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  1. Anyone have anything that can build something like Make PE but for Windows 10?
  2. There is a limit on how many of these can fit with the esd files. I cant remember the number exactly but I did something similar with Windows 8.1. All I know is when I got to do windows setup it could not find some of the indexes eventhough they were there.
  3. I am not even sure how this is supposed to work. How would a computer get the numbers of some random ball thingies that they get out of the dispenser on tv?
  4. I would suggest you look into WICD instead of sysprep. You can use Windows 10's version of the USMT. From that you can create an application package that you import into the your WICD project. It will have all the apps you installed. Its alot easier to do this than the whole sysprep capture integration thing. You basically keep a VM that has all your apps and as you update or make changes you just capture another package to be used for later.
  5. For the most part this OS has been great for me. The only ones who have had problems either didnt do needed maintenance before the upgrade or they got a computer thats old as the tablets the Windows 10 Commandments were written on. What I like most is the easier to setup compact OS option. This makes it so much easier to manage tiny SSD's that are 256gb or less.I just need to find my microphone so I can finally get some use out of Cortana.
  6. The media creation tool ISOs are not the same as the MSDN ones. They did something to make them not open the same way. I am not sure what it is but there is something different. However there is a way around this. If you change your user agent of your browser to linux or mac then go to the media creation tool page it takes you to a different page for downloading the ISO and not the tool when you click to download the tool. These ISOs should work for what you need.
  7. Just so you know you dont even need a key. If you were to skip the key it still would activate. I have done this at least 3 times so far. Activation is tied to the hardware now. Which is ok in my opinion. Too many folks I know loose the product keys. This is a safer bet in my opinion. As far as the system failing and needing to activate thing I have never seen a case where calling up Microsoft and they dont sort this out. This is in all my 10+ years of IT Microsoft has always reactivated any system that failed the online activation. They would rather give it to you than you steal it is my guess on that.
  8. I just got off the phone with Microsoft when helping a customer. Some of the activation servers are down. As a result of this some activations wont happen until another 48 hours.
  9. gotenks98


    One last question I wanted to ask? Does the hyper-visor you use matter with this? I have been using Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac. I have not tested the ISO on a bare metal machine yet, only in virtual machines.
  10. How are you able to go from ESD to Wim? As far as I know those files are encrypted and you pretty much have to install the OS and recapture just to get those files again.
  11. gotenks98


    I think i might have figured out whats happening. Instead of it auto assigning the USB or ISO or DVD to the Y: drive its getting assigned as D: drive or some other letter. If I go and run Hirens from the d: drive that works if I manually go there. So is there a setting I need to change to ensure it uses the proper drive letter?
  12. gotenks98


    Tried that still get missing shortcuts. I am trying to figure out how to upload screenshots to this forum to show you what I am getting.
  13. gotenks98


    I am not getting a y drive at all. Could it be that I am using the 8.1 update iso instead of rtm iso? I have tried this with and without the make shortcuts . If I don't use make shortcuts I seen no trace of the hirem apps at all.
  14. gotenks98


    For me it builds with no errors but there are tons of dead shortcuts on the start menu. Did I do something wrong? Most of the links aren't a problem but I am trying to get the Hirem's boot cd stuff to work. For me that's make or break on whether I can use this. The shortcuts for Hirem's don't work.

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