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FDV fileset for XP


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Yes, I know it took me 9 years. I hated XP for a really long time. Still kinda do. Events happened in 2009 that caused me to have to start using it. So, I made myself a fileset to use and might as well share it. For now, it DOES include IE. I will be optionalizing IE, but I needed to get rid of the other junk in XP first before I started to work on that.

I have not fully determined all of the differences between this and what nLite delivers. Your registry will be smaller with my fileset, but because of the way XP handles the registry now (which is different than Win2k), a smaller registry doesn't necessarily matter, since it's not loaded all at once anymore. See below for what I remove. Remember that this is the first set. My SYSTEM32 is 270meg at the moment. Yes, it can go smaller, but I need to keep a lot of functionality. This is not intended for use in your MP3 car computer, there are other projects for that.

This is compatible with TommyP's reducers; there were some errors but I think I have addressed them.

Without further delay:

FDV fileset for Windows XP.

Requires HFSLIP Dec 27 Beta A or higher.

Put the files in FDVFILES and you're ready to go.

BTW if you want, you can save more space by commenting out OOBE.INF in SYSSETUP. I understand some people have enterprise editions of XP or whatever. I have made an OOBE that calls OEMBIOS, since logically, if you need OEMBIOS, you need to call OOBE, but if you do not need OOBE, you do not need OEMBIOS. This large OEMBIOS file is really only for OEM XP editions and is not necessary to install.


This fileset prevents the installation of the following MAJOR components: COM, DTC, WBEM, DotNET 2

This fileset prevents the installation of the following MINOR components:

Optional Net Components, Autoupdates, BITS, Autoupdates for Root Certs, Accessories, Message Queueing, Multimedia themes (cursors, sound effects, that kind of thing), KOC, Communications apps, Optional utils, but calc and paint -are- installed by default, Games (all, including offline ones, online ones, and pinball), Wordpad, Fax, Tablet PC, NT backup, Media Center, IIS, Frontpage and its extensions, Media player (including obsolete remnants from v6 and 7), Add-on DRM, WMP skins, MSN messenger and explorer, Application compatability (Myst? lol), MS Info, Network Plug and Play autodiscovery, PC Health, graphical multiuser logon selection (i.e. click on a picture to log on), Net Meeting, Task scheduler, Firewall (you bought a hardware firewall, right?), blaster cleaner, SAPI (the voices and characters), Macrovision disc driver, Troubleshooter, MS Outlook and address book, Movie maker, Pictures of controllers, VGX and obsolete Flash for IE, Search dog (he is not switched off, he is removed and cannot be switched on), Obsolete Bluetooth devices, MS proprietary photo crap, Quality of Service, conferencing, new account wizard, shared folder wizard, web printing, help files, and more.

The registry HIVE files have been gutted.

The timezone information has been reapaired in HIVESFT.INF. (Correct as of January 2009).

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I suppose if Tom and I had been forced to use XP in 2002 you'd have seen all of this much earlier :lol:

Even with Tomcat's actual identity it's been very hard to track him down, he's a ninja I guess :ph34r:

I am also making a fileset for Car MP3 computers, just so everyone knows. It would boot XP from USB by default. I can't decide whether to include networking. I am tempted not to. (? is that the right decision?) This car fileset will in fact be dramatically small and only intended to run media software. Most software would not work.

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Yep, FDV and I were both forced to convert over. Congrats to FDV for making things official too! Not to hijack FDV's thread, but I suppose his fileset and my fileset are both belated Christmas presents from both of us. For me, I had fun exchanging info with FDV with various non-essential ideas and some essential ideas. We even coined a new word while we were both testing our filesets away.... we called it isosizing.

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We worked in friendly "coop-etiton" for reducing XP :thumbup

And really, we produced in a record short amount of time considering our other hobbies. We exchanged ideas but more times than not, TommyP would email me a question and then email me the answer to the same question before I could even respond :P

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First we got XP cleanup and now XP FDV? Merry Christmas! Is this an HFSLIP renaissance? Someone call tomcat76 :)

:w00t: .. can't believe this .. gotta catch sum sleep first off .. before i consider my eyes trustworthy .. OMG

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I saw that Fred was headed in that direction in 09 based on a 1 or 2 posts, so I'm not surprised.

Would you guys mind telling us what it was that pushed you to go? My guess for FDV is that AHCI SATA support is partially the issue. UniATA development stopped in late 08.

I haven't really had a need to go all the way for most of the computers I deal with, but I just got a Canon digital camera for my folks, and I am having to hack INF files on the software install.

