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  1. v1.1.8 seems to be working perfect with 1607 14393.0
  2. anyone tried oldnewexplorer with 10586 th2 update ?
  3. v1.1.7 works perfect for me, spotify does work again
  4. Spotify still does not work with v1.1.6
  5. NoelC, will you update OldNewExplorer for Win10 ? I really need the old win7 device grouping back
  6. Windows10 10240 OldNewExplorer v1.1.5 Spotify does not work, if "Shell Extension" is installed. u see just the spinner spinning.. Uninstall "shell extension" Spotify works again. will there be an update ? and is it possible to post the version number in 1st post ?
  7. RC4 works fine but there is a problem, I dont know if its caused by startisback at win8 or win8.1 when I uninstall startisback or + and move the mouse in the bottom left corner and I want to start the "command prompt" as administrator, nothing happends. I need to go to the taskmanager, and start a new task, "cmd" with "execute as administrator" this works. With startisback installed, I type cmd in the start/searchbar an right click start as administrator it works fine, so ... I dont really care about the problem above, cause I just use startisback. maybe someone has the same problem
  8. yeah I´ve got them. But I dont know why, but I have no "Service Pack" (Slipstream Service Pack) Button in Vlite 1.2 Final ? I cant slipstream SP2 ....
  9. u have forgotten, that u need after MUI intergration a DVD... the image is to big for a CD

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