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OldNewExplorer 1.1.9


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 version 1.1.7 works ok, to my system except 'Use libraries' option. 


Before doing anything is good to make a restore point.




There is an isue with the titlebar's centered text (as i have set to the visual style) :


if i uncheck 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use ribbon , then my themes titlebar text goes to middle of title bar (as i have set to the visual style)


if i check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use  commandbar/folderband , then my themes titlebar text goes to left of title bar.


So it seems that when we check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use  command bar , the system not use the parameter of the theme/mstyle (?)  (!)




ps also to the case of  check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', the Titlebar text that 'sent' automatically (!) to the left , received an unpleasant background (!) whicn in this case if to the Theme file have choose  AutoColorization=0 then it takes (the active window titlebar text's background one) the property from the parameter 

ColorizationColor=.....................    , if  have choose  AutoColorization=1  then it takes color from colors responds the wallpaper background.
That's all a huge unpleasant. If someone [or if Tifiy] can bypass all this, with no titlebar text background, and text receive it's position from the visual style, please inform us how.
I repeat when using the ribbon the text recieve the value from the visual style, so the problem becomes to the procedure when  check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon',
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Even with setting “Use libraries; hide folders from This PC” on in 32-bit processes This PC is shown above Libraries in Navigation Pane. What is more, sometimes you need to reopen 32-bit program Browse windows in order to see ONE applying settings you chose. The latter problem persisted in Windows 8.1 x64 too.

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Please, instead of making the option "Use libraries; hide folders from This PC" one option you can make it two like this:


Option (1) Use libraries        Option (2) Hide folders from This PC

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Oh man... I installed it and now even I remove Libraries option and uninstall the O.N.E I cant rename folders.

How can I restore it manually?I dont like that a small software destroys my whole windows...

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Hi. First, thank you very much, this is a great utility. I've come across it searching for the solution on how to move Details pane to the bottom, but this even has some bonus features :)


One problem I have is, that I can't remove the Menu bar in Explorer:




It seems to be a remnant of the upgrade from Windows 7, because on my laptop, where Windows 10 was freshly installed, this problem doesn't appear. Is there some option in the registry which would turn this "secondary" Menu bar off?

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Hey Tihiy,


On my Win10 x64 Pro system, if I have ONE 1.17 installed/registered, any program that uses the Windows Open/Save file dialogs will hang when those dialogs are called. The programs will all run just fine and no other issues/instability will be present until those dialogs are called.


Is there a way I can provide you with better debug/log info?



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ONE is an excellent piece of software but it patches the system so hard that it causes many undesirable side effects. I unfortunately had to remove it, so back to the details pane on the right side and the ribbon instead of the good old menu.


I was thinking a more system friendly approach to the problem of the Details pane would be to create a new pane that performs in the same way instead of trying to move the current pane to the bottom. What do you think? could it be possible? It would be some sort of new toolbar plug-in but placed at the bottom.

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