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WinNTSetup v4.6.3

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It was accessing the wrong array index in 1 check routine for online Windows 7 systems.
Here it was checking the path for the first entry in listview, but the BIOS/MSDM has not folder so it was crashing.

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v4.6.2

WinNTSetup 4.6.2

- fixed a crash on Windows 7 with MSDM key in BIOS/UEFI
- WinRE driver integration uses fallback \Recovery\WindowsRE\WinRe.wim
- WinRE option for Windows 7 USB 3 driver integration
- CAPTURE command line did not respect "-min" switch
- CAPTURE command line may not set taskbar progress to indeterminate while scanning
- some fixes for custom WinPE

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WinNTSetup 4.62

Localization issue (with italian).

When with Windows 78/10/etc you open an installtion file browse dialog appear a striung "Images (*.iso;*.win;*.swm;*.esd)" that is not translated. 


Please add to the language file DDL.

In Italian is "File immagine (*.iso;*.wim;é.swm;*.esd)"


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app crash (no error) if mounted chained vhd is selected in Boot or Drive location 

copy/paste to cmd to create a chained .vhd :

(echo create vdisk file="full_path_of_the_chained.vhd" parent="full_path_of_the_existing.vhd" ) | diskpart


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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v4.6.3

WinNTSetup 4.6.3

- "Disable the new taskbar icons of windows 10" tweak removes the new "Feeds"
- fixed crash with differencing VHD
- fixed vhd icon right click
- vhd icon tooltip shows VHD chain

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4 hours ago, Asifmute said:

Can you Make PE version of this application, which run from ISO file.

WinNTSetup is fully compatible with WinPE/WinRE. Just run it once to download needed files and than copy it to your ISO || WIM.

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Guess I placed the imdisk folder directly under tools to make it easier to update it.
Some guys may confuse with the different architecture names (x64 == amd64) && (x86 == i386).

The x86 subfolder is still there for 32-bit wofadk.sys, if you want to setup a 32-bit windows with WOF support.

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