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OldNewExplorer 1.1.9

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I don't really know if i should do that on Windows 10,

I know it work on 8.1 but i get to Windows 10 just TODAY, 

So, will it work ?:}

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Any plans for adding the option to increase/decrease the navigation pane in explorer?


I know Open-Shell supports this, but when used it kind scrunches up the navigation pane. In windows 10, the height is different than windows7/8

(the image with the thumbtacks is windows 10 while the one on the right with "skydrive, recent places" is windows 8 (for comparison)



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Hi. Would it be possible to publish the source code? Since it can change the navigation bar buttons, it could be put changing more than only those! With OldNewExplorer, I can have the Windows 7 buttons style without any custom MSStyles that might break (again) the computer! And that's amazing, so thank you already for that (I had to use ResourceHacker to change the buttons).

But could you please share the source? Would be very cool!

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I think the comments were deleted, but I'll still comment them --> if you're seeing this, the developer has a warning mate ;-). You should have tried it in a virtual machine first or something.


Doesn't even say Windows 10 there. We are lucky it works on it. Doesn't work on yours for some reason (works with me on an older build, at least), but no need to offend who warned you, unless you didn't read and that's on you, not the developer.... If it had broke my computer too, I'd get p***ed with ME for not having tested it first in a virtual machine. Not with the one who made this, which as a start gave a warning it might be dangerous...

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