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POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

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2 hours ago, glnz said:

OK - still here and frustrated that everything I wanted on Christmas sales sold out two months ago.  Especially the LL Bean Hurricane flannel-lined shirt, which I wear when I'm using my XP computer,

So - my latest (third) used Dell Optiplex 755 that I bought on eBay two weeks ago is working, with my transplanted hard drive (XP of course), 4GB RAM, 10-year old video card and fax modem from my dead (second) used Optiplex 755.   (On the latest (third) Opti 755, msoobe /a says the XP is "already activated", which is good news.)  

However, the good (third) Opti 755 has an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 CPU, which is a bit slower than the E6850 that is still in the (second, now-dead) Optiplex 755.

Questions - is it possible and not terribly difficult to take the E6850 out of the dead (second) Opti 755 and insert it into the good (third) Opti 755?  Not the entire motherboard from the dead (second) Opti 755, which may have died, just its slightly faster CPU?  And will the E6850 work if transplanted into the motherboard that now has the E6550?

The manuals for the Optiplex 755 are  < HERE >  and  < HERE >  <-- these are immediate pdf downloads on my Firefox.  I have the "Desktop" or "DT" form factor.  Please also point me to any step-by-step videos you might know.

Don't forget - I'm good with duct tape!


Curious, why the 755 and not the 760 or the 780?

I like the 780 the best, but the 755 was the last I think with the built in floppy drive. And none of them have PS/2 ports... gak... can't have everything!

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43 minutes ago, InterLinked said:

Curious, why the 755 and not the 760 or the 780?

1)  I can't count that high.

2)  It worked before (to move my HD brain from a dead 755 body to a working 755 body), and who knows if my transplanted HD with all its drivers (including for motherboard?) and lazy expectations will work in a different body. 

3)  And who knows what msoobe /a would do?

I have a used 780 in my wife's SOHO running Win 7 Pro 64-bit (which I've kept updated per suggestions at AskWoody).  One day, we'll get a better PC for her SOHO, with Win 10 Pro 64-bit.  After that, you've inspired me to try putting my XP hard drive into that 780 body and ... see what happens.   Maybe some kind of AI transsexual experience?


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On 11/13/2020 at 11:46 PM, win32 said:

I added that time zone update Ximonite pointed out and combined the others into one update. Why do Fiji and Morocco have so much trouble making up their minds with their time zones?


Why is the DTS "Central Brazilian Standard Time" and "E. South America Standard Time" removed? I still have them in my Windows 10.

Edited by Outbreaker
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1 hour ago, Outbreaker said:

Why is the DTS "Central Brazilian Standard Time" and "E. South America Standard Time" removed? I still have them in my Windows 10.

Brazil stopped observing DST, thus the DST sections were removed.


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I encounter an incompatibility issue of Access 2002 in MS Office XP (other versions may be affected too) with POSReady 2009 updates, and would like to share my findings.

If install Office XP on a directly prepared POSReady 2009 system (by nlite in my case) and run Access, it will complain about "Workgroup Administrator couldn't create the workgroup information file." I searched quite a lot but could not find a solution. I did lots of experiments, and in the end, the closest solution is at https://www.betaarchive.com/wiki/index.php/Microsoft_KB_Archive/317708  , to register msjtes40.dll; but that is not the whole story. The problem is that msjtes40.dll in the post-SP3 update could not register itself: it reports success but in fact does not write registry.  Attached is the registry entries that should be written, retrieved through the old dll version 4.0.9502.0 with SP3.

I would not take more time to determine which specific update causes the problem. Maybe a normal updating method (install SP3 first and then those post-SP3 updates) would not cause the issue, since the old version should have registered correctly.


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