up at me. Firstly I installed it on Server 2008 SP2 it gave me not applicable error. Later I installed Powershell 2.0 and then tried to install 3.0, and it gave me the same error. How you can install it on Server 2008? Do I need a platform update?
  12. You're right. I made a test with replaced tokens.dat with Server 2008 Std one. After that I tried to install Powershell 3.0 and it showed me: "This update is not applicable to your system". So yes, if Microshit deletes the client files from update files we're out of luck. Probably the MSU has some integrity check or something like that and it would be impossible to trick it to install. Maybe it would be easier to edit some system files, but who would do it? I think that the Powershell 3.0 is the exception since it probably wasn't meant for Vista, that's why it has Server 2008 only settings. In my opinion security updates should have it all in right place - would it be affordable to them to change now the MSU structure just to screw 1% of Vista users? They even aren't doing anything to stop XP users from using POSReady updates and the XP userbase is still larger. Looks like the tokens.dat change would be only useful to handle Server 2008 updates by Windows Update. And it's only a temporary solution, since as I said before, it changes components to the Server ones (it also enables Shutdown Event Tracker for example). So you know - change tokens.dat -> update the system -> restore original tokens.dat. I'm under impression how the NT6+ systems are componentized and interchangeable each other.
  13. I tried only one, but if you look at the files at Microsoft Catalog, they are the same for Vista/Server 2008, so yeah it has got files for both client and server. You're right, if they delete the client files from cab inside the msu, our only hope is to switch tokens.dat to Server 2008, so it is nothing more than using Server 2008 (without MCE for example). If they didn't remove the client files from updates for 8/2012, they shouldn't do that in Vista/2008. You know, Server 2008 gets only security updates, so it is not edition specific. Apparently the applications are checking some licensing values. I'm not a hacker, so I can only guess, but there is a Kernel-ProductInfo entry in tokens.dat which specifies edition (e.g. 1=Ultimate, 7=ServerStandard). We have to just wait, it's only few days remaining.
  14. Server 2008 updates work on Vista. They should work in May also, why not. It would be great to maintain the updates list in Excel or something like this, to take care about superseded and new updates, etc. I had an idea to modify tokens.dat file to make WU updating manually. But modification of the tokens.dat screws the system hardly, I think. It messes with components related to the specific version licensing. Or maybe just update to W7, but I don't have any need to, since Vista is sufficient for me.
  15. As far as I know, the USP4 is only compatible with EN XP. Is there any option to install it on Polish XP? I would like to not download tons of updates after installation of XP SP3, or more of them in XP MCE 2005 SP2.
  16. yeah, but telemetry updates are still present.
  17. The best way is to run Simplix Updater after installation. That's what I do every reinstall. It doesn't contain any evil updates. http://update7.simplix.info/ Click "Загрузите UpdatePack7R2" on the left top corner of site.
  18. Hi, I've installed XP MCE 2005 today, because I thought it would be fine to play with multimedia capabilities of that sh** OS and replace existing XP Pro installation. I stuck after the install of SP3, however. After that I can't find any updates for it through Automatic Updates and WU by IE. Let me explain what I did: 1. Installed XP MCE 2005. 2. Installed .NET 1.1 from CD. 3. Installed Update 2 KB900325. 4. Installed Polish langpack. 5. WU didn't work, repaired it by installing WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe 6. WU started working, after installing three updates by IE WU site - KB898461, WGA and Installer 3.1, the site has stopped working - error 0x80072eff. 7. After reboot, I've installed 82 or 81 updates by AU, reboot and after that AU prompted me to install SP3. 8. After that AU found only one update, yes only one, KB975560. 9. I've even added the POSready data into the registry, but even it don't work. Is it all, what the MCE 2005 could get? Only ONE update in 8 years?
