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  1. Hi All, Gena ZIP distributions updated Forum: http://TheOven.org/index.php?board=7.0 Zip Package : http://Gena.cwcodes.net/Compressed/ (get the Meal to start with ) Many improvements since 2 year on current topic, Recently creating a plugin becomes very easy, FAQ topic developed highly http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=834.0 And many updates and improvements inside Gena .... Gena alive with being only PE1 that continue development, having unique features, building is easy without trouble Significantly Gena works nicely with modern hardware of 2015, Boot fast and reliable Improvements never ends Happy New Year
  2. As said, good , let's hope that those words are actually final. Without replying your above things , as I had said Even for future, Let current announcement topic continue with announcements and quick feedbacks. For other things better create topics on dedicated project sections.
  3. Hi jaclaz, you again smartly (joking) mixing things: Free Hoby Time is a general trouble all developers have, not related to what you write. Projects already have easiest accessibility with all ways. It is already Simple to access all available features for the ones who knows how to use checkboxes. As a Natural result of success, there are already copies of projects through internet distributed by individuals with their own settings, adviced by others, all opposite to what bhplt and you jaclaz wrote. Even with this natural result, people ask things about build features, not about "how to build" or "how to use checkbox" As seen on all project sections http://theoven.org/index.php?board=33.0 http://theoven.org/index.php?board=29.0 http://theoven.org/index.php?board=20.0 http://theoven.org/index.php?board=7.0 and current topic... What you do heavly smells like a bad propaganda , in which one do ignore replies and repeats same incorrect negative things writing differently..... (politics...) Again saying, "there is no issue" about things you wrote, as explained by Chris 2 times, me, Atari800XL nothing to solve about what you write, no time required to solve a non existant issue. In addition, you can create your selections (what you name presets) and share with anyone by using Utils\"ScriptManager" which is available within all projects, name them the way you like, Jaclaz_Bare , Jaclaz_Lite , Jaclaz_Medium , Jaclaz_Full ... whatever.. As I indicated, others easly create their own packages and share with their friends... Easiest ever.. I hope you end this sadly unproductive posts and let rest of the world continue developing things with their available free time. Further, you can also create tutorials about "How to use Checkbox" etc. in the name of contribution. Even Further, As I wrote earlier, it would be much better you create a project instead of filling posts with using your rules of discusive philosophy. It would teach all how to do things the way you like. Well, if you can, challenge is there waiting you, ms already made everything to run all build process by batches, hopefully on another topic. As final words, All options there to be used easly by end user, all feedbacks made so far nicely, if end user do not use options or do not listen, it is issue at end user side.
  4. Yes, I still keep up learning I suggest others too Thanks to public forums made me learn some stuff I missed. In addition to what Einstein said "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." + The one who never learn from mistakes never improves.
  5. Hi bphlpt, We have largest group to involve on pe projects without advertisements etc. with development curve to better (not circle), whoever you take info or impression better you refresh or reconsider your sources. jaclaz suggestions are old news which all achived as written previously by me and Atari800XL, generally jaclaz miss inspecting first and than critic, instead prefer writing same critics from same sheet following own agenda of posting goals, since lots of years I know jaclaz same... better he shows us how to do things in his own way with own development so we can understand and compare (joking ). You are welcome to create a tutorial for noobs, Our experience shows since even a noob can run projects easly and learn how to make adjustments in some short days, they do not create tutorials at the end of the day. Maybe you will be the first noob doing such thing for other noobs after many years. Reminding there are already some youtube videos around that demonstrates builds, some blog tutorials etc. Still, We have FAQ section for frequently asked questions http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=834.0 with available sections per each project to discuss project related things http://theoven.org/index.php?board=33.0 Good building
  6. Hi jaclaz, there is no such issues .... as Atari800XL indicated, presets mostly available through modularity. you can create your own bare, smallest etc. PE easly with nt6x standart PE creation way by deleting files from standart boot.wim , which is out of our concerns, delete button is there waiting for you. I am sure you can create such bare, smallest etc. pe with a nice tutorial and a nice batch, rd /s /q .... mountpoint idea already there, with mounting .iso via imdisk available with mountPEmedia for both all SE and Gena http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=346 past experience with Gena WimPack shows mounting .wim not gone popular, still Apps\System Tools\"Portable Finder CMD" http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=370 plugin available at all projects for someone who like to mount .wim, .vhd etc. for such portable organisation, side by side with "Include files in ISO RootCD" option on ALL Finals plugins. as I had written, there is not such issues. We already have experiences from past and still dealing with real issues that takes our interest and available time, thanks to people who not only fill posts but also contribute to projects
  7. Congratulations ChrisR
