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  1. when you boot vista there is Repair option in bottom left then choose command promt (if you use Vista Lite or something similar may don't have repair feature.. )
  2. try first : check HDD for bad sectors ( with hiren's boot cd ) second : Restore boot with Vista or 7 Install CD/DVD Disc using "Repair >> command promt" with these commands bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /fixboot p.s : you can use winpe
  3. Yahoo Messenger 9

    try older version http://www.oldversion.com/Yahoo-Messenger.html or extract setup with universal extractor... and try to launch YM
  4. What is your favorite visual style? (XP)

    i like Zune Theme for XP and Windows 7 Classic
  5. try runining as administrator
  6. Explorer.exe crash

    Exeption Code errors ar caused by RAM try Memtest http://www.memtest.org/ or you can use hiren's boot cd or something to test RAM
  7. try formatting flash drive with HP USB disc format tool
  8. which dual boot program ?

    Win7 Loader or GRUB GFX
  9. how to disable cd/dvd rom

    found something this m8 help : http://jo0ls-dotnet-stuff.blogspot.com/200...mmatically.html
  10. Outlook 2007 Freezing

    Google : http://www.google.com/search?q=Outlook+200...lient=firefox-a what os do you use ? i know thats vista had some problems with outlook :-) try deleting %appdata%\outlook
  11. cannot recognize USB stick

    Found little guide on Google
  12. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/74/
  13. Microsoft Windows on WINCOR BEETLE MII

    DigeratiPrime cluberti thanx for replys and i have installed Windows XP and had no problems :-)
  14. hey all :-) i'm working on Computer services and i have on thing to do and i need help :-) there is one shop which needs MS Windows on WINCOR BEETLE MII ( small puters for small shops ) and idk which windows to install ? any ideas does it need any other edition of Windows........ can anyone recomend something ? p.s : i can get any edition of windows.... etc....
  15. What Virtual machine do you use?

    vmare 5 ( why 5 ? its a long story )