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  1. Oh duh, you obviously didn't use a clean garage and updated the firmware of the engine management
  2. Nowadays, modern computers come with a so called keyboard; have you tried that one? Navigating a menu, without a mouse, is normallty done with the ALT- and arrow-keys.
  3. Ask yourself this question: Is it a Seagate 7200.11 drive? If the answer to above question is NO, you're in the wrong thread. When the answer is YES, carry on to the next challenge:Is it NOT detected in the BIOS OR If it IS detected: Does it show up as a 0GB drive? If any of the above is TRUE, carry on in this thread if FALSE, you're in the wrong thread. One short, but serious, answer: NO Greetz, Peter.
  4. You don't use the receving (sleeping) computer's IP address, you'll have to send its MAC-address (16 times) inside that magic packet over using a (UDP) datagram as a network broadcast (IP address In pseudo (Delphi) Pascal-code: Type TMACAddress = Array[0..5] Of Byte; TWakeRecord = Packed Record Header : Array[0..15] Of Byte; // These are all $FF's MAC : Array[0..15] Of TMACAddress; End; Procedure WakeComputer(Const AMAC : TMACAddress); Var I : Integer; WR : TWakeRecord; Begin FillChar(WR.Header, SizeOf(WR.Header), $FF); For I := 0 To 15 Do WR.MAC := AMAC; SendPacket('udp', '', SomePort, WR); End; Greetz, Peter.
  5. Yes, you certainly did You forgot to read this readme-first thread first: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 READ ME FIRST Make sure you notice the difference between your firmware version (#1) and the one covered here and the notes about the CA-42 cable (#10). Greetz, Peter.
  6. You have some money to spare, I see If I were you, I'd invest some of it into some proper training before buying any of the (above) equipment. Just my 2 €-cents Greetz, Peter.
  7. And the reason for that is clearly stated at #10: Because there are so many fakes around (without any destinctive markings) it's impossible to compose a list of "Wires" for Nokia clone-cable "X" But... if you think something is not clear (in the read-me or in this thread), please do say so and we'll take care it will get clearified Greetz, Peter.
  8. Ice MC - "It's a rainy day"

  9. Huh? Do you get this response with the PCB off the drive (not touching the motor and/or heads terminals) or on? Can you please state exactly what the label on the drive says? (You can leave out the serialnumber if you wish) Copy the HyperTerminal window to the clipboard ("Edit"->"Select all"->CTRL+C) and paste it into your reply (CTRL+V) between -CODE-tags. Greetz, Peter.
  10. Please don't spam the board with the same question in (seamingly) similar posts All threads in here are read and if people aren't able to give you an answer they certainly won't start to give you one when you post it in several places at once. Greetz, Peter.
  11. Hmmm, that's odd I should have sworn this thread is called "The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs" and was about possibly solving issues with SD15 firmware. But I could have missed something Why don't you read this thread first? Greetz, Peter.
  12. Normally I wouldn't disagree with Jaclaz, but this time I think he's wrong about the CTRL-commands I didn't see any difference in trying either with or without using uppercased keys with CTRL-commands either. The "Normal" commands are case sensitive, however. Greetz, Peter.
  13. Well, maybe I have to rephrase it: Yes, I did send it in and got a new ("Refurbished") drive back absolutely free. No, they wouldn't do the data recovery for free and I don't think they would do it anywhere else on the planet. Hmmm, could be... I've never investigated on that any further and reading your next bit: ...*could* explain why these commands are not recognized Greetz, Peter.
  14. AFAIK this is just a myth: at first I sent in the drive for a "Free recovery" and received a quote for €900 ex VAT. So in the end I did it myself for under €10 with the help of this thread. Anyway: weird problem. The only thing I can think about is that you have a different (revision) PCB on that drive. When powering the PCB only (with the platters not connected) you'll enter its special debug/diagnostics mode (the drive's firmware is on the platters, so this isn't being loaded at all) and you only have access to the drive using low level commands over the (TTL-RS232) diagnostics port. After "Upgrading" the drive's firmware, (to my knowledge) the bootcode on the PCB isn't changed. You should be able to find out your drive's firmware revision by pressing the CONTROL and A keys simultaneously. When issuing CTRL+L you should get the drive's sign-on message. I don't have a ST31000340AS myself so I don't know what the replies should be (and whether the commands would work or not), but you can have a look at that and copy-paste the results here for others to compare. Greetz, Peter.
  15. And you're sure: The drive is really a Seagate 7200.11 drive with SD15 firmware? When issuing the N1 command, you're in the "F3 1>" menu? Greetz, Peter.

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