  19. I'm using norton internet security 2009 and I'm fine with it
  20. ok, very last update. I've finally resolved all problems. I had to change the wireless security from wpa2 to wpa1. now everything works, even with an automatic IP address obtaining. Now I write what I had to do to make it all to work. cpu: amd athlon 64 3000+ - don't use any driver,but there is one, maybe I'll install that memory: 1536mb ram, win98se sees 1150mb fully working (unlimited dos prompts, no interruptions so far) - fixed by copying himemx.exe and vcache.vxd graphics: radeon 9550 128mb ram - working with catalyst 6.2 drivers, 3d is working sound: nforce ac97 - working with a4.04 driver from realtek, the newest available for win98se, no problems chipset: nforce3 250gb ultra - 4.27 driver , installed everything but audio driver wireless networking: edimax ew7318usg, working with the driver, no support for wpa2 however. thank you for all helpful posts. I really appreciate your help.
  21. ok, I've installed this driver: "IS_AP_STA_7x_D-" and the same signs. just disconnects after a while.paradoxically, the earliest driver I've found works the best. It connects to the network, but the internet itself doesnt work. Wonder, if should I overwrite the newer files with older, as during the installation of driver it want to copy older files from win98 cd. I always don't let him do that.
  22. submix8c, As I said before, it's edimax ew-7318usg based on the rt73 chipset. How do I know that it supports 98? For example from the polish site of manufacturer: http://www.edimax.pl/pl/support_detail.php?pd_id=8&pl1_id=1 on the english site: http://www.edimax.com/edimax/merchandise/merchandise_detail/data/edimax/au/home_legacy_wireless_adapters/ew-7318usg/ "Supports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista, Linux and MAC" maybe I'm wrong but it states that the 98se is supported. EW-7X18Ug_V1100.zip this is the older driver from 2006 which is able to connect to my network but nothing more than that. Ralink RT7x_070903.exe this is the newer driver from 2007 which disconnects immediately after connecting to the network. the driver from polish edimax site doesn't work, probably the case is just the same as with a4.06 ac97 driver from realtek, it just got updated, but not tested with 98se. The driver is from 2008 year. I'm not sure what you mean by the VID/PID, but I hope that this is good. It's from the XP device manager: USB\VID_148F&PID_2573\5&1DF00124&0&7 Tommy, thanks, I understand it all, but the system sees 1150MB out of 1536MB, so it's sufficient to me. The ~400MB more or less doesn't matter to me
  23. ok thank you very much for your help. I've recently installed the vcache.vxd and now I'm able to open as many dos prompts as I want to. Looks like everything works flawlessly. but I still have problems with my rt73 wireless card. When I installed the driver from 3rd sept 2007 and connected to my network, I was immediately disconnected after few seconds. When I installed the earlier driver from 19th june 2006 I was able to connect but the network itself didnt work. I'm sure that my card is supported (otherwise there wouldn't be a driver working for it) but there's a problem with something. Older wireless card but on pci, d link dwl-520 worked. My network is authenticated by wpa2-aes. Has anyone met with this problem?
  24. ok guys, quick update. ;-) I've added to my config.sys himemx.exe now my file looks like: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEMX.EXEdevice=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\display.sys con=(ega,,1)Country=048,852,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\country.sys next I've added MaxPhysPage=40000 to system.ini and after reboot I was able to open 16 dos prompts at once. Earlier I could run them more(I had never got an error about memory). later I've changed 40000 to 48000 and nothing changed, added emmexclude=c000-cffff as I've seen that it helps if you've got an agp video card, but also nothing changed. I've opened four or five dos games at programs at once and no error. no doubt that it's a huge stepover considering earlier faults with that amount of ram. I wonder if it could run like on 512mb but it's not bad. update on usb wifi. yes it worked partially on driver from 2006 year, but I had problems with internet config, both auto and manual. gonna test newer drivers. as for sound in dos. I remember that earlier I was running sound on dos games by doing some workarounds,something like a soundblaster emulation. or maybe some sort of manual config,because the there isn't a dos driver for alc850 sound chip. have you already encountered it? once again what is the best way of making win98se most up to date? I've installed the drivers first,later the winspatcher(a polish unofficial cumulative update pack), later the sp2.1b(also a polish version) and more recently, the office 97. I'm wondering if it could make some junk and mess in the system, because,for example, when I'm changing the network configuration it wants to insert win98 cd to overwrite files,because some of them are newer(probably updated files). strangely, after an install of sp my name of cpu has been disappeared from system properties.
