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Which oldest OS by Microsoft do you use?


Which oldest OS do you use?  

104 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose one answer.

    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 2008 (server)
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2003 (server)
    • Windows 2000 (desktop)
    • Windows 2000 (server)
    • Windows Millenium
    • Windows 98/98SE
    • Windows NT 3.x
    • Windows 95
    • Windows NT 4
    • Windows 3.11/3.1
    • MS-Dos 6.22
    • Older OS

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I have Win98 SE2ME which since I got a new Mobo 18 months ago is used for maintaining my XP setup. I wont use NTFS because I have no use for it and besides, XP's defragger is PAINFULLY slow

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Even when it is wholly operative, at present I use Windows 98 only to clean, clone and rebuild Windows XP, using the dual boot screen of MS, and it's the best support I could ever imagine for it.

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to Tripredacus: i know there is NT 3.x windows, but the poll answers are limited to 15 :(... Shall I merge it with windows 3.1?

As long as you won't merge "my" Windows NT 4.0 with Windows 95 :ph34r:, it's allright. ;)



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I have a reason of putting Win7 here. Its because some people will buy new computer while selling the old one, only they migrate all data except OS. I want to see if there is a lot of these people. Also main reason of this poll is to see if people are running machines older thatn 2 or more years.

Mostly the OS support for Win 95 and its derivations were supported 11 years, althought first practically usable systems were bit newer. Also the next generation of NT 5.0 which is currently still supported will have much longer lifespan that any other windows before...

Some people which live in world of new things do not ever use anything older than 2 years no matter if it works or not. Really no offense, but i was able to work with my old Pentium III for eight years and only now i am going to make a really major upgrade.

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I'm really into retro gaming and keep a couple of old machines (a 386 and a few 486s) with MS-DOS 6.22, audio and network drivers (IPX ODI driver for IPX network multiplayer games)

I've taken these old PCs to retro gaming events for some Doom 'death match' action :thumbup

My OS is not listed! I have 2 notebooks running Windows NT Workstation 3.51! They are 486 Compaq Elites.

I've not seen NT Workstation 3.51 about in a LONG time.

I liked that OS at the time. 'twas great for my uses.

I upgraded to NT Workstation 4.0 not long after it became available though, as it had better Win32 support.

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I forgot, my old Amstrad PC1512 upgraded to 640k and 30 meg hard drive running MSDOS 3.2. OK I've not used it for a couple of years. My wife, Lucy aka M0LUY has still got her old Beeb (Acorn BBC B, twin 5.25 floppys, sideways rom board and shadow ram)

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I use Win98SE on an old Geode C3 based thin-client for some low level stuff (so I

don't have to use special direct-port access drivers) :rolleyes:

It is also 100% free of moving parts (running off a 2GB Compact Flash) :thumbup

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