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  1. I've create 2 partitions, 1st partition is Win7 SysPrep and the 2nd partition is Win8.1 Sysprep I install Win7 and press Ctrl-Shift-F3 to form SysPrep, same as Win8.1 in 2nd partition. I made this becuase I've 25 Dell new Win8.1 Computer which are UEFI. So I want to make a master computer which has both Win7 and Win8.1 with SysPrep in it. Then I want to clone it to the other 24 Dell computers. CASE 1 : 2 different partitions with 2 different Windows : --------------------------------------------------------------- If I install both Windows like above, when Sysprep Generalize Win7, it works fine. But if I SysPrep Generalize Win8.1, it's fine also, but never can boot again back to Win7. The start boot option is like this : Windows 7 Windows 8.1 If I choose to boot Windows 8.1, it's fine. If I choose to boot Windows 7, it ever boot to Windows 8.1. It means nomatter I choose to boot which Windows, it all goes to Windows 8.1 ????? CASE 2 : 1 partition for Win7 + Win81.VHD : --------------------------------------------------------------- I install Win7 (C:) and press Ctrl-Shift-F3 to form SysPrep. I create a Win81.VHD in Drive D: , imagex Win8.1 install.wim in it. Also press Ctrl-Shift-F3 to form SysPrep. Sysprep Generalize Win7 is OK , SysPrep Generalize Win8.1 is also OK. But after that I can only boot to Windows 7 fine, when choose to boot Win8.1 , it always restart and back to the boot menu ????? Can anyone help ? Thanks a lot.
  2. I want to make a plain Win8PE with WADK like : Copype amd64 C:\winpe_amd64 Just like this simple. And the boot result is only a command prompt of X:\Windows\System32 I like to run 32-bit program here but cannot , because lack of Wow64. It seems WoW64 includes : Wow64.dll Wow64win.dll Wow64cpu.dll Also need some registry and services works. How can I add the Wow64 to my simple Win8PE. Thanks
  3. I've add Win8PE to my Win8 OS with boottime = 30 sec and boot like : Windows 8 Win8PE The Win8PE boot normal and I can see X:\Windows\System32 . But I found 2 errors : 1. When boot , if it show up bootmenu "Windows 8" and "Win8PE , the 30 sec boottime didn't show up and no countdown time even I change the time to 10 sec 2. Frequently the computer boot directly into Windows 8 with showing the bootmenu I can change the boottime in msconfig. Strange is msconfig show the boottime is 30 sec while EasyBCD shows 6 sec. I change time to 15 sec in EasyBCD , but the above boot symtom continue ? Please help
  4. I've made a UEFI Win8PE by WADK , then burn it to a CD. I boot normal and I can see X:\Windows\System32. I use EasyBCD to [Add New Entry] to append new boot item to existing Windows 8. The boot menu becomes like this : Windows 8 Win8PE But the Win8PE fail to boot with error message like insert Windows disc again ...... in the primary black and white screen. Should I not to use EasyBCD to [Add New Entry] ? As I do the same thing in BIOs + MBR harddisk that booted perfect. In UEFI + GPT partition , do I better not to use EasyBCD , instead to use BCDEDIT , if so , what's the command line to do this with bcdedit ? Microsoft has a tutorial here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc722114(v=ws.10).aspx , but it's different from what I want Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot for suggestion. I'll try it. Thanks
  6. I know it's not that .cab file , but I've tried to download this language packs from Microsoft . and I can't find it. Where can I download it. Thanks
  7. Hello Sir , I have made Win8 Sysprep English Windows ... en-us and zh-hk and zh-cn (3 disks). Now I want to make it into one disk call Win8 Sysprep Multilingual. It's just like when you buy a Factory notebook and start the Windows 8. Before input user name , you can choose language of different countries. I found the Microsoft tutorial here : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd755995(v=ws.10).aspx But I can't follow it's instruction and succeed , as it needs language packs (lp.cab). I copy the necessary lp.cab(s) from ADK ... C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs. But when applied , it says the lp.cab is incompatible. Please is there a step by step way to make this Win8 Sysprep Multilingual ? Thanks a lot.
  8. I know that Win8PEx86 can support UEFI boot , how to make it
  9. I've read your instruction and search a lot about "Default Program". I understand now what I thought can't be done. Thanks
  10. Everytime I install Win8 , the default file association all goes to Metro UI associated. I won't use Metro UI at all , instead use the Desktop. So everytime I've to to the [Control Panel[ ... [Programs[ ... [Make a file type always open in a specific program] It's very annoying. Is there a simple way to let me change all the files association type such as by .reg. I've tried regshot program to get certain file association change registry then import it to the registry , but with fail. As it said program is in use , forbitten ... I can't thinks of a simple way to solve this program even in the safe mode.
  11. Dear Sir , I've made a simple Win8PE and I use imagex to copy it to my harddisk and add the Win8PE to boot menu : imagex /apply boot.wim 1 H:\ /verify Now I want this H:\Win8PE return to boot.wim , how can I do it ? I've tried : imagex /capture h: d:\boot.wim "Drive H" Then I put this d:\boot.wim back to the original Win8PE.iso but boot with a blue screen Please help
  12. allgames71

    Win8PE SE

    Hello Sir , Win8PE SE is a very nice one , I can make it perfect and boot well. But I've 2 problems that needs tutor : 1. I use ClearLock in Win8PESE , when I boot Win8PE and see ClearLock , I can do only 2 things : A. Either it ask me to key in a new password and confirm password (but in WinBuilder , I already input the password with "abcdef" without quote. B. Access Denied 3 time after I key in "abcdef" with quote I've tried to modify the ClearLock.ini in Windows\System32 , and set : password="abcdef" Both with and without quote , but all failed with "Access Dennied" Please , what is the definition of the password , has quote ? small letter ? minimum 6 characters ? or what ? 2. I made the Win8PESE to 64-bit mode. But it doesn't support UEFI boot , what I know is to make it UEFI boot , just add some UEFI boot file in it is OK. But I don't know how. Please help
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