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Why doesn't it check the source Win8 files first?

The verification of windows 8 RTM was added at the beginning of building, with:

A first control on the version of install.wim (/Info) in image configuration plugin.

An additional check, a little later, has been added in Pre-Config script (Install.wim mounted) on the version of several files frequently modified by Windows update.

The modified scripts are on the server.

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Good :)

I just read your tutorial, very well :thumbup, I will make you few returns, in my next post.

PS: You do not have another little tutorial to write first, before publishing.

I don't know, How to make a bootable Windows 7 USB drive for the UEFI...

Like that, "Boot from Win8PE_SE ISO file" is the tutorial n° 100 and I win bottle of champagne or a USB key :lol:

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A little feedback on your tuto :)

Indeed, the main page of the project would be good. Win8PE SE HomePage

No problem with Yahoouk, I am grateful for his Multi 7PEs (-> JFX's Multi7PE SE -> Win7PE_SE), but he has not really participated in Win8PE here;).

You could add a few words about GetWaiktools, it allows the user to have a building "Out of the Box".

Without the need to download windows ADK and being legal, ie without sharing the required files. It downloads the wim tools Once in only 6Mb.

In Modifying the build, you can add a little thing on the driver integration, good to know, I believe.

Driver integration for windows 8 under windows XP, was a pleasure, thanks Bill for the XP support!

A useful trick to get a faster and more reliable building is to use Once, the Extract Wim Folders script, for the next build..

It Extracts boot.wim and install.wim to folders, there is no need then to mount, Unmount the 2 wim files at each build (2, 5 mn or more).

For those who want to go further.

In addition to portable apps with Pstart or others, it is possible and easy to share Apps scripts with other projects, like with Gena which has more than 100 apps script compatible.


Up to you, for these additions, it is already very good :thumbup

I will put your link on the first post of Win8PESE Homepage and here. If you allow me.

Edited by ChrisR
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Tutorial is now 100.

It was a wink, but it is well, thanks :)

Otherwise, In point 3.2 ... change VMWare Emulation setting to NAT rather than Auto

it is no longer needed with the latest VMware Emulation script, Nat was defined as default If auto is selected now.

And for PStart, following your feedback, I improved the script with a new option "Run from ISOboot", It uses here a Launcher to search PStart.exe.

With this option PStart exe, xml and portable applications are on the outside of the ISO and you can easily add more apps on a USB key, disk (writable).

The others options remain available for the non-ISO boot.

Thank you for this good tuto,


Edited by ChrisR
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Thanks for the changes. I noticed that NAT was now fixed. :thumbup

Something I don't quite understand still about pstart. :huh:

If I add to the pstart folder in the build directory e.g. Projects\Win8PESE\Apps\Portable\Pstart\fred, and add a new folder and exe - when I click on the script small blue arrow, the script runs and it causes the files Pstart.exe and PStart.xml to appear in the Projects\Win8PESE\Apps\Portable\Pstart folder. But the xml only contains Explorer++ even though it has a new timestamp (so appears to be generated by the script).

I was sort of expecting the script to look at all exe's under Projects\Win8PESE\Apps\Portable\Pstart and create an xml for them so that when the ISO runs, it lists all exe's???

Even if I delete the Explorer++ folder completely from Projects\Win8PESE\Apps\Portable\Pstart , the pstart.xml is still generated and still contains an entry for Explorer++??

(I don't really understand the Pstart script so I am not sure if this is possible or if this is how it is supposed to work???).

I will check out the external Pstart folder new feature - nice! :thumbup

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Automatically generated PStart.xml from the exe in subfolders, yes, it would be a good option indeed.

Currently, this is not done, pstart.xml is only extracted (if not already present in source folder) from the script with only explorer++ entry inside, as example. It is unfortunately not generated.

The xml configuration must be done manually before or after build, if writable media, as for StartMenu shortcuts (entered on the interface) before build.

I have other subject but I keep it as a good additional option when I will have some timeee.

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ChrisR, JFX, and everybody else: Thank you very much for WinPESE8!!! I've used WinPESE7 for a while now, I use it almost every day (as a basis for JFX's brilliant WinNTSetup). These tools are just so amazingly great, I can't begin to express my respect for all your work. You're the BEST!!!

