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  1. Nice looking update, finally an easy all in one solution for USB support on 95! I was wondering if this would work fine with the unofficial service pack found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/129504-unofficial-windows-95-osr2x-service-pack-10x-final-release/ I don't think it should cause any issues, and if it won't then any idea which is recommended to install first (or won't it matter)? Cheers!
  2. Yep an 80mm Noctua, there is also an 80mm Noctua in the PSU. The two white fans are enermax clusters and look awesome with their white LED's turned on: http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/index.php?page=image&id=nrp3d http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/index.php?page=image&id=bs8bi The whole thing started as a budget project meant to create a decent "sleeper" PC for gaming, and it turned into my main rig Full worklog can be found here: http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=935575 More pictures of it's current state are on page 9 of that thread
  3. My current rig Click on the links to view photos, I can't get them to embed http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/index.php?page=image&id=pnxcm Inside: http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/index.php?page=image&id=inqxz
  4. Here is a guide on getting UT2K to run how you want it: http://www.tweakguides.com/UT2004_1.html I disable many graphical options in multiplayer games, I do not care about loss in graphic quality, as long as the resolution and texture quality are both maxed and AA filters are on too. Everything else is turned off or on low as things like motion blur, sun flares, bloom, vegetation, soft smoke, shadows etc are just distractions and make it a little bit harder to see your enemy, and make the game run slower (not sure if all these are UT2K, just talking about any games really). In SP, I usually turn a few more settings up, but still hate a lot of them altogether.
  5. The i3 2100 is a great CPU, gaming or not. Even if you are gaming it holds up to the older quad core i5 750 very nicely because even today most games just don't use 3 or more cores very well. But get something a bit better than a 5450, a 5570 would cost bugger all more and is a good bit better for gaming and 1080p. The thing with UT2K is that high framerates really help, 30fps would be considered laggy by many a UT player, they like a lot of frames! 5570 should do nicely and is cheap as.
  6. Get the i7 2600K!!! Way, way better for pretty much everything unless your into more than two graphics cards or overclocking on LN2. The i7 2600K is so easy to overclock on air, reaching 4.4GHz+ is not very hard at all with a half decent air cooler. At 4.4GHz it should smash the 980x at it's stock speed. And as CoffeeFiend said, even with the 2600K at stock speeds it will be pretty close
  7. Thanks! It's even better now, got black sata cables that are harder to see behind the HDD's. I also routed the front power cable under the mobo and straight out into the front headers on the mobo which hides them a little bit more. Then I zip-tied the two little white cables down in the far bottom right, not that you could see them once the side panel/window was on. Lastly I unplugged one more cable from the PSU (sata power) and instead used the last molex available on the single molex modular cable that is connected to the PSU and plugged in a molex to dual sata power adapter. So there is now one less cable coming from the PSU. There is only the hardwired 24 pin, 8 pin and 4 pins, as well as one modular cable with three molex connectors on the end, and two 6 pin modular cables to the GPU. All case fans connect to a front fan controller in case you didn't realize, and all hidden very well as they do not enter from the inside front of the 5.25" bays as you would normally expect Recently I have built a new gaming box just for taking to LAN parties so this gaming case with flashy lights etc will be sold and replaced with a Fractal Design Define R3 black
  8. I will keep this thread bookmarked and once the project is pretty much done (will be in no more than 10 days) I can provide pics of exactly what it is that I needed those icons for
  9. Thanks for that mate! That was all I needed, and means I do not have to continue my vain search, not to mention that file was nice and small for my poor little Aussie internet connection EDIT: And hooray, I have found the correct my computer icon! Thank you!!! Now I can stop these big downloads before I am capped
  10. 1. Because I didn't know the icon would be there, I assumed it would be in shell32.dll like all the rest where. 2. I wouldn't exactly call my question stupid anyway. 3. The stickies go on for ages, and often lead me to now non-existent sites or loop me through a bunch of sites which is again, only wasting the very little quota I have. 4. I have used 98 many years ago, but asking for icon files isn't exactly what I call "wanting to understand 9x" is it? 5. So, it's controller by explorer.exe of course, but I had no idea some of the icons were in that file. Again, I though shell32.dll held all of the main system icons. 6. I am not insisting you do ANYTHING. If it makes your life super dooper hard to let me know it's in a specific update that you clearly know of already then don't reply or waste time trying to teach me something by telling me to use up all my data quota looking through old and out of date websites/downloads. 7. I realized nobody really read that part of the forum so figured it would be better discussed over here instead. If a mod could kindly close that thread or re-direct it to here that would be appreciated. And yes I am looking (or at least trying) through that sticky already, but my internet is very low and I have very little quota...again. Sorry I live in Australia where internet is a joke and a very expensive joke at that.
