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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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OK so I tested without formatconvertors. No change.

My Office only consists of Word, Excel Powerpoint, Dutch (NL) version, with NL+ENG spellcheck.

If I cancel the installation at first login (have to press cancel several times) I can start Word, Excel and Powerpoint without any problems... so they ARE installed. However when I start Excel, it wants to install something again, so I cancel it again. Excel works flawless.

I think this issue should get its own topic since it's NOT Shrinker related, my Shrinked Office works perfectly on my CD from January 2007. Exactly the same Office, just a lot more updates for Windows and I install more apps....

So some application triggers Office to install some extra stuff...

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Has anyone succeeded shrinking a O2003 Sp3? My script always stops at somewhere saying some files not found.

Yes, I made it successfully. Everything works perfect. Even with new Windows account everything is OK. Only on launch of Excel a progress bar appeared and it completed successfully (it did not asked me for any file), and then Excel launched. For the rest of applications I did not get progress bar and all of it are working properly.

I don't know why are you guys having problems.

Cheers ;)

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huh, I am using Office+SP2!

Like I said, I didn't change my Office installer (didn't update it either). Only my windows cd has been updated.

Hmm very odd. I have the inverse situation. My CD hasn't been changed but i just updated from Office 2003+SP2 to Office 2003+SP3. By the way i tried with my MST file and with a new one created. No change.

Do you get troubles too when you try to configure an Outlook account with another Windows user profile ? It asks me to insert the CD. Once again, that never happened with Office 2003+SP2.

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I don't even install Outlook :o

I really don't like this bugging me... I've spent lots of time creating the ideal CD... now all I did was update it with a new RyanVM post-sp2 updatepack, drivers and software..

I dont have much time but I am planning to do some more research tomorrow.

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Any way to shrink Office 2007 cos after adding SP1 to Updates folder size is 980 MB !

same here,

but for now I made a sfx file that extracting itself to a temp folder then install, it works fine but it takes ages to install, even on my great PC.

Office 2007 is a real pain in the a**, we can't even intregate the updates.

I'm thinking of installing the app on a clean windows with the SP1 being in the update folder, and using kind of recording tool or something (InstallWatchPro is great for doing this) then grab the installed files with the changes in the registry, then simply make a swichless file.

that's hard as hell and I don't think it's gonna work, but at least I'll try.


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hey after using the app its got slim down by 100mb and was quick

but when i run the installation of office 2003

the options that i choose to remove still there

and i could add them

i made the mst to not install infopath and same others things

what should i do in "Custom Installation Wizard' to make them delete permly

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