  25. To sum it all up, the audio problem is fixed. with 4.04 driver from realtek everything works flawlessly. submix8c, firstly, I've got msi k8n neo motherboard with nforce 3 ultra chipset designed for athlon 64. secondly, I've read the sticky threads, but I didn't found any working recipe. Even when I tried others vcache settings similar to my configuration (1,5gb ram). Someone writes about editing system.ini, someone about replacing a file, someone says that a paid patch is needed. it's a little bit complicated ,because everyone says that he has system working. but a novice like me doesn't know how he got it. third, the only driver which causes problem now it's edimax ew-7318usg usb wifi. after the installation the system started to hang after login, so I removed the drivers on safe mode. now, sometimes, when the card is plugged, the system hangs after login and I'm forced to plug out it. fourth, yeah, maybe it's old service pack, but I couldn't find any newer in my language. I don't want to mess up, even after some driver installation system started to boot up slower. however, if the language isn't a problem I can try. fifth, here is my system.ini: [boot]oemfonts.fon=vgaoem.fonshell=Explorer.exesystem.drv=system.drvdrivers=mmsystem.dll power.drvuser.exe=user.exegdi.exe=gdi.exesound.drv=mmsound.drvdibeng.drv=dibeng.dllcomm.drv=comm.drvmouse.drv=mouse.drvkeyboard.drv=keyboard.drv*DisplayFallback=0fonts.fon=vgasys.fonfixedfon.fon=vgafix.fon386Grabber=vgafull.3grdisplay.drv=pnpdrvr.drvSCRNSAVE.EXE=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RUROCI~1.SCR[keyboard]keyboard.dll=oemansi.bin=xlat852.binsubtype=type=4[boot.description]system.drv=Standardowy komputer PCmouse.drv=Mysz standardowakeyboard.typ=Klawiatura standardowa (101/102 klawisze) lub Microsoft Natural Keyboardaspect=100,96,96display.drv=HIGHTECH EXCALIBUR RADEON 9550SE Series[386Enh]ebios=*ebioswoafont=dosapp.fonmouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxddevice=*dynapagedevice=*vcddevice=*vpddevice=*int13device=*enablekeyboard=*vkddisplay=*vdd,*vflatdMinSPs=16DMABufferSize=64[NonWindowsApp]TTInitialSizes=4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 22[power.drv][drivers]wavemapper=*.drvMSACM.imaadpcm=*.acmMSACM.msadpcm=*.acmwave=mmsystem.dllmidi=mmsystem.dll[iccvid.drv][mciseq.drv][mci]cdaudio=mcicda.drvsequencer=mciseq.drvwaveaudio=mciwave.drvavivideo=mciavi.drvvideodisc=mcipionr.drvvcr=mcivisca.drvMPEGVideo=mciqtz.drv[vcache][MSNP32][Password Lists]JAY-JAY=C:\WINDOWS\JAY-JAY.PWL[drivers32]msacm.lhacm=lhacm.acmVIDC.VDOM=vdowave.drvMSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acmMSACM.msadpcm=msadp32.acmMSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acmmsacm.msg711=msg711.acmMSACM.trspch=tssoft32.acmvidc.CVID=iccvid.dllVIDC.IV31=ir32_32.dllVIDC.IV32=ir32_32.dllvidc.MSVC=msvidc32.dllVIDC.MRLE=msrle32.dllmsacm.msg723=msg723.acmvidc.M263=msh263.drvvidc.M261=msh261.drvVIDC.IV50=ir50_32.dllmsacm.iac2=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IAC25_32.AXVIDC.UYVY=msyuv.dllVIDC.YUY2=msyuv.dllVIDC.YVYU=msyuv.dll[TTFontDimenCache]0 4=2 40 5=3 50 6=4 60 7=4 70 8=5 80 9=5 90 10=6 100 11=7 110 12=7 120 13=8 130 14=8 140 15=9 150 16=10 160 18=11 180 20=12 200 22=13 22

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