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  1. Hi wimb, JFX, Yeah, the site down for the 2nd time, and for a while now, I'hope it's in intensive care. I'm not working on it but at the request of a few, I uploaded the latest package on github 2 months ago here https://github.com/ChrisRfr/Win10XPE It is cut in 2 parts, Win10XPE_2019-12-19.7z.001 and .002 in accordance with the 100 Mb Github size limit Kyhi(James) also shares the projet with additional 3rd party Apps plugins on tenforums here: Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media
  2. Another bug I noticed with BootIce 1.3.4. See post 5633 Version 1.3.4 is a Test version that could not be fully finished, pauly seems to have lost the source code due to a bad manipulation. Some bugs have been reported but not fixed. I don't know much more, I didn't go through the 590 pages of the topic. See Post 5722 But Good news Pauly seems to be back at work on BootIce and preparing a version 1.4.0, incomplete for the moment, a beta See Post 5810
  3. Here is the revised French translation There were quite a few new strings since 2013 1036.dll
  4. Hallo Chris,
    wofadk.sys driver is added to Win10PE, but it is giving in bootmgr menu already a problem for booting with boot.wim
    I solved the problem by returning to Win10PE_SE_2015-11-26.zip package so that wofadk.sys driver is not added to windows\system32\drivers

    It is a pleasure to use Win10PE and I have added AOMEI Backupper Professional and Partition Assistant Professional.


    Cheers, Wim

  5. Hi Atari, Thank you for getting news I had a contact with Lancelot, himself in contact with Galapo. I do not have all details but It seems to be linked to a security concern. Galapo is in relation with the hosting support, I wish him a good luck. It can probably take some time, Let us be patient.
  6. Hi JFX, Currently in WinNTsetup plugin for WinPESE, I use the download switch to pre-download the needed ADK files when building. Is it possible to provide a new switch, like DownloadExit, to close WinNTSetup after downloading ?
  7. I do not think that it's related to WinNTSetup. I guess more with the Ram available, managed, in Win8.1PE. In Win8.1SE the "PE in Ram" build Type (Main configuration) is already a little better for Ram than the "OS in Ram". For some PCs, 2Gb and below, it is good to keep next, Win8 or Win7pese, lighter.
  8. ChrisR


    Hi steve, I used a long time those two ISO as en-US source, in addition to my French DVD and others like en-GB (the mui files are split between en-US and en-GB folders). As en-US, I currently use the REFRESH 9600.17050 Enterprise Eval., with boot and install.wim previously extracted in folders : 9600.17050.WINBLUE_REFRESH.140317-1640_X86FRE_ENTERPRISE_EVAL_EN-US-IR3_CENA_X86FREE_EN-US_DV9.ISO 9600.17050.WINBLUE_REFRESH.140317-1640_X64FRE_ENTERPRISE_EVAL_EN-US-IR3_CENA_X64FREE_EN-US_DV9.ISO Building and start-up are OK here, unless I have not enough Ram, Win8.1se is more greedy than Win8pes
  9. ChrisR

    Win8PE SE

    Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2014-10-17 Main Features:Original NET drivers: Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Realtek and Ralink drivers.Q-Dir Nenad: updated v5.99.8ServiWin: updated v1.62Sysinternals Process Monitor: Enable Boot Logging option for developer onlyWinNTSetup3: updated v3.7.0 with compatibility XP--> Win10 TPMulti-WIM: Option to add or not BCD uefi entry.Power Options: Option to Disable USB Selective suspend addedAudio: Additional drivers USB audio, Bluetooth Audio, Modem Wave-Voicesyslinux: Updated v6.03grub4dos: Updated v0.4.5c-2014-09-26Innounp: Updated Updated v1.
  10. ChrisR


    Project Updated: Win8.1SE_2014-10-17 Main Features:Improved USB3 compatibility: the Driver Database system registry and Drivers hive come from boot.wim now. It is more consistent and it seems to solve some USB 3 compatibility problems or at least for 2 Tablets: Surface Pro 3 and Dell Venue. Many plugins are are impacted included Audio, Original display and Original NET drivers .Network: Option to disable the window: ''Do you want to find PCs, devices,...'' for Win8.1SEEnable PAE on Windows PE: enables Physical Address Extension in Windows PE. It will give user access to RAM memory over t
  11. ChrisR


    Hi fuwi, Thanks After so much time spent on SE projects, I'll try to stay around. For small corrections or updates in server, it should be possible, I hope. For support, new ideas or develop new features, it's another story, certainly not in the first times. I Hope that all good guys around who likes to play with PE, will bring some ideas, new dev and new plugins to make live these projects, as you already did B) See you soon
  12. ChrisR


    Thanks, yep, a good news after losing my old job a little while ago, now My old job allowed me to have a lot of free time which enabled me to play with PE and others. I would have less free time with this new mission, not won in advance, 2 others independents did not give all satisfaction, before. I like challenges, I will see
  13. ChrisR


    Hi Wimb, Thanks, always happy to read a feedback I forgot to put them in English for sharing. Nice screenshot for those 2 Great Free products FYI, I would not be much present the next months, I start a new job Tuesday, 4 months maybe renewable.
  14. If you have an ISO without creating it from Win8pese project, it is that you downloaded something illegal (warez), elsewhere. You do not get help here or by me, it is not a good start It is better to create your own and customized Win8pese from the link above.
  15. Rather, what do you mean by In windows 8 pe se? http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/161226-win8pe-se/ ?
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