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  1. Vista post sp2 update list

    Heres a list of microsoft security bullentins from 1998 till well last week: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ Just sort by year and if your using vista sp2 then start from the year/month sp2 came out and just go from there until present day, when you click on a bullentin it will show what versions of windows it effects, just pick the right version.
  2. Windows 7 Roadmap

    Thank you, Nerdistmonk. It can be helpful who still wants to extremely slimdown Win7. For me, I will go with your version. Will give it a try. Your welcome, i would say the list is set in stone now, I dont see really many changes needed, I stopped 'liteing my own discs, since windows 7 lets me remove stuff I dont like anyways... Unless someone finds a show stopper its as good as final now.
  3. Windows 7 Roadmap

    I have attached my personal last session file for RT7lite, It is not an extreme stripdown as I like my OS to be 100% functional, but it will produce a Windows Operating System without any other MS products included.
  4. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    I started a new list, your replying on a list that should be locked, also Vlite cannot be used with 7 it barely works and SP1 means vlite will chew it to pieces since you need a different new version of the waik. RT7Lite is all we have for now since nuhi is MIA
  5. Windows 7 Roadmap

    OK i updated some of the descriptions to clear things up, but as mentioned any of my real juicy configs for making the system very very small and light will not be posted since people were ripping them off as their own without asking and such.
  6. Windows 7 Roadmap

    I was going to overhaul the list and start over, thus making a list that was designed for 7lite, and then post it on both MSFN and RTWIN's forums, However I see that RTWIN's admins have taken my list without permission from MSFN and posted it themselves on their forums, its an old version to boot. Since they have taken it upon themselves to copy/pasta the list, I wont be continuing this list any further. -The list as of now will make a working Windows 7 disc, but it isnt a tight list that really pushes it, since the list needed to be rewritten for the newest 7lite.
  7. Windows 7 Roadmap

    * - just a bullet, its a list of things to remove, so those are just bullets. ^ - whenever you see these that means that they are a dependency for the item above. (Like bits and IPsec are needed for Windows Update) Thankyou (List updated for new version and Sp1) (Still always testing)
  8. Is this thing a virus?

    Anyways the problem is solved, this is my final post to the thread as the problem is solved (I just didnt want you to think I abandoned the thread, so heres my final entry). --Signing Off--
  9. Is this thing a virus?

    EDIT: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/e08d36692357c3349b9eafd66acededc3391e018011f45c58b5379a381380776-1280327850
  10. Is this thing a virus?

    Loading up good ol Vista x64 sp2 with extra vlite. mmmmmmm low fat goodness.
  11. Oh great a new virus: AxBb4Z6hIO1.exe Shut the system down and isolated it from the network, when we brought the system back up the next day, we had to find the file manually, no antivirus or antimalware could find it, and combo fix would end up causing the apocalypse. The file was found in Appdata/Local/Temp, it has put 2 entries into the MSCONFIG startup (it says Audio HD Driver, however theres already an entrie for the actual Realtek audio, so its a fake), it has also put a registry entry into the registry so it will start even if you disable msconfig entries, Version information says 150kb, mike.exe
  12. Windows 7 Roadmap

    I updated the list for compatibility with Rockers Team 7Lite. No longer useful for Vlite, I consider Vlite depreciated, 7Lite works very well Made my first run with it on x64 ultimate 7, didnt seem to shrink alot, but it did remove everything i asked it to. 2GB ISO size, following the rules of my list, im trying to find a way to make that smaller, normally my list would create a vista iso of 1.33gb, so I want to match that.
  13. Windows 7 Roadmap

