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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2013-02-28

Here are some new scripts for Win8PE, known for those which use Win7PESE.

Install Packages: Installs Multiple specified packages .cab or .msu in WinPESE image (ex: WinPE-NetFx4.cab). According packages, you may need to have the Full File Copy (in Copy Files script) to operate.

2 - Shell & Config: Added Take Ownership in PE environment.

Calculator: as its name indicates

Paint: Add MsPaint to PE

Photo Viewer: MsPhoto Viewer, ImagingDevices

Wordpad: MsWordPad

MS Visual C++ Runtime: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010/2012 with an option to reduce the size of VC8 and VC9, by taking only the latest VC++ SideBySide.

Vss: Volume Shadow Copy Service or Volume Snapshot Service, is a set of COM APIs that implements a framework to allow volume backups to be performed while applications on a system continue to write to the volumes.


Q-Dir Nenad: v5.49 Folder management with Quadro-View technique

MbrFix: v1.3.0.0 Perform several Master Boot Record (MBR) tasks

HotKey: Create HotKey

Attribute Changer Petges: v7.10 shell extension, it is a power user tool to change all kind of file and folder attributes, date, time.

LetterSwap: Synchronizes letters of disks Host & Guest OS

Portable Finder CMD: Batch from laddanator to get your personal Portable tasks. For use with other media than the boot one

Switch Keyboard: Switch Keyboard with HotKey with Yashied's iSwitcher

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.


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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2013-04-04

Extended support for windows 8 source, especially those with a language pack.

DirectX: DirectX11 for Win8PE x86/x64 with LDDM Graphics Subsystem.

BitLocker: Unlock an encrypted drive. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature included with the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft's Windows Vista, Windows 7, and with Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 desktop operating systems.

And many other small things, bug fixes, improvements ;)

Other things are in preparation but I lack a little time right now to test them, finalize.

Thank you for not endorsing illegal copies of the project, made without demands, without giving credit or reference, values far from the open source.

Even more, when they are made for profit or request for donation.

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.

Good building


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btw, if WDDM works now, have you tried if the Aero Glass implementation works?

I tried to see but without success :( .

The DWMGlass.dll (0.7) is well called

with a message in x86: DWMGlass.dll may not be compatible with the version of windows...

in x64 it gets better but without the Glass implementation.

As it is not really important in a recovery environment, I'm not going further.


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Hello Sir ,

Win8PE SE is a very nice one , I can make it perfect and boot well. But I've 2 problems that needs tutor :

1. I use ClearLock in Win8PESE , when I boot Win8PE and see ClearLock , I can do only 2 things :

A. Either it ask me to key in a new password and confirm password (but in WinBuilder , I already input the password with "abcdef" without quote.

B. Access Denied 3 time after I key in "abcdef" with quote

I've tried to modify the ClearLock.ini in Windows\System32 , and set :


Both with and without quote , but all failed with "Access Dennied"

Please , what is the definition of the password , has quote ? small letter ? minimum 6 characters ? or what ?

2. I made the Win8PESE to 64-bit mode. But it doesn't support UEFI boot , what I know is to make it UEFI boot , just add some UEFI boot file in it is OK. But I don't know how.

Please help

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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2013-07-25

