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A Review of Windows 9x Including some MSFN Projects


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First, The forum has changed a lot since I last signed in in September 2008, this is awesome :)

Anyway a few months ago I made a couple of videos featuring Windows 98SE and how it can actually still be quite useful in 2009. I made the videos last year but have just finished writing an article.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four



The article includes links to the projects here which I used in the videos.

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It's actually quite amazing what can be used on it with sufficient tweaking. It's not something that I would ever recommend being used by anyone other than people who know what they're doing though.

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

I think it also shows nicely the effect of planned obsolence.

I agree to an extent however I do think that Windows NT based OS's are superior to Windows 9x, but in any case, like I said in one of the videos the older applications which do work should just put a message on the installer which says "This Program may not run on your OS, by continuing you accept that we cannot support you with your choice of OS".

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In that way Gape, Xeno and Tihiy (most precisely their work) were immortalized. :)

Btw, you've made some nice videos.

You definitely can't forget about MDGx, erpdude8, dencorso with his downgrade patch technique

and everybody else in the Win98SE forums. Thanks to all!

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Thanks Vince. I added a link to this post on my website.

NT OSes are technicaly superior to W98, that's undisputable fact. However w98 beats anything else in term of concept for a single user/home PC.

What we (happy w9x users) are interrested in is the concept of simplicity (installation and fixes nothwithstanding LOL), control over system files, flexibility and of no-garbage OS.

Technicaly it's increasingly a headache to get the drivers and software compatibility, but at the end of the day, it's such a pleasure to use.

You are right that's sort of a hobby (thought a useful one, e.g. gain in productivity) because it would be much easier to crank up whatever version since XP. And we all run w98 on XP-capable computers.

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I used Linux (Slackware mainly) for years until Vista was released because believe it or not, Vista did exactly what I wanted out of an OS. It's always best to use what OS works for you and if 9x is that then so be it :)

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