  11. Read my edit and last line before the edit that I forgot to put in before I posted. I was not to know you would be here refreshing the page as I made my post SHEESH!!! Next time I will look elsewhere, I'm sure there have been far stupider questions asked by people on this forum, yet guaranteed they got nice replies...sorry I didn't know previously where the my computer icon was located! Hence why I asked AFTER I did a google search for a bit. Also it does not seem logical to me that I have to use what little internet quote I have left to download update packages and go through loops in those IE links only to be told "file not found" or get 404's just cause I'm looking for one TINY icon file. The 98 updates aren't exactly up to date any more. But hey, I'm supposed to be learning something here right??? EDIT: Found an update with explorer.exe but the only icons in it are the more modern ones seen in windows 2000 I believe...will keep looking through the massive list off updates then and download some more 20mb+ packs for one little file...
  12. I knew SOMEONE would go give me the Google lecture. I have tried that, and I am no Windows 98 expert so my vain attempts at typing in things like "windows 98 icons" and "windows 98 icon files" etc etc failed. I am not asking you to upload proprietary software. Or at least last time I looked, an icon file is merely an image so that is all I want. I actually found the old recycling bin icons already on windows 7 in shell32.dll but not the folder icons. The update above gave me those, now I am simply asking for the "my computer" icon. If it is posted here then maybe next time someone Google's "windows 98 icons" it will bring them to this thread where they can see them, and then they may even sign up to MSFN. Google is often the answer but sometimes it is not I'm afraid Now I know to google for "windows 98 explorer.exe", you see I learnt something that not even Google could tell me but it was something that could be easily told to someone on a forum. EDIT: And I don't consider the three (well four if you count the recycling bin "full" icon) a whole SET of icons, and I doubt they would all be SCATTERED throughout the system. They are the first three icons you see on the desktop straight after a format!!!
  13. YOUR ANSWER IS HERE. Extract this hotfix with winrar or 7zip and the dll's inside have your icons! Ah right. When I double clicked it, it came up with some error message. Perhaps dencorso should have let me know I had to extract it? Would have been a bit easier OK extracted it but none of those .dll files contain the original "my computer" icon. I have the recycling bin and the folder icons along with networking and a bunch more but none that look like this: http://www.helpwithpcs.com/tipsandtricks/windows-98/my-computer.gif Any ideas?
  14. So how can I get the windows 98 icons by using that exactly? All I would really love is for someone to upload their shell32.dll file from a windows 98 box....
  15. I can't find the old icons in the windows 7 shell32.dll But I need them for something so yeah figured if I could get the shell32.dll from 98 then it would have all the old icons I needed. @dencorso, Is that a windows update? How can I get the icons outta that exactly when I'm running windows 7 and the update is meant for 98 I assume? Or is that not possible?
  16. Can anyone get me the main few original icons from Win 98SE? The my computer icon, recycling bin (emply/full), and the standard folder icon all of the normal icon size of 32x32 or better? Would be much appreciated if you could upload these for me somewhere as I have no windows 98 box around to get them from Reason is I need to use them to complete the software side of a PC mod I am doing. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Here is a screenshot that shows the exact icons I need: http://www.isaserver.org/img/upl/vpnkitbeta2/98vpnclient/fig16.jpg EDIT: Really I would just like the shell32.dll file from the system folder, that would prob be easier
  17. I can always tell if a monitor is being run off VGA before even looking at the cable. For me DVI is so much clearer. I can use VGA and it doesn't make my eyes hurt or anything but I can just easily tell the differences....DVI is great!
