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Drones (and Robots)


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Seems like a new drone thread is in order ... the other has gotten so large.


All those earlier drone posts about "small or tiny" drones not being able to fly around very long ... might be ancient history. This new small drone will fit in your pocket, fly for hours and send back top quality video. Now we all have reason to be worried about being watched or spied on by a neighbor, police or anybody.


From the article:


"It fits in your pocket and weights a mere 80 grams. It'll fly continuously for two hours or more, sending back high quality HD video the entire time."


There is one catch, if you can call it that ... it has a microfilament tether that unspools from the drone and keeps it constantly connected to communications and power.


I guess this is still a drone even though the power is not on board ... still interesting for "long term" spying ... explains why the weight is so low. So a neighbor could easily hover and spy all night looking into windows ... if it's plugged into a power grid, you get two hours + from the base station.


Also, the drone can't be messed with jamming signals ... from the article:


"Power may be the primary reason why the Pocket Flyer uses a microfilament thether, but there are a bunch of other reasons why it's a good idea. You get high definition video with no lag. You can put a lot of obstacles between you and your drone without having to worry about losing communications. And, you're protected from malicious people trying to mess with your drone, as Greiner explains:


If you see these wireless systems, you can look at the signal, and potentially take control of the vehicle. If you're not that technologically sophisticated, you can actually just put noise into the environment and jam the signals, and the drone will lose control. The microfilament is impervious to that."


CyPhy Works' New Drone Fits in Your Pocket, Flies for Two Hours


 23 Oct 2014




I took the above quotes from this article.




... I'm just thinking that people living in the country with no really close neighbors may not always have their drapes closed, not thinking about a drone hovering around recording everything ... also in a large city living way up many floors with no drapes ... someone on the floor below or above just places the drone a few feet down or up to watch everything.


It's amazing with all the drone developements since I started that first drone topic in 2013. I remember no drone talk or much news in 2012.


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Nice. :)

Though more than a drone it seems to me like a (much more "flexible") evolution of a trench periscope :w00t:



Knowing how military things go, the thingy will sell for US$ 20,000,00 and a single spare spool:

The reason that a microfilament works at all in applications like these is that it unspools from the robot, and not from the base station. The robot carries a spool of 250 feet (76 meters) of wire onboard, and feeds it out as it moves forward. This way, there's never any tension on the wire, and it can snag on stuff without affecting the performance of the robot.


will be around 350,00 US$.


In a "real" fight, I guess that the enemy will use it for target practice (and they wouldn't even need to shout "pull" ;)).



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That's a good description ... more like a periscope. The military will probably have many uses for it as also police maybe in a hostage standoff. I'm sure the company will sell many of these little devices.


It doesn't seem like a real drone to me with the tether line attached for power but it has many uses and small drones with a power supply would be of limited use timewise.


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Drones = Anti-privacy = against the constitution = tracking device inside your wallet called an cell phone = microcomputer that can replace all hardware = nuclear radiation being spread via signals, and bleeps and blops.

And the song goes like.........If I did not believe in god, who would I be......If I was an another person right now what would I be. All I could say is oh god, oh god, the end of the world came more then 14 years ago and nobody is fighting for their rights. Where are Snowden, where are you bradass87, where are you Kenneith O' Keif.

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jaclaz ... I was reading about that small drone yesterday. Glad you posted the story and link ... it's amazing how all this drone stuff has captured the news over the last several years ... just about everyday there is something in the news about drones.


That is an interesting little toy ... might be a big money maker for the Christmas Holidays. It should easily fit into a Christmas stocking hanging over the fireplace.



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Oh and do not think your drone will remain yours forever:


which is not that shocking since we have malware that attack heart bypasses or have the way to remotely get someone's Jeep Cherokee :>

Sure, this is where that is currently discussed:




Now for NO apparent reason, and JFYI, drone rescue[1]:w00t::




[1] Or first practical use of a drone (to solve a problem that was actually originally caused by playing with drones)

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Not a drone :no:.




On other news, this nice thingy (the best incarnation I have seen of the flying submarine tanks of Bacteria ;)) has not reached the desired sum:



on Kickstarter:


(but I don't think it will be an issue, as nowadays it seems like Kickstarter is just an advertising media for technical projects)



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... and of course :w00t:, you need to watch out for them:


and once one is detected, you can "down" it:


though seemingly not exactly a new "invention" by the good guys at DroneShield :no:, a simple re-branding of a tool devised to catch (I would presume smallish)  animals:





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I was looking at a solar powered glider with enough solar panels on the wings to keep it aloft indefinitely...or at least a long time.  With the right software, that'd be a drone with interesting applications.  But the vendor pulled it from their site and now I can't find anything comparable at the RTF/ARF level.

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I was looking at a solar powered glider with enough solar panels on the wings to keep it aloft indefinitely...or at least a long time.  With the right software, that'd be a drone with interesting applications.  But the vendor pulled it from their site and now I can't find anything comparable at the RTF/ARF level.

Do you mean this one :unsure::




The actual site is not anymore:




However, from the little I can understand of the matter, until there won't be capable enough (or affordable enough) "solar film" it would be very expensive in maintenance as an encapsulated solar cell will anyway be fragile:




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