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  1. Problems solved : - There were some other MSI required for the install - I created a REG tweak that registered at each first logon on new account
  2. Hello all, I have two problems with it : - after making the SFX and installed WLM, i can not login. By the way, i have only installed the messenger MSI, not the others. Is there a missing MSI that is required to make it work ? - the options configured with WLM creator (like showing menu bar, disabling balloon tip etc.) only apply to the first Windows account. When WLM runs on another user session, everything option is by default. Thank you for your help.
  3. Open msnmsgr.exe in any resource editor... Change version info 8.5.1302.1018 to 14.0.8064.206. The only value i found using a hexadecimal editor is : I changed 8.5.1302 by 14.0.8064, and also tried 14.0.806 to keep the same digit quantity. This doesn't work in both cases. By the way i noticed that the version given by Windows in explorer stays 8.5.1302.1018 after the modification. There may be another value to change somewhere, but where ? Thank you.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for a tweak to disable in WLM 8.5 the update notification. Since version 9.0 is available, it doesn't stop popping. Any clue ? Thank you
  5. Hi all, I keep using version 8.5 and i look for a tweak that would avoid MSN to ask downloading version 9.0. Anybody has a clue ? Thanks.
  6. Thank you, but it doesn't still solve the problem ...
  7. Despite the new values, applied and checked in regedit, those message still appear ...
  8. No it doesn't work. What do you mean by "Universal" ? What should i check exactly ? Thank you EDIT : I've forgotten to mention it occurs with a drag and drop only.
  9. Hello all, Since i built a new unattended install with SP3 and IE7 slipstreamed, i get a confirmation message when i'm trying to copy a file from a network shared drive to the local disk. Translation : Do you want to move or copy these files from this zone ? I guess it has a link with [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones] But i can't find which key is concerned Thank you.
  10. Still no french version
  11. If you ever fall on another language SP3, please let us know I'll just get the english version for now to see what it looks like.
  12. Thanks Shark. The download link doesn't work here. Am i alone ? If anybody has another link for the french version ... thanks. EDIT : That works now
  13. Hmm very odd. I have the inverse situation. My CD hasn't been changed but i just updated from Office 2003+SP2 to Office 2003+SP3. By the way i tried with my MST file and with a new one created. No change. Do you get troubles too when you try to configure an Outlook account with another Windows user profile ? It asks me to insert the CD. Once again, that never happened with Office 2003+SP2.

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