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  1. I think the comments were deleted, but I'll still comment them --> if you're seeing this, the developer has a warning mate ;-). You should have tried it in a virtual machine first or something. Doesn't even say Windows 10 there. We are lucky it works on it. Doesn't work on yours for some reason (works with me on an older build, at least), but no need to offend who warned you, unless you didn't read and that's on you, not the developer.... If it had broke my computer too, I'd get p***ed with ME for not having tested it first in a virtual machine. Not with the one who made this, wh
  2. Hey! At least with OldNewExplorer you can't do it, that I know of. I just had the idea to make the change of the navigation icons (and anyways, not more than only those), because look at the program settings: There's nothing there talking about icons other than the navigation bar ones --> "User alternate navigation buttons style". So since it changes them, it must have them stored somewhere (either in the DLLs or in the main EXE). Turns out they are in both DLLs. So I just went there and changed the icons. But OldNewExplorer only changes those. Not more, that I know of (if you lo
  3. Hi. Would it be possible to publish the source code? Since it can change the navigation bar buttons, it could be put changing more than only those! With OldNewExplorer, I can have the Windows 7 buttons style without any custom MSStyles that might break (again) the computer! And that's amazing, so thank you already for that (I had to use ResourceHacker to change the buttons). But could you please share the source? Would be very cool!
  4. Just a small note for people around. The navigation bar icons can be changed easily with OldNewExplorer. It can replace the icons with custom ones already inside the program. So all I had to do was replace those icons on the program and got the Windows 7 ones without using custom MSStyles (which were the only way I had to change this - until I got tired of random break downs and having to reinstall Windows because of problems in themes when some update was made). It's like this (not exactly as in Windows 7, but I prefer these buttons very much to the Windows 10 ones, since this way I can see t
  5. WinaeroTweaker has an option to activate Aero Lite (hidden theme in Windows 10), if that's of any help (not for me, as I want Windows 7 theme, but maybe for someone else).
  6. Also an idea I just had (I'd still like to know about the question I made though just before this one though). If it's legal to do (which I think it is? At least that's done in many games - and the license link in the website doesn't work, so I can't see it), would there be someone here that knows how to update a program through opcodes? (meaning with Assembly and reversing knowledges, I guess) No source code, then the way would be to update locally with help of opcodes and then make a patcher, so the binary is not released to public, only the patcher, and who wants to use it must have th
  7. Hi everyone. So just for me to get the final answer to this. What's the latest version Aero Glass for Win8.1+ works on? Or it's outdated themes' fault and they just need to be updated and Aero Glass will work perfectly? Just need to know what the problem is and if it's really Aero Glass outdated, then would be cool to know the latest version of Windows 10 it works on, so I can think about the LTSC edition I get next. Currently I'm on LTSC 2019 (Build 1809). Next LTSC might be this year, so if it's above the last one that this works on, I might think better about it and stay on 1809 (there
  8. So after some months and a problem changing icons after a new update which signed all files (and I only found out later after modifying the files and rebooting...), I had to reinstall the system and came across the solution for the problem. Nothing to do with AeroGlass. An option on Winaero Tweaker lets us "Increase Taskbar Transparency Level" (done through Regedit and it's a Windows feature). With that enabled, the shadow on that rectangle goes away, and AeroGlass won't put a contour there. So it must be disabled. And I need to mess with the transparency through the SetWindowCompositionA
  9. Yep! There I could remove that stupid option from being the default one.... And that's only what's between me and the computer restarting. I've already disabled Reboot task from Update Ochestrator and also the Backup Scan reboot part. After that, no user can touch on Reboot task file (removed permissions for all users including me) and Backup Scan all the ones that were there, but only with read/execute permissions. The computer may turn itself on (not supposed to anymore), but it can't restart (I tested that - turned itself on, but wasn't able to reboot, HA --> this was before I disabled t
  10. Hi. This is just a suggestion, but I think many people would appreciate it really much. Is it possible for you to have the option to when the default action is to update and restart the computer, keep the action we desire to be the default one? Like, right now Windows is forcing the default to be Update and Shut Down on StartIsBack (and the Power Menu with Alt+F4). When that's the case, StartIsBack could stop getting the options from wherever it gets them and put there custom options or something. Not sure this is possible or if I explained it right. Because of Windows having been up
  11. Oh right. Sorry then. I mistunderstood. But seems to be too hard to just get letters black and white glowing for something that I can see perfectly anyways. It would just be aesthetic in this case. In the pop-up thing it's not just aesthetic which kinda annoys sometimes me but what to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hahaha. In that one I could have more work with it though, even if I had to try coding something in C or C++ with some API for the first time - would learn too, which would be cool. Maybe someone finds this and knows who to fix it some day. As I said I'm supposed to not do anything big on the sy
  12. It's a pity then... I won't format it hopefully until 2029 when the support for LTSC 2019 is dropped (XD), so I guess I'll have to stay with this here forever... If it was just the border, but not even a shadow is there. So Windows may have that broken now on that pop-up --> ONLY on that one.... wtf?!?!?! This is weird. Ah crap... I could also have restored the system from some restore point, but somehow I managed to disable them until I had everything ready on the computer, so no restore points where I needed them XD. Ah no, what I wanted was to put the glow effect and black c
  13. First of all, thank you for the reply. The thing is that the borders work in ALL the other places. Just not there. Not even the shadow to differenciate it from other windows. Like in these examples of working things - which are all but on that "pop-up" window (interesting enough, there's some weird bug that puts the title words blank and without glow effect on some programs like Paint and Wordpad while all the others have them black as I've configured, for some reason): The borders work everywhere. Just not on the arrow "pop-up". And I have exactly no idea why it doesn't work O
  14. Hi everyone. So I've messed with versions 1.5.10 and 1.5.13 (switched between them, from 10 to 13 and then again from 13 to 10) and I believe it was that that broke something on the taskbar, but I can't be sure because I can't replicate the issue... The problem is here (taken from main system): And it should be something like this (taken from virtual machine where I tried to replicate the issue and I couldn't): The difference is the border. And I love the border, because without it, I can't distinguish the little window very well if the thing behind is blue. The shad
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