With included some changes made in the previous package 2013-05-24

Copy files + Shell & Config: Take Ownership, thanks JFX. Multitouch support, thanks Nobsi. The size of the FBWF cache can be expanded to 1024 MB
Shell Loader: updated PECMD2012.1.78-130410-14 x86/x64, Thanks Davis
Explorer: Enable support for Recent Programs. Thanks 2aCD
DirectX: rewritten it is compatible now with Win7pe and Win8pe
.Net Framework: Add .Net Framework 2.0 ... 4.5 (x86/x64), thanks 2aCD
MSI Installer: Install an msi file from a network share is now possible, thanks Martt
Internet Explorer 10: with Free Download Manager included. thanks 2aCD and Aeolis for his work on IE10 for Win7.
IE_Favorites_url, IE_Proxy_Settings (proxy for FDM, thanks 2aCD), IE_Flash_IE: Adobe Flash Player v11.7.700.169.
Ports COM1, COM2 & LPT1: Adds serial and printer parallel ports ACPI PNP, class and services entries, thanks Nobsi
PPPoE: ADSL, Phone. Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, thanks oscar
BootIce: a great Boot sector manipulation utility. Thanks to Pauly
Flash_Package: for opera updated v11.7.700.169, thanks Mikka
PortableApps: updated PortableApps.com Platform 11.2
Attribute Changer:_Petges updated version 7.10c, thanks Mikka
HashTab_olegpov_v5: a Windows shell extension which adds a tab called "File Hashes" to the Windows Explorer file properties, thanks olegpov, Gena people
Media Player Classic-HC: v1.6.8, Media Player Classic-HC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows a good replacement of WMP
OtherOS: Floppy Images, ISO Images, HBCD, Parted Magic, Plop Boot Manager, XP-PE, Multi-WIM
Audio: Adds Audio support to Win8PE, Thanks Hieuvn-Bkav. Mute or Set default Volume, play a startup Sound, thanks Fuwi, Oscar
display drivers: Added Basic display driver and also Monitor drivers for cosmetic in device manager, Thanks Martt
Optimizations: Added RamDisk driver for cosmetic in device manager, Thanks Martt. Don't mount local harddrives, added Disable Dynamic Disks added for WinFE. WinFE needs Colin Ramsden's Write Protect Tool, script written by Royal Meier
PostConfig: preserve attributes while copying, thanks 2aCD
Create ISO: for either a UEFI-based or BIOS-based computer. Oscdimg switches can be user-defined. Isolinux in version 5.01 now.
Rufus: v1.3.4.270. it is a small utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. with support for UEFI boot. Thanks Pete Batard
Copy to USB: grub4dos-0.4.5c-2013-05-21, added grub4dos md5 password, Bootice v1.06 20130517
ImgBurn: ISO updated v2.5.8.0, Thanks Lightnink UK
Imdisk_Installer: updated v1.7.5, thanks Olof Lagerkvist and thanks fuwi, Galapo for updating the script

And many other things as usual. Thanks a lot to all contributors :thumbup

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.


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Hi gotenks98,

[success] DirMove - Moved directory [%BaseDir%\Target\Win8PESE\sources] to: [%BaseDir%\ISO\WIM\boot.tmp]

[success] DirMove - Moved directory [%BaseDir%\Target\Win8PESE\Users] to: [%BaseDir%\ISO\WIM\boot.tmp]

[Failed] DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\Win8PESE\Windows] to: [%BaseDir%\ISO\WIM\boot.tmp]

I do not really know, difficult to know why it blocks on a simple DirMove command, it runs on those just before, Maybe AV related!

In this step, error in postconfig, you do not need to rebuild the whole project, in Final\PostConfig uses the "Create new Target Image and ISO" button.

Maybe try without your AV or add an exception on your Win8pese base folder. Not great but I do not know how to help you.


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I think I figured this out. It seems to be drivers that were inject that are causing it. I payed attention to the dism output during the driver integration part of winbuilder and noticed a few errors. When I tried to rebuild without adding drivers it succeeded. So now I need to do some testing with dism on just a naked image to see where the problem lies.

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Good that you found the reason, good research to see where the problem lies :)

I was in the process of changing the script to use Robocopy sourcedir destdir /MOVE /MIR /FFT instead of the WB DirMove command.

if you need, tell me, I can go on, it is maybe safer and we can have the log on screen

About AV: I do not think necessarily has an x-ware or a false positive, but at a timeout issue which could be related.

Good continuation

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I was in the process of changing the script to use Robocopy sourcedir destdir /MOVE /MIR /FFT instead of the WB DirMove command.

If required one day, use a distributable* 3rd party ;)


Like Call,DirCopy

Call,DirCopy http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=45.0

We can easly have Call,DirMove , Call,DirMoveX ..

If required one day...


For this case (thanks gotenks98 figuring out)

Maybe making echo-log to dism operation on driver integration

+ I mean using tee.exe (dism.log) + echofile.exe (the one at support log)

is a good idea so error can be more visible on build-log (along with drivers info integrated by user ;)),


catching error line and putting an "echo warn" possible by checking dism.log

out of dirmove case, it seems to me useful feature...


Overall it would be a good idea to put an info to driver integration plugin dirmove line

//Moving Directory can fail if folder busy (ex: failure on driver integration)


One more idea,

Maybe gotenks98 dirmove successfull but due to dism failure source directory not deleted :)

if that is the case we may figure out workarounds...


if you can provide drivers that cause failure, ChrisR may reproduce and decide best possible solution easier....


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I was in the process of changing the script to use Robocopy sourcedir destdir /MOVE /MIR /FFT instead of the WB DirMove command.

if you need, tell me, I can go on, it is maybe safer and we can have the log on screen

If I may and JFYI, there is a "perfect" replacement for Robocopy in strarc (by the good Olof Lagerkvist):




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