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  1. Just want to thank everybody, especially Carter from Canada. I just recovered one Seagate HDD for a friend and he is thrilled since he didn't do a backup of his important files, and he is doing it now. Cheers
  2. Yes, according to some posts in other forums, KB947821 should be also in runonce. Qoute: And I noticed when I integrate this update with other tool, my installation file size grew by 525MB, which not happened with NTLite and that's when I started to suspect that something is wrong. Also, it seems that KB947821 is only meant when there are problems with WU, so maybe you should hard code it and give some warning that it'll be integrated as RunOnce and even that this update is not required. And, I have one more update, which you maybe can help me with. KB2830477. I integrated it, but Windows Update still shows it, but only 900kb, and original size of update is around 6MB.
  3. Hi, First, nuhi, welcome back and I must say NTLite looks really good. I have a question regarding some updates. Few updates like KB947821, KB2533552 and KB2603229 are intetionally blocked from integration. So, how does NTLite handle them? Some other tools use "Silent Install + SFX" method to add them to installation, but your tool integrates them directly, and according to some posts that's not a proper way.
  4. I know that, but I don't know what to download. Do I need to download the package I mentioned? From here? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg463028.aspx
  5. First, bigmuscle, thank you for this great tool! Now, I'm little confused about the symbols. Do I need to download Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Symbol Package which is 500mb? What happens if I don't have them? I installed the tool, and it works, although I only sow the popup twice, not sure why, I thought I'll see it on every start-up.
  6. @butos Is that Aero you have? How?
  7. Since nobody has this issue except you, it must be something specific on your system that conflicts with Start Menu. Tihiy can't fix when he can't reproduce it.
  8. @Tihiy Fantastic work. Serbian translation is recognized, I just tested. And thanks for the licence. I'm willing to continue to update translation whenever you need it, so you can put me on some mailing list for that.
  9. You can activate this feature to be already installed. It same like Add features, just it can be applied directly to image. So no need to add additional files or do a separate install. This is faster and simpler. Just search for Windows Download Integrator which will do this automatically for you. Or you can search for DISM commands.
  10. @Tihiy I sent you the Serbian translation on your e-mail.
  11. New translations? I said I want to translate, where can I get the file to do the translation?
  12. I can verify that on both my desktop and my laptop that IE hasn't appeared in the Start Menu at all. On the laptop is a few days' old user account but definitely has used IE some, and the recent programs list isn't fully populated yet so I know IE wasn't just bumped off the bottom (I have it set to 17!). On my desktop there are programs that I've launched more recently, but only once ever whereas IE I have definitely launched at least one or two handfuls of times. v1.1RC is installed on both PCs. I haven't actually used the internet with Windows 8 yet, but I am under the impression that there are 2 implementations of IE in Windows 8. One that runs as a Modern Style app, and one that runs as a Desktop Style app. If this is the case, if you are running the Modern IE, it wouldn't show up as a recently used program. You guys probably have more experience in the day to day workings of Windows 8 than me by now. Nope, none experience at all. I'm just testing it in VMWare, and in it I was also testing StartIsBack when I noticed the bug. And I run desktop version of IE, and it didn't appear on the list, but it seems that this isn't the only program which isn't added to recent used list.
  13. @Tihiy I did a fresh install in VMWare, then I installed all updates and then StartIsBack. I don't have this bug anymore. But, I noticed other bug, and since there is nothing on the system that could interfere, I'm pretty sure it's a bug. When I installed StartIsBack, Start Menu list is empty, until I start some program, and it appears as often used. But, StartIsBack is not picking Internet Explorer at all. No matter how many time I started it, it wasn't added to a Start Menu list.
  14. - I noticed it on both version, but didn't figure until now what triggers it. - All updates are installed; EDIT: Actually, I don't have two big updates installed, both around 150mb. Does this matter, should I install them and check again? - Ctrl is not stuck. Tried to disable it, same problem again. I don't know if this is important, but I'm actually running Windows 8 Pro x64 with Media Center in VMWare, since I'm still checking out Windows 8.
  15. Unable to reproduce so far. I just tried your instructions with the v1.1RC version, and after a reboot, the Windows key still showed the Start Menu, not the Start Screen. Any more details? Do you have just one Windows key or two (left and right)? If I understand your description correctly, you normally already have the option to have the Start Screen only show Apps, and you have to toggle it off and back on after this happens, is that right? That's what I assumed for my trying to reproduce, I just wanted to make sure i understand correctly. Try creating a new temporary user account and testing the behavior there. Does it still happen? I only have one Win key. So, if I go to Start, press Shut Down and then I turn on the computer, everything is fine. Now, if I go to Start->Reboot, then Win button will start opening Start screen. I don't have to toggle on and off the Apps option, I just need to change it to opposite and press apply (if it was checked, I un-check it and press apply, if it was unchecked, I check it and press apply), and Win button will start working normally again.
  16. No for me, it works good rc version.. I just discovered when this happens for me. It only happens when I use reboot. When I shutdown and start computer everything is fine, but if I use reboot in Start menu, then Win button starts opening Start screen. I fix this behaviour by toggling the option "Rename Start Screen to Apps and keep only modern apps there". But on next reboot, it happens again. Can somebody try to reproduce this?
  17. Does anyone have issue with Win button? After the reboot when I press Win button, Start screen will open instead of Start Menu. When I first installed StartIsBack, pressing Win would open Start menu.
  18. What does it mean "Start button menu shows same menu items as in Win7"? If this are the items which should be shown after we press on All Programs, then I don't see it like on Win 7. Only IE10 is there and some others folders, there are no items like Windows Update, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, etc.
  19. Can't wait for new version. Don't forget to count me on for translation. Cheers
  20. I also can't reproduce detaching orb bug. It must be something specific on the system that causes it.
  21. Yes, it seems pining folders is missing. Lets hope Tihiy can incorporate it. Also, Tihiy, send me the PM when you want me to do the translation. I'll also need latest file for translation. Cheers
  22. Nice work Tihiy! Do you still need translations? I would like to do Serbian Latin and Cyrillic (if your tool supports it). Let me know. Cheers
  23. I just got myself TP-LINK TL-WA701ND and I succefully connected it via client mode to my Huawei EchoLife HG52. Then I connected TL-WA701ND via LAN cable to switch I have (not router, I used wrong term in previous posts) and everything works fine as I wanted it to work. Thanks again for help. Cheers

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