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Free M$ utility to install Windows 7 from Flash drive


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Good to see MS is making a utility to allow installs of Win 7 from a flash drive. Installation is much quicker, and quieter without the DVD drive spinning at full speed.

Anybody know if this works for any Win 7 media, or just media purchased for download from the Microsoft Store?

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Thanks for the info. I will pass it to some friends that are still in the process of migrating data before installing Windows 7.

I may not use it because I already have a Win7 source in a dedicated USB stick since the early betas to do unattended installs.

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The good news (or bad news :blink: ) are:




Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found.

You can try searching our site using the Microsoft Store search box above, or you can browse our site using one of the links below.

And look which results do you have actually searching:



Page is cached here (at least right now):

The link to the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe is not there anymore.

The tool requires required .Net, in order to be simple and small.....:whistle:


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