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  1. Usher


    MultiCommander is compiled for Win5.1 and it won't run even if you change subsystem version using editbin.exe. After changing version to 5.0 it gives following error message:
  2. It's similar to my connection. I have dual boot Win2000 and Win98SE so I can do some test in the nearest future.
  3. Usher

    Installing Win98SE on more 'recent' PC.

    Just for the record:Many people install Win9x in order to run old DOS apps. Many of those apps require EMM386.EXE to be loaded, some of them even create pif files with proper settings when installed under Windows. And Windows have its own database of old apps and may also create pif with EMM386.EXE on, see %windir%\INF\APPS.INF. So if you don't load EMM386.EXE in CONFIG.SYS, Windows will use settings from SYSTEM.INI when needed. Yes, sure. It's better to reduce number of possible points of failure. I would also reduce possible hardware troubles (and IRQ conflicts) starting with 1 GB RAM only, one sound card only and some older Nvidia graphic card (but with the same Nvidia drivers).
  4. Can you describe your connection type? Is it Ethernet, DSL dialup or anything else?
  5. Usher

    Installing Win98SE on more 'recent' PC.

    If I recall correctly, dencorso's fixes to system.* are not complete. That's why you still have troubles with shutdown. 1. For AGP cards you must add exclusion for AGP memory window c000-cfff 2. There may be more exclusions needed for ACPI and other BIOS extensions, in many cases it is e000-efff window. For both exclusions you should add a line EMMExclude=c000-cfff e000-efff ; exclusions for AGP and ACPI BIOS extensions to [386Enh] section in system.ini and system.cb If you load EMM386.EXE in CONFIG.SYS, you should add those exclusions too, for example device=c:\windows\emm386.exe noems x=c000-cfff x=e000-efff 3. It is required to add both min and max values in [vcache] section of system.ini and system.cb. I recommend to set the size of HDD internal cache for MinFileCache value, so you should have something like that: [vcache] MinFileCache=16384 ; your HDD cache size MaxFileCache=393216 ; size recommended for 1+ GB RAM
  6. RWin/TCPWindowSize calculations may be tricky. They are based on MTU value, so MaxMTU should be set properly before playing with RWin. Do you mean SG TCP Optimizer from speedguide.net or another software? Many "internet optimizers" only change settings for DNS servers, some of them are malware.
  7. Wrong. Transfer direction is irrelevant. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_transmission_unit Of course it should. Set MaxMTU for your Windows 2000 connection to 576 (settings for dialup), restart Windows and see what will happen. You tried to compare apples and oranges. Use the same PC with dual boot for both Win98 and Win2000 systems and test transfer speed for the same download. At least start tests with different PCs, but with the same NIC cards and the same NIC drivers.
  8. It may be difference in MaxMTU settings. Windows 2000 is a newer system and its TCP/IP drivers recognize more connection types than Win98 ones do. You can change MaxMTU settings manually. Other possible differences are in firewall, antivirus or other security suite installed in the system. These settings you can also change, but you cannot change memory management - and it works much better in Windows NT family.
  9. Wrong. Palemoon is highly optimized for modern processors.
  10. Usher

    Need help with Opera 10.63

    Port 1900 is UPnP port and it has nothing common with Opera Turbo. Activity on port 1900 is a well known bug in Opera - it tries to communicate with other Opera users even if you turn off Opera Link, Opera Unite and detection of local Opera Unite users.
  11. Usher

    Win98 security gets an endorsement!

    I suppose Gibson does use the best antivirus software a man can use: Brain 1.0. So do I. ;-P
  12. Windows system don't use Recycle Bin on network or removable drives. It was definitely some malware there.
  13. He has got some more problems than you think. He used text from my posting to microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion newsgroup and other info from that thread without proper attributing to original sources. How do you call it - stealing, plagiarism? Should I report it to the forum moderator?
  14. Usher


    Thanks for explanations. By now I have positively tested KDW 0.93 wrappers for: - 2k.dll/ntdll.dll - user32.dll - ws_32.dll - wtsapi32.dll - ole32.dll - esent.dll - crypt.dll Wrapper for kernel32.dll seems to be incompatible with fully patched Novell Client for Netware v.4.90 SP2 (NWClient). During startup instead of showing logon screen it goes BSoD with an error message STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x0000000) The system has been shutdown. I have found MS KB156669: It seems to be right, because NWClient replaces MSGINA with NWGINA.I have tested previous versions of kernel32.dll wrappers and the last good version is 5.1.2599.64 from KDW 0.92c There is another problem with KDW and Windows Update (WU). WU detects dlls changed by KDW and wants to install Update Rollup 1 for Windows 200 SP4 (KB891861). For users safety it would be better if KDW dlls fooled WU about version numbers - just in case when some antimalware programs turn on automatic updates.
  15. Usher

    KernelEx 4.5.2

    You should try to install VLC on Pentium II without P3CPU etc. You don't need these extensions for any application that I know. Newer apps are compiled for i686 architecture and it starts from Pentium Pro, see i686 processors list.