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  1. Hi, @Tihiy The "Activate via web browser" button did not fit the translation fully. I fixed it. Could you please add this translation for Turkish? Kind Regards.
  2. Hello again. I made a small mistake in the "Display * colorful * modern icon" field, and I fixed it. Please add this. Please forget the previous one. Sorry Best Regards. Fixed updated Turkish language for StartIsBack++ v2.9 BETA 3.zip
  3. Hello! Could you please add the updated this Turkish language for StartIsBack++ v2.9 BETA 3? Kind Regards.
  4. @JFX I have BOOTICE v1.3.4 Portable. You can use it if necessary. I'm adding link here because it might be useful. https://yadi.sk/d/1sG-x58J0iTaTw
  5. Hi, @JFX. Updated Turkish language file for WinNTSetup v4.0 RC1 is ready. I'd appreciate it if you included it. Kind Regards. Turkish language file for WinNTSetup v4.0 RC1.zip
  6. No. The problem was caused by me. I fixed it with this last translation., thank you.
  7. @JFX hello! I missed a little detail. -What is this detail? +When we open Help with the F1 key, the problem of sub-rankings appearing in a zigzag manner is corrected in this translation. Could you please add this new Turkish translation? Kind Regards. New Turkish Lng for WinNTSetup v4.0 Beta 6.zip
  8. Hello @JFX New Turkish language file (fixed). I realized there was a small shortcoming and I fixed it. Please consider this content, do not care about the other. Best Regards.. Turkish language for WinNTSetup v4.0 Build 5.zip
  9. Content was deleted and added to the new reply.
  10. Please, can you add this Turkish language prepared by me for WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1? Best regards. Link: https://yadi.sk/d/R1F6qdjW3QtE8g
  11. StartIsBack ++ 2.8 RC Working perfect. Thanks for updating the new Turkish language.

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