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  1. I'm running Windows 10 x64 Enterprise 20H2 with ONE 1.1.9 and I don't know if this is a bug or just my system. I have the option "Hide Up (go to parent folder) button" checked. This works perfectly in Windows File Explorer, that up-arrow is not visible. However, when I open an application, e.g Winrar and chooses to open or save a file which causes the Open/Save dialog to pop up, that arrow is suddenly visible. If I then close the Open/Save dialog but keep Winrar running and opens the Open/Save dialog for a second time, the arrow is now gone. If I close Winrar and repeat the process from the beginning, the arrow is there yet again. For some reason it's being displayed only the first time you open the Open/Save dialog in an application, but not second time. It's not the biggest issue in the world but I would like to fix it if I can. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  2. I was hoping someone could shed some light on as to how this works exactly. When the registry key "CombineWinX" is set to "1" the settings for SiB appears in the WinX menu as "Properties". In and of itself this is not that impressive as the WinX menu can be customized, however, this implementation is not the result of simply placing a shortcut to StartIsBackCfg.exe in the WinX folder in \AppData. Such a shortcut is not present in that folder and neither is it accessible using WinXMenuEditor. On top of that, it's place in the WinX menu appears to be fixed, much like the Shut down or sign out option. I don't mind the presence of properties in this menu at all, that's not what this is about. I'm simply interested in the implementation procedure as I was hoping it could be applied to any and all other items in the menu to make it 100% customizable. The Shut down or sign out option as mentioned above is one of those items. It's position in the menu is also fixed and I've not yet found a way to remove it completely. So far I've disabled CombineWinX and taken a snapshot of all files and folders along with the whole registry and then enabled it again while taking another snapshot to do a comparison. Unfortunately I've not yet been able to figure out how the implementation is being done. Any assistance and/or insight would be very much appreciated, thank you!
  3. In the program directory\Styles there are msstyles files that can be edited with i.e Windows Style Builder to accomplish this, I believe. It's not exactly user-friendly though but if you're willing to learn... I had a question of my own so I'll add it here instead of double posting. Is there any way to completely remove the right side of the start menu (navigation pane)? I'm able to change the color of "Lock" to at least hide that part but then I'll have this big empty space with no real use. I'd rather remove it completely and only keep the programs menu. Edit: I managed to get really, really close by changing the font type and color. I also stumbled across this thread which helped a lot: Still wouldn't mind to hear if there are any other ideas or tweaks that I've missed.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm finally getting ready to make my move to Windows 10 and I'm currently trying to find out what can modified and how to do it. Looking forward to learn as much possible from the people who already know. I'm famous for breaking stuff and then acquiring knowledge while trying to fix it. If this site suddenly starts experiencing downtime - it probably means that I pressed a button somewhere.

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