I have been able to hack Canon's latest (but not supported) TWAIN driver for WIN2K (to include the camera USB device ID). I was able to jury-rig the TWAIN driver to work with Picasa. I think I can hack up the full Canon software to work flat out, but we'll see. Canon software use to install a TWAIN driver for Win2K. They dropped that recently, and killed Win2K support.

XP definitely plays better with USB cameras. The WIA is real easy.

Are you guys pretty much done with 2K? TommyP has been the one keeping up with 2K updates.

This is obviously good news for XP HFSLIPers.

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I've been lucky; if you look in TXTSETUP in my 2k set you'll see my strings for my controllers and my dual core mobo, Asus I think, too lazy to look, had a 2k driver for the controllers.

The real reason was that I have to run Adobe CS4 in my office, and it won't run on 2k. Although I am sure I could probably get away with being the one guy permitted to run HFSLIP in a corporate environment, with 2k, as noted in the other thread, I used to slipstream 2k by hand because I need to know exactly WTF is going on with hotfixes. It's going to be the same way with XP... I have a permanent directory on my server that has XPSP3 unmodified and one in parallel that gets hotfixes (QFE) and the registry data is extracted from the INFs and put into the HIVE files. As newer hotfixes replace older ones, they get dropped right in. I stay on top of things this way and it's not terribly hard. For totally new files, I enter that data permanently into TXTSETUP and LAYOUT, but leave that out of the fileset so things go normally for HFSLIP users. I keep my FDVFILES separate like any other user in a third directory. When it's time to make an install CD, I do it by hand. Which is no great chore since I literally do this once a year. So far I have not rolled out XP except on my machine, and it is full, bloated install. Like everyone else right now, I am testing and isosizing for VMWare to test my own fileset to make sure it is bulletproof.

One thing that really bothers me is that XP has sooooo many networking dependencies. You could slash stuff out of 2k all day long and still connect to a LAN. In XP, this is not the case. Some files from the oddest places had to be left in... Internet Connection Wizard for example has a few files that XP needs. There are others from other INFs.

The only way this was getting done in a timely manner was due to both Tom and I working simultaneously (for the record, he switched to XP in order to run a piece of software too. His home machine runs 2k with no issue as far as hardware goes). We discussed nLite and both agreed that it didn't remove a consistent baseline automatically (i.e. you can make a settings file, but since we're running HFSLIP it's one less step to have our own). It's a fantastic program but we figured we both had dealt with 2k and might as well do the same for XP. Following INFs made it pretty easy. I also wanted an opportunity to better understand XP; this is reflected in such things as HIVEACX.INF.

There was a gentleman once way back who had, well, let's just say a misguided notion that removing components from XP before install was a bad idea, and that deletion after install was the way to go. History has not been kind to him, but to address his complaint -- namely, that some DLLs need registering before they can be deleted -- I added the FINAL1 and FINAL2 files to Win2k so that prior to install, files could be copied, registered, and then deleted at the user's option. All invisibly. I am adding this to XP as well so that a user can register and delete a DLL without ever having to both with it post-install. This fellow made claims about some DLLs, like JSCRIPT.DLL (saying it is needed to display the services tab) that might be true after installation, but don't apply if the file is deleted prior to installation. I picked that DLL because I actually tried it, and the services display tab worked 100%. There might be others; maybe I picked a random DLL that just happens to contradict a claim, I don't know. (For a guy who claims to slim down XP he sure does keep an awful lot of stuff... Outlook? IE7? Media Player? Anyway...)

Getting back to the work of those I actually respect, I should also add a note about Blackviper. I recommend his information on Services highly; I relied on this info when removing several services. He's still the go-to source for this information.

I am, I would say, done with Windows 2000. If someone finds a bug of major import in fileset 9, then I'll recommend fileset 8j (IIRC) which I kept and link to on my site. It has its own readme and keeps just a small few things that set 9 got rid of. It seems to address the few problems reported with set 9. It is sad that support for 2000 ends this summer; at that point the OS will become a curiosity that will be great for old PCs and perhaps MAME cabinets. It's a HUGE chore to run it from USB, and an even bigger hassle to run it from CD (yes, it can be done; no, I am NOT going into it, no matter how much I am begged*). I did note elsewhere that I am also making a fileset for vehicles to run from USB right at install time -- run HFSLIP with my car set, get an ISO, burn to CD, install from CD right onto USB drive directly. It's not a huge priority because so many hobbyists have their own ways of doing it, but it's in the pipeline.

We will all continue with hotfix updates -- Tom with 2k and me with 2k3 though these are waning in popularity. (Which kind of surprises me, considering it is a free trial download. Although I don't do it myself, I know one can make a perfectly good PE disk using the trial of 2k3. I did it once myself to test that).