    This is a roadmap for using Rockers Team 7Lite 2.6.0 against Windows 7 x64 SP1 (Updated on July 10th, 2011) 7 Lite Website I have now included my own Last Session file for RT7Lite, it is a conservative file thats designed to give a 100% functional Operating System, quite a bit of useless garbage has been removed but I preserved ALL of the useful features that Windows 7 includes (Note: Rockers Team 7Lite is very different when it comes to removing components (due to new waik version) You will need to use some thinking as names may be slightly different, however this list will produce a WORKING windows 7 iso) This is not for Vlite! If you wish to slipstream SP1, 7lite will now do so before you remove anything. This list is compatible with SP1. (If you remove windows update, you will need to use the /silent install for .net framework 4.0 otherwise it will fail) (KEEP OR INSTALL WILL FAIL) *Component Cache winsxs *Crash Dump Support (strange oddities with OS if removed) *Error Reporting *Microsoft HTML Engine (no option to remove anyways, and if you did the OS wouldnt install) *Manual setup (install will not complete) *MDAC *Performance Counters *SQM Software Quality Management (needed for installing Windows 7, and for hotfixes) ^Task Scheduler (needed for SQM and Defrag) (SAFE TO DELETE) As in wont break install and the system should function on its own OK without these. *Accessibility *Aero Theme (It will break DWM, so dont remove if you need composition) *Disk Defragmenter *Windows Photo related programs *Calculator *Drivers *Windows Backup *Windows Update (any msu based updates or net framework will fail during install!) ^Bits ^IPSEC *UAC *Beep (the little in-case speaker) *Bitlocker Drive Encryption (needs TPM to operate) *Connect to a Network Projector *Character Map *Internet Explorer *Disk Cleanup (keep if your going use SAT) *Disk Quota *DFS *Desktop Window Manager (needed for aero and for Thumbnails!, when this is running a small portion of video memory will be consumed) *Floppy Disk Support *Games *Help *iSCSI Support *Internet Information Services *Imapiv2 *Languages *Mobility Center *Media Center *Media Metadata Handler (no more video thumbnails) *Music and Video Samples *Microsoft Client for NFS *Message Queue *Notepad *Natural Language (THIS IS FOR DICTATION) (This will remove the computers ability to produce speech, and may also screw up dragon natually speaking and dictation software) *Offline Files *Parental Controls *Paint *Protected Storage *Photo Metadata Handler (No more photo thumbnails) *Quality Windows Audio Video (needed for media center) *Remote Desktop Assistance *Remote Desktop Client *RIP Listener *Remote Registry *Run a legacy CPL elevated *remote differential compression *Security Center *SUA *Simple TCPIP Services *Sample Pictures *Screensavers *Shell Event Sounds *Sideshow (if you have a little screen on the outside of your notebook keep) *Sidebar and Gadgets *Speech Support *Smart Card support *System Information *Snipping Tool (keep if you need touch/tablet) *Sound Recorder *Superfetch *Sync Center *System Restore (will kill windows backup) *Tablet PC (no more sticky notes) *Telnet Server *Telnet Client *TFTP Client *Windows Defender *Welcome Center *WebDAV *Windows Collaboration *Windows Search (Will COMPLETELY REMOVE SEARCH FUNCTIONS) *Windows Time (Time may slip without though) *Windows Mail (Breaks MHT support) *Windows Media Player *Wordpad *Windows Easy Transfer (No longer able to upgrade from older windows) *Windows SAT (must turn windows aero on manually if removed will also remove the windows hardware scores) *Zip Folder (RECOMMENDED NOT TO DELETE or there could be BAD, as in breaking OS consequences) *Application Experience *Computer Browser *DHCP *DRM (various things need some dlls from this) *Diagnostics *Dynamic Volume Manager (Windows Backup needs this, cant remove windows backup yet, so I would leave it.) *Distributed Link Tracking Client *DTC *DNS Client *EAP (Wireless) *Event Log *File and Printer Sharing Server *Game Explorer *ICS Internet Connection Sharing *Interactive Services Detection *IP Helper (IPv6) *Jet Database engine *Link-Layer Topology Discovery *Multimedia Class Scheduler *Network and Sharing Center *Network Explorer *NAP (Wireless Internet) *Network List Service *NLA Network Location Awareness *Remote Access Auto Connection Manager (needed for VPNs) *Remote Access Connection Manager (VPNs as well) *Routing and Remote Access (VPNs as well) *Reliability and Performance Monitor *Secondary Logon *SSTP *SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol (needed for routers and for reliable networking) *SSDP Discovery *TCP/IP netbios helper *Telephony *UnPNP Universal Plug and Play *Usermode Driver Framework *Volume Shadow Copy (Needed by parts of the OS) *Windows Image Acquisition *Windows Firewall (most of the other networking features need this) *Windows Remote Management *Windows Media Codecs (needed for wmp and lots of various video games, good idea to keep) *Windows Picture and Fax Viewer *Windows Color System *Windows Connect Now Lastsession.inf
  14. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    The op has been banned, I...i mean he will not be able to update his thread. Also if this op was here (theoretically), he would tell you the winning move is not to vlite windows 7. Ok all joking aside..... Removing all that junk doesnt make any difference performance wise, it just saves space, but considering were in the age of $70 1tb harddrives, why does it matter (your typical pc game takes over 10gb of space now....you cant win), you cant crack a fart around windows 7, let alone try to use vlite on it, vlite wasnt designed for 7 and it shows, Microsoft already stripped 40% of the crap from it, it has no movie maker, you can uninstall ALL of the media options (media center, media player and DVD maker) and you can uninstall IE8. As for winsxs and a few other small things, theres some very unhealthy side effects to deleting those. While I am flattered that people have used my rough roadmap for their pilgrimage to windows 7 zen, I was going to take it down last year. Heres what I did to my windows 7, and this is how ive ran it ever since: *Turned off ALL visual effects in system tab *made a backup of everything to another drive *Run disk cleanup, ccleaner daily *only keep 2 restore points *uninstalled indexing *Uninstalled gadgets *uninstalled IE8, media player, media center and dvd maker *run registry cleaner (ccleaner) once every 2 weeks and my windows 7 runs perfect (other than a couple of games being fussy...new ones surprisingly...you would figure the old games would act up) and it runs MUCH faster than my vlited vista sp2 x64, though I do sorely missed my nlited Windows 2000..........200mb of harddrive space, 16mb ram........ anyways for those who continue to dismantle 7, good luck, i hope my ancient map is still of use to some. --the monk
  15. Nlite doesnt seem to work anymore

    UPDATE: Do not remove ANYTHING related to remote desktop, it twould be bad. remotepg.dll/rclmby.exe (typo) these were my problem, apparently they are important.....removing terminal services has the same effect. It destroys part of the profile system (actually kinda of removes it entirely, making windows a 1 user system similar to Windows 95/dos) and nlite cannot finish running its infs since the profiles style of user accounts is no longer present. (Terminal Services description needs an update, its VERY VERY important)