  8. BIG Thanks to The Great JFX to rescue from experimental to stable for this project, Well, Then, the link to http://TheOven.org/index.php?topic=287 is enough no need .0 Brrrrrrr Maybe in some future, I feel by 7zip developers.... till that day everything nice. BIG Thanks to The Great ChrisR making Good decisions for stable builds, continuing development all these years with innovations, researches, developments, fixes with stability at root. * Well, I use this workaround to workaround winbuilder bug, later I create another faster workaround for winbuilder bug for some specific cases after figuring out more.. shortly I use dirmove with workaround when possible, if not than what I do what you wrote for "small size". For such huge folder (\Windows\) , "copy+ Than rd" is not a solution, it is too big and will take a loooot time even with any fastest copy tool.. "Moving directory" as concept only changes address of files/folder on file table, which naturally makes it ultra fast and confortable, especially for above case/goal of postconfig... I do not know what happens in "dism driver integration failure case", as I wrote if move success with an empty sourcedir, than: move with erroroff (not copy+), check sourcedir exists/size (if 0 success) and rd sourcedir ---> would be quite nice and easy to implement. Requires gotenks98 prodiving error creating reproducable drivers + your time -> to be sure and implement or if not to think what to do next .... better to talk about things on table instead of empty air when it comes
  9. * If required one day, use a distributable* 3rd party * Like Call,DirCopy Call,DirCopy http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=45.0 We can easly have Call,DirMove , Call,DirMoveX .. If required one day... * For this case (thanks gotenks98 figuring out) Maybe making echo-log to dism operation on driver integration + I mean using tee.exe (dism.log) + echofile.exe (the one at support log) is a good idea so error can be more visible on build-log (along with drivers info integrated by user ), Further catching error line and putting an "echo warn" possible by checking dism.log out of dirmove case, it seems to me useful feature... * Overall it would be a good idea to put an info to driver integration plugin dirmove line //Moving Directory can fail if folder busy (ex: failure on driver integration) * One more idea, Maybe gotenks98 dirmove successfull but due to dism failure source directory not deleted if that is the case we may figure out workarounds... @gotenks98 if you can provide drivers that cause failure, ChrisR may reproduce and decide best possible solution easier....
  10. Thanks magi44ken, I believe this is about some changes on WinNTSetup2 in time, Just updated plugin to include "Tools" folder when exists
  11. Always Available at Gena \Apps\System Tools\Windows Setup\"WinNTSetup2 JFX" http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=167
  12. Welcome back ludo, We like to see you on The Baker Team
  13. Nice Tutorial, some comments: - You forgot to give Home Page to Win8PE SE http://theoven.org/index.php?board=29.0 , and it will be nice you underline end users open topics for their related problems on Win8PE SE section. current msfn page is mainly an announcement with simple (short) ask/report add/fix events for msfn users It will also be easier and tidier you open a topic at http://theoven.org/index.php?board=29.0 like a topic name "steve6375 Win8PESE tutorial" so we can feedback more - Following your tutorial gave me an idea to add a feature to "Update Win8PE SE (Exact and Secure)" that will result less time for first usage to whom following your tutorial. But in time... Maybe later more on a "steve6375 Win8PESE tutorial" topic, things goes more specialized than current topic lighter goals. ** Portable Launchers does not take my attention, I had used them but found not flexible enough to me, personal taste, aside I like them and find useful since provides something ready to use to end users, besides Flexibility always does take my attention We have "Portable Finder CMD" http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=370 that gives maximum flexibility with some simple .cmd knowledge I just added %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% tip
  14. Goal is absolutely opposite, with letting you say final words @steve6375 comparing projects will let you figure out better: Win7PE SE is improved for a long while, so downloading .zip distribution will work ok without requiring any update, maturity.. Wiin8PE SE is currently at verrrry hot development stage, nearly everyday a new update, either critical, or very helpful to run frequent applications, or soon preventing new wrong (not official) source, you can catch fast going development story here http://theoven.org/index.php?board=29.0 .. Wiin8PESE is nearly 1 month baby, even very mature today, I understand Chris would not like to update a new zip distribution everyday, before coming to a more stable stage, which seems soon... For people who need to catch hot development, Win7PESE Win8PESE even Gena , using Update XXXX (Exact and Secure) is the only safe , secure way, yes first time download take some time, but only first time, subsequent downloads shorter.... As far as I am aware, 82 and 80 numbers has no relation to project or things we talked about, but only builder (wb) version, it is stable number, ex: like you use cmd.exe on XP, cmd.exe version 5.1, 2k3 etc... cmd.exe version 5.2 , Win7SP1 cmd.exe version 6.1 ... has no relation to a batch version you are using.
  15. Hi steve6375, You can put your suggestions on "MountPEmedia / CdDrive - X: - Y:" on its development topic, which would be better to keep things in one place http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=346 most of us are not English native speaking, and even English native speakers explanations not always very understandable, it takes time to figure out a basic way to write instructions understandable by all * When you use "Update Win8PE SE (Exact and Secure)" , files downloaded to their folders it is only an index, and an easy way to fully summerize plugins inside project, also their locations as title, but not suitable to download all one by one, but maybe with a clever download manager ( "Update Win8PE SE (Exact and Secure" ) created for that and related purposes) * .chm file you refer have lots of missing and also wrong guidance partialy, aside since it is about wb it is not our concern at all simply, extracting ready zip package and updating with "Update Win8PE SE (Exact and Secure" will give you latest files

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