We expect XP to pretty much be the future here and with Muppet Hunter keeping hotfixes up to date and so many users, it's going to pretty much be our focus from here on. Tom and I will continue to address user needs for 2000 of course. I doubt HFSLIP will ever support IE8 slipstreaming in 2003 though, for example, and although WMP 11 codecs might work in 2k, don't hold your breath for official support. If someone addresses these, TommyP does accept code contributions, but there are configurations neither of us concern ourselves with.

*I was pestered enough about NT 4 SP7, and several of us addressed that and finished it. I looked into booting 2000 from CD. Two products were made and are now entirely scrubbed from the Internet (trust me. TRUST me. They're gone). As for USB, one can search around. If someone wants to make a 2000 specific tutorial I'll host it gladly.

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Can I ask how you found the MapID's for the new Time Zones?

Where can I read more on what the numbers mean?

BTW are you absolutely sure your timezones are fully up to date, because I dont see "Venezuela Standard Time" and this is a new one

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As always GREAT work. :)

Maybe I can convince you into getting interested in another approach. :unsure:

(the one I actually believe the most in, but that surprisingly enough :w00t: I found no actual interested in people)


Have patience boot-land has problems in this period and sometimes is slow/inaccessible. :(

This may also clear some points:


The general idea is:

  • unlike XPlite that removes things after install
  • unlike nlite and your filesets that remove things before install

to start with the real minimum core and add ONLY what you want to (and if you miss something you can always add it later).

It sounds just "right" for the "car thingy". :whistle:


P.S.: Also this thingy here:

Universal XP is reality now:

The same HDD Image File of XP can be used for booting XP from FiraDisk RAMDISK or from HDD, USB-HDD or from USB-stick,

on computers having quite different Hardware architecture.



may interest you....

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Thanks, Fred. I'll tell you that your public decision came on the heels of my (very) little Canon camera problem. The timing was "perfect" - which is to say that a mild depression set in. IOW, if you two Last Mohicans are making the move, it's probably time to get moving.

I know that guy who had reservations about removing components in XP. And I certainly know who Blackviper is - one of the greatest services on the web - especially for newbies.

I've been following your work ever since HFSLIP started. I cut my teeth on BV and FDV. For a guy who has a day job, the instruction has been great.

There are a lot of folks who have put in solid work on this project, but a special thanks goes out to you and TommyP. In a way, I'm sad that 2K is headed out the door - it was (and is) a great OS. But there's no question that XP HFSLIPers will benefit.

Again, a Big Thanks! And that really goes for keeping 2K very operable even today.

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ricktendo64 - I grabbed the data from an MS hotfix, then later, from the equivalently named HIVE file from one of the ReactOS releases. It is not up to date, only Jan 2009 I think, so you are correct, it does miss some. I will have a look at ReactOS again to grab that string at some point.

jaclaz - That's a pretty small XP; maybe I shouldn't bother re-inventing the wheel.... can you send me the latest XPcli_build.zip? It's a 404 on that site now.

PVU - thanks for the kind words, man. Even now TP and I have some new ideas and we are stirring them around in the Great Cauldron.

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jaclaz - That's a pretty small XP; maybe I shouldn't bother re-inventing the wheel.... can you send me the latest XPcli_build.zip? It's a 404 on that site now.


The files should be downloadable right now, however you can download a copy from here:


Here are the posts that you should read first:

http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...=3717&st=31 (possible evolutions)

http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...=3717&st=47 (base bulding setup)

http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...=3717&st=63 (links to add mouse support)

http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...=3717&st=68 (add USB support)

As is, it is pretty much reserved to "knowledgeable" people, and since it uses the XP embedded minlogon component I doubt it can become "mainstream" any soon.

So I guess that first step would be to restore the use of "normal" Winlogon, something it's months I would have liked to try doing, but that simply could not find time to even attempt. :( (and it is not to be taken as assumed that I have the "right" kind of knowledge to succeed :unsure:)

What I am (very, very slowly) working at is booting it as HD image with grub4dos+firadisk, as to have a really "portable" mini-system.

Anyway, hope that at least it gives you some ideas.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Is there a master list of core XP files that XP absolutely needs?

I know you use an alternate shell and I fully understand why, I'm just looking to see if there is a minimum list for the regular MS Explorer shell.

Also, there is a new revision of the fileset up if anyone wants to try it. I added support for installing from DOS but I have no intention of testing it. Also, at the bottom of TXTSETUP is Intel IASTOR driver support, but getting the files from Intel is up to you (you can get some from Driverpacks I guess, but I used Intel driver files that are actually newer to make this). Can I redistribute such files or would Intel frown? I leave that question unanswered for now. I did grab an idea from Driverpacks, which was to add the version number to the filename (right click, properties gives the version).

See the readme for other items.

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