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They were still present at sourceforge early September, I had downloaded pmagic_2013-08-01 and pmagic_2013_09_07_UNSTABLE at this time, but they were ALL removed since.

The "last freeware" (stable) version should be 2013-08-01, which is available from a number of hosting sites, namely MajorGeeks, here:


The Source Code which should be here is seemingly also not updated (at least the tar):


We will see how this change in distribution will affect the popularity of the thingy, since it is free (as in free speech or "freedom") software, anyone is free to get a copy (paying for it) and to redistribute it, so I wonder how long it will take until newish versions will be all over the net.


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Microsoft replaced the link for windows 8 entreprise evaluation with the same link for Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation.
All links on "Windows 8 Evaluation" in forums, blogs... are directed to 8.1 now :huh:

But, Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation is still available in TechNet Evaluation Center Previous Versions here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dn407368
Here is the link by choosing Windows 8 Enterprise: https://profile.microsoft.com/RegSysProfileCenter/wizard.aspx?wizid=21D29F49-95D9-44B7-BEDC-5190455C9B27&lcid=1033

For other languages, change the LCID string and hex: en-us - de-de - fr-fr... and 1033 -1031 -1036...

Normally it should remain here for a while, I think and I hope ;)
The Main script on Win8PESE was updated with the 2 links above.

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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2013-11-29

oops, sorry, I already updated with a change in the macro Add_Pin,RecentPrograms .embarrassed.gif
It supports now both the standard PE mode with the "default" hive and the OS mode which uses the administrator account and the NTUSER.DAT hive.
I prefer to update right now.

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.

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For information, Win8PE SE was release today with a DVD included, in c't magazin.
Certainly one of the best PC magazine.

Article preview: http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/c-t-Notfall-Windows-2013-2055161.html

Links to Win8pese Homepage and Forum are here: http://www.heise.de/ct/13/26/links/174.shtml

Thanks to Stephan Bäcker and Christian Hirsch for this article :thumbup
Unfortunately I do not speak German.

Here are the first 2 pages for an overview.



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Small bug...









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Finally, I moved the creation of the config file (with the correction) in 1-Copy Files, more appropriate.
There is already in this script the shortcuts creation for the Recovery Environment, if selected.

For Info: the resolution in the config file is for your use or for information.
It is not currently used in the boot process. The resolution is set out in peshell.ini or pecmd.ini.

1-Copy Files and 2-Shell & Config are on server.

Thank you :)

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8.1PE StartMenu - StartIsBack

modify Pintool Source


just.... Change dll Name...

local $hInstance = _WinAPI_LoadLibraryEx("shell32.dll", $LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE)


local $hInstance = _WinAPI_LoadLibraryEx("%SystemDrive%\Program Files\StartIsBack\StartIsBack32.dll", $LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE)

same... 5381, 5382

I succeed

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Hi neon2m,

Thank you for making me discover this tool :)
I made quite a lot of modification on the script (customization options are on the interface, folder choice, x64)
By cons, I am not sure that I will add it to the Package which remains the core with only few Apps.
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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2014-01-16

There are small changes and improvements, as well as some synchronization with other SE projects :)
1 - Copy Files:
The options Refresh your PC and Reset your PC of the recovery environment were added.
The Startup Repair tool shortcut shouldn't be used directly, it was removed. This option is available and works from the Recovery Tools menu. Thanks anshad
And some cleanup were done in the copied files.
In new script, there is the Korean IME (Input Method Editor) Support now. Thanks Zerojinny and ied206
Updated Tools, BootIce Pauly updated v1.321 x86/x64 2013.12.10.0 and Rufus v1.4.1.348
Add a link to the FAQ (new) http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=834.0

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.


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