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Will you be upgrading to Windows 7?


be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after?   

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  1. 1. Will you be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after?

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Vista was only for people that don't really tinker with stuff and accept having zero control over their computer system.

It seems the further up the road you get with the windows operating systems, the less control and less configuration possibilities you have.


Somewhere I read that Microsoft would really like all of us using nothing more than "dumb terminals" with a simple shell interface (probably Microsoft Bob-like!) that would connect to Microsoft and only to Microsoft. We would rent use of an O/S from them, which would reside on their servers. No CD's of software to buy or be pirated. All the software we would use would be rented from them and reside on their servers. Outside of a simple shell interface, our computers would be dumb terminals with not even our own data stored on them. We would pay yearly fees for the rental of the O/S, Microsoft Office, etc. Microsoft would control EVERYTHING, all our data would pass through their hands and there would be no privacy, no using older operating systems or software. If we did not pay our yearly rental fees, BOOM! everything would become unaccessible and we would have nothing more than a useless dumb terminal.

Wow, tinfoil hat much? Not you, but whomever wrote that (and whomever would believe it would work, too, I guess... ;)).

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I'm not a tinfoil hat kind of guy, but I suppose the guy that wrote that could hardly hold his head up enough to type, he was wearing so much tinfoil on his head!

Still, I stay on the cautious side with my computer.

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Hi guys and girls

I always thought that when I got involved in Linux I would say bye bye to Windows.........can't seem to do it. Right in the beginning when Windows7 was put up for testing I downloaded it and tested in VMWare on XP on my Dell Dimension 5000.....which really isn't designed for Vista in any way ....say dell.

Well, Windows Vista was sluggish.....only Pentium D 3GHz processor on that computer. But Windows 7 worked like a dream....finding drivers etc no probs...so I installed it for real on own drive. I noticed straight away a marked improvement on quickness and less resource demanding....WOW great!!

My girlfriend loves Windows and I have enjoyed my stay here at MSFN.......YES I will be upgrading to Windows 7 or what ever they call it on release.

Just heard here in Sweden that the release will be near Christmas? Looking forward to owning my own Windows7....and that is a first for me to say....LOL


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Please, PLEASE, let Microsoft Bob RIP

Microsoft wouldn't let Bob RIP, why should I? (Certainly you know about all the bits o'Bob that found their way into later OS' from MS-the "search dog" that's in XP, the much hated "clippy" from Office 97 and 2000,etc.

Here's a website that shows all the places MS has used bits-O-BOB:


Ha! Bob lives on in a way, even in Vista! (Vista users deserve a bit 'O Bob, don't you think?)

I also heard, a few days ago of a local couple naming their first child "Lexi". My first thought was "Are they going to name all their children after the Microsoft Bob 'friends'? Here's my daughters Lexi, Blythe, Ruby and my son Scuzz!"

Perhaps as punishment Melinda "Mrs. Microsoft Bob" Gates should be forced to name all her children after the Bob friends.

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Ha BOB is pretty interesting to find out about. Luckily I do not have him on my PC. No search feature, no Bob in explorer, and no balloon pop ups, no office assistant and even highlighting of newly installed programs! All removed with either nLite or a few changed settings :thumbup

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Tried it and didn't like it. When they stop updating XP I'll have a look at it but until then I don't think I'll be upgrading. Then again, my linux boxes haven't been updated for a while either... if it ain't broke don't try and fix it K.I.S.S

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I most likely will be upgrading, mostly just to keep up to date (on my home PC)

I'll be upgrading from XP Pro x64 to either 7 Pro x64 or 7 Ultimate x64, completely skipping Vista.

However, on my work PC, I don't believe we have any upgrade plans (yet) so most likely will be sticking with XP Pro x86. To be honest, I don't think my workstation at work will cope with 7 very well anyway, as it's an old decrepid system.

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