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  1. After build 11099 install I experienced some interface problem (I've updated StartIsBack++ to 1.2 but the problem still remains). 1. The first seems connected to antialiasing. All themes except for the Plain10 shows an Anti-aliasing problem (I have Intel 4600 as main graphic card). 2. The second is related to item selection. When item opens a menu the label shows a strange background. This happens with all themes. Thanks for your great work. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0EISqrAjUcYb2YwY01UdjdsUFk UPDATE: The StartIsBack++ 1.2 REDSTONE solved both problems! Thanks!
  2. Sure all items fits in one line in default Windows 7 start menu. As I said in my original post, STARTISBACK 2.1 under my original WINDOWS 8 IT PRO 64BIT fits all items in one line without problems. This problem occurred after updating my windows to 8.1 ITA with the STARTISBACK RC4.
  3. Hi, there are too many posts so I don't know if this issue was already reported. In the Italian translation (Win8.1 + RC4), and in other languages I believe, when the menu item is too long the item occupies two lines instead expanding the menu area. This behaviour doesen't affected the 2.1 version in Windows 8. See the attached file. Thanks for your support and good job (this software is great!) -Albert

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