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  1. Hello, You may find a solution for this here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/144084-windows-7-and-windows10-together-adding-linux/ HTH Cannie
  2. Latest changes: Download link for EasyBcd has been updates (the old one did not work any more). HTH
  3. Latest changes: Paragraph 5 has been improved in the light of new experiences. Cheers
  4. Latest changes: Paragraph 8.9 has been modified in accordance with new experiences. HTH Cannie
  5. Latest changes: Paragraph 5 has been modified to work best when used to lighten Windows 10 as outlined in paragraph 7.3.2. Cheers Cannie
  6. Latest changes: Slight changes to update the text HTH Cannie
  7. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.2 has been improved after detecting that there are applications that force us to use Windows 10 unnecessarily using "autoupdate". HTH Cannie
  8. New improvement: Paragraph 7.3.4 has been modified to explain how to recover the saved image from Windows 10 on a primary partition different from the one used before. HTH Cannie
  9. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.1 has been modified again to improve its contents. HTH Cannie
  10. Latest changes: Paragraph 10.1 has been modified to include laptop heating when placed on a base that is not solid, a frequent problem for many users. HTH Cannie
  11. Latest changes: Paragraphs concerning the current situation of Windows 7 in order to avoid problems when Microsoft stops its support have been improved. HTH Cannie
  12. New improvement: Paragraphs 9 and 10 have been modified for a better location of the topics explained therein. HTH Cannie
  13. Last improvement: Paragraph 1 has been modified to highlight the advantages of this system when Windows 7 updates will be finished. HTH Cannie
  14. New improvement: It has been included into paragraph 9 a new link to allow users to download the new freeware "Stop Updates 10", to be used under Windows 7 or Windows 10 to avoid unwanted upgrades and updates. HTH Cannie
  15. Latest improvement:: Some more suggestions have been included into the same paragraph for best results in the use of Windows 10. HTH Cannie
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