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Will you be upgrading to Windows 7?


be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after?   

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  1. 1. Will you be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after?

    • Yes
    • No

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Just curious what percentage of the the mixed crowd here will be upgrading.

Also, if you could let us know what OS you will be upgrading from.

Thanks! :thumbup

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I will be upgrading from Windows XP. I may however wait until SP1 comes out then upgrade (look at all the improvements SP1 did for XP and Vista) however when I think about it RC1 could be good enough to be gold so the actual gold version may be like a SP1 for RC1 :wacko:

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I certainly will be.

Been testing it on my laptop, work PC and home PC, and havent had ANY of the problems I had with Vista, and its so much quicker etc etc, people should learn by how good W7 is to how pathetic vista REALLY is!

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im already running it as my main OS on 2 of my computers.

ive been running vista since RC2 as my main OS for years now.

i am loving win7 so far.

Quite probably, yes. It's what Vista should have been. ;)

thats what i have been telling people

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Why should I "upgrade" to a system that would force me to buy new hardware just to match the performance of what I have now?

Good point.

Have you ran both 98 and XP on the same system? If so, how is the performance of 98 compared to XP? It's been almost 10 years since I last used it.

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I'll move to a new OS when I buy hardware that requires it. So far, XPx64 serves my needs quite well with previously high-end hardware from 2005. If I buy new hardware next year, I'll consider a new OS for it.

So far, I'm not impressed with the DRM that's been included with Vista and later MS products. I don't have Blu-ray. I have DX9 videocards that run as fast as I'd like in SLI, so DirectX10 is not important to me. I still use CRT monitors with analog connectors. Why on earth would I buy an OS that requires new hardware when what I've got is perfect for my current needs?

NT 5.2 is currently a very stable and mature server platform. XPx64 is built upon it, and is also very stable. It may not receive another official service pack after SP2, but I'll continue to work on an update pack for it as long as I continue to use it.

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I'm not using XP. On this PC I'm running Win2000, 98FE, 98SE and 2 flavors of Linux. As far as comparing 2K and 98:

98 boots up and shuts down a lot faster.

Applications start and run slightly faster on 98 but not as many are 98 compatible.

once they're both tuned up, internet speeds are about equal.

Both will run for several days continuous. After a couple of days, 98 starts to lose stability.

Out of the box, a 98 install is fast but unstable. It needs a lot of upgrading and tweaking to make it a stable and reliable system. IMO, the results are worth it. 2K is stable out of the box but sluggish. It needs tuning to reach its speed potential.

When I do upgrade my hardware, I'll probably run the same operating systems I am now. IMO, an OS should be a platform that runs your software and interfaces with your hardware, nothing more. Beyond that, it should stay out of the way. AFAIC, the newer operating systems don't meet that requirement and are moving in the opposite direction. I don't need an OS that uses more disk space than all my software combined. That's not an upgrade. It's a big waste. If MS won't produce an OS that meets that simple requirement, I'll keep using their old ones. When that's no longer possible, I'll move to another OS like Linux.


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