  18. In the end I did not build a M-ITX rig, I just kept mine and did some minor changes: Specs in sig
  19. I used to use inkjet printers for a while until I decided it was time to get something that would print a decent amount of pages without a new cartridge and it wouldn't break after a year. So I grabbed a black and white Canon laser printer, forgot the model but it was only about $150 so about as much as a "good" inkjet. Will look up model tomorrow. I have never been happier. Super fast printing, and so far I have replaced the cartridge ONCE in about 1.5yrs. On all my old inkjets the cartridge's would be replaced once every 3 months at best. So I have been saving myself a wad of cash, and it works just like new still. All the waste ink is collected into a separate chamber within the standard ink cartridge. Then when you get a new cartridge you have an empty chamber again for waste ink Only thing is I miss out on color. That's fine as the only color printing I did was photo's. It worked out cheaper and easier to take them to a store to print on a dedicated photo machine rather than have to buy a heap of photo paper/cartridges just to print out a half decent amount of photos at home.
  20. If you have a H50 and are not getting better temps than the standard cooler then something is not right. Can you post a picture of your PC with the side panel off? Would make it easy to see any major problem (like fans not plugged in!). Could be the temp sensor going way off. Try a different program to view temps.
  21. That looks pretty good for someone on a budget! You could also have a look around second hand for what you are after, I imagine there are more laptops like what you want on the second hand market.
  22. Bad reasons , just tell us the truth that you want something new .Even a 400W would be fine from the brands you mentioned before... Yeah a SUPER HIGH quality 400W might run an i5 @ 4GHz+ with 5 HDD's and a GTX 260 but why would I bother when it's not even going to have dual 6 pin connectors forcing me to use adapters, not to mention is starting to push it's limits? Better to get a PSU overpowered that will last me into the future. My HX-520W also makes a buzzing noise, nothing I can do as it has no warranty left because last owner took it apart to clean. I got it super cheap so I'm no complaining but would obviously like something that does not buzz. On top of all that, will be going the SLI GTX 460 route soon, running two of those off a HX-520W, let alone a 400W, with a quad core etc isn't good at all
  23. Hopefully the rest of your PC is all good Very smart move going from a 465 to a 460, the 460 draws less power and is actually faster the majority of the time Grab a decent PSU like the Seasonic X-650 650W and your set. Looks a bit expensive but extremely efficient, silent at idle (fan actually turns off), and very good quality not to mention modular If you can't afford that maybe a Corsair HX-650W, I have the HX-520W and it runs my system fine. I could wack an i7 930 with a bunch of HDD's and high end DDR3 RAM and it will still run fine with my GPU. The 260 draws pretty much the same amount of power as a 460, if not more, so the HX-650W would run your PC with ease. EDIT: Oh there is also the new Corsair AX series, absolutely stunning PSU's, the AX-750W will run dual GTX 460's and a quad core CPU @ 4.5GHz no problem. I am upgrading to an AX-750 or 850W PSU in about a month or two, just because my HX-520 is getting old/dusty and because I am going to move to a more powerful CPU/GPU soon.
  24. No worries, yeah the 768MB version is insane value! Not as fast as a 1GB etc but about $50 cheaper over here. A 460 768mb costs about $10 less than a standard 260 did just before it was discontinued in Aus. Win-win
  25. You should be fine The PC in your sig is far from power hungry, and your PSU has two 6 pin connections plus enough amps on the 12V line to run it no probs. The GTX 460 is way overestimating it's own power usage. There is no way it will pull 100% of the power the dual 6 pins plus the PCI-e slot itself is capable of providing. Decent upgrade too, I'm saving for a GTX 460 right now, but want to go Core i5 760 first

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