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  1. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    That's weird because I've never had problems with unattended or removing hardware support or drivers (haven't tried removing storage though). As I remember removing manual setup works fine. And you can get rid of IE by using the E version.
  2. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    If I remove the languages what does it do? Does it... ...remove alternate languages during setup? ...remove alternate languages for Windows itself? ...remove the ability to display fonts correctly in foreign sites? edit: I tried removing the Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages and it seems it does effect how websites are displayed. Fonts are not displayed, only squares. I don't recommend removing them.
  3. Boot Windows 7 from VHD - an amazing concept

    So is this VHD boot method recommended only for testing or could/should I use it as a primary method of running Windows? I'm asking this because having Windows in a VHD file would make it very easy to do a fresh install. I would just need to install Windows once to a VHD and then make a backup copy. In my mind this sounds similar to Ghost images that you could directly boot into.
  4. Windows 7 build 7600 RTM ULTIMATE-N

    Customizing this N version with vLite doesn't seem to work. It gives me a "no images available" notification just before the HDD selection screen. It seems it's looking for only the ULTIMATE installation and not the ULTIMATEN as it should so using vLite breaks the installer. Weird. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Mounting Image Error, code -2147023179

    How do you guys get Windows 7 to work with vLite? Every time I try to load the installation files it loads for 3 minutes and returns with mounting image error (code -2147023179), complaining that maybe the temp folder is on a networked drive. It's not. I have no idea what image it might be trying to mount and why because it's working with extracted install files. When I click OK it continues to load something for 16 min and returns the same error before exiting. This happens with every build of Windows 7 x86 that I've tried. Although I've never used vLite for Vista so I don't really know if this is a Windows 7 specific problem. Am I doing something wrong here?
  6. Can't get WIM filter to work on Windows 7

    Works now, thank you so much!
  7. Can't get WIM filter to work on Windows 7

    You mean the Vista SP1 version or the 992.2 MB "previous WAIK version" listed in vLite downloads? Should I just copy that file without installing it?
  8. Can't get WIM filter to work on Windows 7

    I'm having trouble starting vLite on Windows 7. It says I need the WIM filter so I installed the Windows 7 version of WAIK and still the WIM filter install buttons does nothing. I tried to copy the wimgapi.dll to vLite root manually but still nothing. Any thoughts?
  9. I was customizing my MCE with nLite 1.4b and all was fine, images it produced installed fine on Virtual PC and with royale theme but at some point I changes something in nLite settings and my images have had no royale theme installed since then. I have no idea what causes it and I don't want to redo every settings (services alone are a lot of work). I have not removed COLOR SCHEMES, I have not made any changes to DESKTOP THEMES tab.