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  1. I need help if anyone is able. I'm trying to get Win 98SE running on this box for gaming. I have come up dry on searches so far (Intel didn't help by pulling ALL of the Win 98 inf/chipset updates recently). I need Win 98 drivers for the following: Intel 945GME chipset Mats***a DVDR UJH415 Intel 82801 GBM/GHM (ICH7-M) SATA Controller Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Controller Sysnaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad Toshiba Software Modem (65535 is all the info available) Intel Pro 100 VE Intel Pro Wireless 1945ABG Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Cardbus Controller SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller Realtek High Def Audio 65535 Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Controller Probably something else I'm not aware of, but a good start. Thanks for any help. I know there are a LOT of Toshiba owners out there.
  2. Is there an unpacked version of this somewhere for those who would like to see what is going on under the hood and work with further tweaking? Thanks.
  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! This thing makes me want to toss the task bar altogether! 10 years of tweaking that thing was enough! In the spirit of the previous sentence, here is my wish list for Rsidebar: Shutdown button Run dialogue Control panel icon Programs folder from start menu transplanted--expand inwards Small icon to hide/view Customizable quick launch area Volume control (configurable--many laptops now have buttons for this. Full applet via control panel) Notes on calendar Folders/play list capability in song list box Choice for analog or digital clock (both probably won't fit with all of the above) Configurable fit Windows form minus Rsidebar (aka lock task bar command) Quick launch area either as separate box or extension of current quick launch area, configurable. I know it's a lot, but this thing has SERIOUS potential as a total task bar replacement. Thanks for the great work.
  4. Definately passionate about your position un1Que. I was around long before home computers were on the horizon, so I do know of what you speak. There are a lot of reasons for running 98 other than old hardware, though. I held out touching XP until I had to grab it for required programming software and resented every minute of switching. My main point is that I feel that more could be achieved by more collaboration, not that what's happening isn't great. I was the co-author of the Linux From Scratch via RPM project until my cohert went belly up on it and got too busy with his personal life. We had numerous folks contributing and it would not have been what it was without them. We're doing the same thing here as Linus did in the beginning with his kernel--staking new ground. Linus will be the first to tell you that his kernel was originally nothing more than a school project/hobby and that it was the push of all those interested in the beginning that made it what it is today. Linux has the Open Source realm, ReactOS will someday have the "Look Alike" realm, the "I own Windows and want it to function my way" is alive, well, and kicking today and so are all the apps that won't yet run on anything else.
  5. I certainly don't want to step on anyone's toes here. There has been amazing work done by many on this board. I see an opportunity and simply wanted to bounce it around the think tank for a bit. 98SE2ME/98MP10, SP3, and Autopatcher are all packages of full OS scope with the same goal in mind. All have certain advantages over the others. It seems that much more could be accomplished if these four large projects could be rolled into one with the three of you working on the same goal and the end product would probably be better, individual workload would probably decrease, and the rest of us leeches (grin) would probably benefit more. Since all of this is done out of "care factor" anyway, it's not like there's any competition and all of you should receive due credit. I am willing (but don't expect) to help with whatever I can if there is hope for this idea. I do not have the knowledge of the specific inter workings of the 98 OS that you three have, but I am working on by CS degree and have a large amount of experience taking apart and reassembling Linux. The limiting factor right now is that I am deployed to Iraq, but I'm willing to do what I can if it will help the cause. I realize that what I'm tossing out there would mean that each would have to scrap some part of their own way of doing things, but it would truly be great for everyone else IMO. MS had many programmers pounding out 98, we should expect that re-engineering it would be no easier. A snack for the brain.
  6. I'm a little bit unclear here and suspect that there may be others on here in the same boat. First of all, your work is outstanding and deeply appreciated. I was working with 98SE2ME back when you first put it on your site and 98SE was still the norm. I'm clear where its roots come from and how it progressed. What I'm not totally clear about is how 98SE2XP and 98MP10 relate to 98SE2ME. I see that your last release of 98SE2ME was after your release of 98MP10, so I suspect that these two packages accomplish different goals. Was the aim of 98SE2XP similar to that of 98SE2ME in implementing as many of the goodies as possible from XP into 98 just like 98SE2ME did with ME, or was 98SE2XP primarily in support of getting MP10 to run? Does installing 98SE2ME and 98MP10 give us the latest and greatest, or is there some redundancy/conflicts there? To me it's obvious that we would all want as many goodies from all three OS's as possible, so I'm just getting my head on straight here. On a different note, are you aware of what the differences are between the ME shell swap and the updated shell in autopatcher and SP3Beta? All three projects are pretty new, so I was wondering if you had looked at the others? Thanks and here's a big "Hoah" for drivin' on!

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