I made a very basic WinPESE8, to which I add a simple script to have an autorun Autohotkey (because I like to use the keyboard as much as possible, not the mouse, when I use WinPESE on systems I need to repair/ setup), The autohotkey.ini file then has a simple "autorun"/ "runonce" part on top, where I mount my (existing) Portable.iso, which holds my favorite aps (TCCLE, Semware Editor, WinNTSetup, etc. etc.). I was actually very surprised to see that I could use my existing (WinPESE7) Portable.iso with WinPESE8 with hardly any modification! I only needed a few extra dll's, eg. msvbvm60.dll for XYPlorer (free GiveAwayOfTheDay version 11.90) and the less-obvious asycfilt.dll (XYPlorer as well).

It was actually a lot of fun finding out about the new things in WinPESE8, I can hardly believe everything's working so good already! Last time I checked (december 2012) there was nothing, last week I checked again and the whole project is as good as complete!!! :thumbup

At least for me, there's hardly anything to wish for, only thing I would like is a way to get rid of the last two desktop icons ("Computer" and "Trash"). I use BGInfo as a way to display system info straight on the desktop at boot, along with a "cheat-sheet" with Autohotkey keyboard shortcuts, so those desktop icons are not very useful to me. But as I said, those are just tiny little things, totally unimportant to the working of the system itself.

Thank you guys, you are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!


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I would like to particularly thank you for the fact that WinPESE8 even builds on XP (great job on the beautiful GetWAIKTools utility!!), and the resultant ISO even runs on my old HP nc6320 (512mb). Now I know that's the absolute minimum, but still, it works! And it's fast, too (it boots 20% faster than WinPESE7 on my testsystem).

I have been playing with a standard WinPE4 for a little while, but I did miss the standard Explorer shell (just for the shell, because I use XYPlorer as a filemanager) and also missed the Diskmanagement GUI. Great to see they're back in WinPESE8!

I was just thinking about this: It must be close to 25 years ago when I had my MSDOS floppy with a 200kb full "emergency boot" (with Q- The Quick Editor, 4Dos, etc). Now, 25 years later, we have a USB thumbdrive with a 200mb WinPESE8 "emergency boot" :thumbup

Edited by Atari800XL
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Thank you very much Atari800XL :thumbup

It is a lot of time, sacrifice, freely given, So I really appreciate, thank you for those kind words.

Indeed, JFX really deserves it, it is a real pleasure to see him around for all critical cases and more :thumbup.

About, msvbvm60.dll and asycfilt.dll required for XYPlorer, they will be present present if you use "Common files" plugin in Build folder.


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OK, I've "edited away" my previous message that was at this spot. It was about "6-Common Files.script" missing from the full download, but there has been an update to the full download, so that comment is no longer valid.

I just want to thank everybody once again, and to be honest I don't understand why there aren't 100x as much "thanks" messages here. I mean, isn't Win8PESE just about the best invention since sliced bread? Or is there even a better PE solution, where everybody is hanging out? Then please tell me where that is :unsure:

Seriously, Win8PESE is a great tool (as is Win7PESE of cource), thanks...


Edited by Atari800XL
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Project Updated: Win8PE_SE_2013-02-11

There have been many updates, improvements since the initial release, It would take too long to explain all changes ;)

Thank you all for your feedback (mainly at TheOven.org :thumbup , they were valuable and useful. Continue as well :)

Important: Always Check Win8PE SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.

Have fun


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Chris, good to see you are still at it. I was the guy who used your win7pe build for doing 1:1 imaging with WDS, works great. Now moving into win8 tablet territory and looking to do it all over again. I did eventually post your project and a how-to in Spiceworks and it was moderately popular. Even gave me the chance to make the Microsoft licensing rep squirm a little, in the end he had to recount that it was legal for enterprise use so long as we had VLK. Once i get this working i will be modding the how-to on spiceworks to reflect the changes and will again be giving you tons of credit. Thanks for the hard work, though i sure i am going to have some questions.

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