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Windows 7 "Keep" List


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Hi there!

I like this list, but I can't seem to use the group policy and print management snap-in. I tried installing administrative tools manually, after downloading it, but it doesn't help. Is there any way I could fix this without slipstreaming and installing Windows 7 over again? Please please I hope so!

Thanks in advance!


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I dont get it. I remove only the files that are on the "SAFE TO REMOVE" list + some Language Files, and I still cant finish the instalation process in VirtualBox.

What options should I use to do "unatended" setup? I de-select all the options. I dont put the Name, CDKey, Password in. Its gets frustrating. Help.

Im using x64 build 7600.

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If I remove the languages what does it do? Does it...

...remove alternate languages during setup?

...remove alternate languages for Windows itself?

...remove the ability to display fonts correctly in foreign sites?

edit: I tried removing the Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages and it seems it does effect how websites are displayed. Fonts are not displayed, only squares. I don't recommend removing them.

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As far as I know we need to keep the following (please add to the list if you know of any more)

(Do not select Unattended Setup as it will error during install or try to add hotfixes, this is due to vlite not being designed for 7 but for vista)

(Do not remove anything from hardware support, it causes a plethora of problems)

(Do not remove drivers either, windows 7 has a slightly different driver style than vista, it wont use all vista drivers, specifically it needs the storage drivers)

That's weird because I've never had problems with unattended or removing hardware support or drivers (haven't tried removing storage though).


*Component Cache winsxs

*Internet Explorer

*Microsoft HTML Engine

*Performance Counters

*Crash Dump Support

*manual setup (something to do with sources folder, being investigated by myself)

*SQM Software Quality Management (needed for installing Windows 7, and for hotfixes)

^Task Scheduler (needed for SQM and Defrag)



*Windows Update



*Error Reporting

As I remember removing manual setup works fine. And you can get rid of IE by using the E version.

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The OP needs to be updated. It's almost a year old!

The op has been banned, I...i mean he will not be able to update his thread.

Also if this op was here (theoretically), he would tell you the winning move is not to vlite windows 7.

Ok all joking aside.....

Removing all that junk doesnt make any difference performance wise, it just saves space, but considering were in the age

of $70 1tb harddrives, why does it matter (your typical pc game takes over 10gb of space now....you cant win), you cant crack a fart around windows 7, let alone try to use vlite on it, vlite wasnt designed for 7 and it shows,

Microsoft already stripped 40% of the crap from it, it has no movie maker, you can uninstall ALL of the media options (media center, media player and DVD maker) and you can uninstall IE8. As for winsxs and a few other small things, theres some very unhealthy side effects to deleting those.

While I am flattered that people have used my rough roadmap for their pilgrimage to windows 7 zen, I was going to take it down last year.

Heres what I did to my windows 7, and this is how ive ran it ever since:

*Turned off ALL visual effects in system tab

*made a backup of everything to another drive

*Run disk cleanup, ccleaner daily

*only keep 2 restore points

*uninstalled indexing

*Uninstalled gadgets

*uninstalled IE8, media player, media center and dvd maker

*run registry cleaner (ccleaner) once every 2 weeks

and my windows 7 runs perfect (other than a couple of games being fussy...new ones surprisingly...you would figure the old games would act up)

and it runs MUCH faster than my vlited vista sp2 x64,

though I do sorely missed my nlited Windows 2000..........200mb of harddrive space, 16mb ram........

anyways for those who continue to dismantle 7, good luck, i hope my ancient map is still of use to some.

--the monk

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VLite appears to be useless for the integrated SP1 isos. Some of the files in the oobe folder get replaced with HP printer xml files. This happens in at least 1 more folder in system32 so there may be more. They're still listed as dlls but the content is xml and installation fails when oobe starts.

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I started a new list, your replying on a list that should be locked, also Vlite cannot be used with 7 it barely works and SP1 means vlite will chew it to pieces since you need a different new version of the waik.

RT7Lite is all we have for now since nuhi is MIA

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